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  • The Best of Two Worlds - Exciting Personalized Learning Possibilities from HP & Knewton

    Everyone knows that when it comes to learning, one-size-does-not-fit-all. The need for personalized learning is growing, from large urban school districts in the US to rural “not-yet-connected” schools around the world. Why does it seem we’re still just at the tip of the personalized learning iceberg? Perhaps it’s because we left paper out of the learning equation – until now.
    Knewton, a leader in adaptive learning, is teaming up with HP to bring the power of print and digital learning together...  Read more ...

    By jgvanides, April 6, 2015
  • Understanding the business value of HP 3PAR StoreServ

    Architecture matters. Each and every single vendor out there cannot wait to tell you why their architecture is “best.” When asked why a given technology is better than a competitor's, you will inevitably get an answer that extolls the virtues of that architecture while hearing terms like "greater resiliency, lower latency, and flexibly scalability." This tends to satisfy the question and there's either unanimous agreement, silent disagreement, or an open dialogue where technical opinions are exchanged. Thus begins the long process where one side does their due diligence on product investigation and the other side tries to answer every technical objection possible. And while all this is going on, one point often gets overlooked: Why does all this matter?  Read more ...

    By Storage-Expert, March 16, 2015
  • Determining Where Wearables Fit in the Enterprise Space

    Humans have a long history of identifying efficiencies and finding ways to augment our own abilities or skills. On an average day, you might wear glasses to refine your sight or use a certain coffee machine to brew the perfect cup of coffee.
    Our nature, rapidly advancing tech, and desire for insights have led to a growing wearables market. And while it’s currently consumer driven, large opportunities exist in the enterprise space. Digital Strategist Ade McCormack and HP’s CTO Chris Moyer discuss what these opportunities look like, what challenges enterprises face, and more.  Read more ...

    By HP_ES, March 30, 2015
  • NFV Executive Insights: The future OSS - bringing NFV & analytics together

    Author: Massimo Fatato, WW OSS Domain Business Lead, HP
    Big data – and now NFV
    Like me, you are no doubt amazed by the continuous evolution of our industry over the years, and thrilled by the fact that every two years or so, there is a new buzzword which impacts the whole telecom industry and drives new business and innovation – as well as becoming the main theme at trade shows and the like.
    A few years back, “Big Data” was the new concept entering our vocabulary. Of course, big data extends way beyond telecom. The challenge of getting useful information out of very large data sets is shared by physicists, governments, advertising agencies, banks, and internet search engines, to mention just a few.
    In telecommunications, the need for big data technologies is mainly a consequence of the dramatic explosion in users, devices, apps and data traffic in recent years, which has resulted in data stores that are too large or complex to process with traditional tools. At the same time, big data and analytics techniques enable us to understand individual customer experience and service usage, which is necessary to deliver superior quality and experience to customers.  Read more ...

    By OpenNFV, March 23, 2015
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