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Applications = Business

By Sandro Del-Re, Applications Modernization Consultant, Hewlett Packard Company



My name is Sandro Del Re and I work in Hewlett Packard’s Application Modernization practice.  I have been very involved in the development of the Applications Suitability Mapping for Cloud assessment tool (formerly called the AT2C assessment tool).  I have been thinking quite a bit lately about the challenge of ensuring  that clients fully understand the relationship between the Cloud and applications.


After a recent client meeting, it occured to me that an applications discussion is not so much a technical discussion but rather a business discussion.  Who do IT consultants usually talk to – mostly CIO's that might have a strained relationship with their internal business users who are under great pressure to just reduce costs.  The more I thought about this, the more convinced I became that any discussion regarding applications was really a conversation that needed to be conducted with the relevant business users – whether it was a modernization, applications for cloud, big data application or other similar transformation project.


I am not suggesting that we shut out the IT people. I am suggesting that we have joint respresentation from both business and IT stakeholders.  The most obvious reason for doing this is because it is at the application layer where the business interacts directly with IT.  You can talk about infrastructure, security, storage, transfer speeds, capacity until you are blue in the face – the IT people will engage but the business users will tune out.  On the other hand if you talk about connecting with clients, analysing mountains of data to gain business insights, trolling social media to understand how your brand is doing, well now you have the business' attention.


How can we facilitate this bringing of the business and IT together?  In the Application Modernization practice we utilize a method called the Transformation Experience Workshop (TEW) and HP’s Transformation Services has the Converged Cloud Workshop.  The TEW can be customized to the client’s specific needs. Actually, I hesitate to call it a Transformation workshop; I prefer to call it a Business/IT workshop.


Why do we want to start with the workshops?  In these difficult economic times most IT departments have very limited funds.  They are forced to do more with less. But when the business is engaged and shown the posibilities available to increase their business, it is more likely they will be given the budget to meet the business' needs.


HP has great products and people that can help a business meaningfully differentiate itself from their competitors.  HP helps them do that by engaging the business leaders first and then the IT leaders within their company.  In the end, Applications = Business.


This is my first in a serise of blogs commenting on Applications Services, especially as it relates to specific industries such  as retail and financial institutions.  I look forward to your comments.


Also, please click here to learn more about HP’s Transformation Experience Workshop. 



About the author


DSC05028 - Version 2.jpegSandro Del-Re is an Application Modernization Consultant in HP Enterprise Services.  He has 23 years of IT experience, seven of which were as an independent consultant.  Sandro was recently a Director of Store Services for Canada’s third largest grocery retailer.



Andrew Ritchie | ‎12-06-2012 10:35 PM

HI Sandro, you are completely correct in regard to involving business teams in any Apps Modernisation discussion. You are also completely correct about the stress on the IT budget currently. We have had a range of requests from business teams in the Australian Federal Government recently who need assistance and the IT team has been so stretched they have been unable to assist the business teams. If we can get the business teams and the IT teams in a room together you can quickly see that the business teams can get the help they require and the suppliers can get direction from the IT team in regard to the corporate IT architecture. Everyone can win when performing an Apps Modernisation. :-) Andrew.

Nadhan | ‎12-09-2012 02:24 PM

Couldn't agree more, Sandro. Applying a new style of IT helps.


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