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Applities celebrate Mother’s Day @ House of IT

As Mother’s Day approaches, I am thinking about the vital role that Mothers play in our lives and the different ways of acknowledging Mom on this special day.  The manner in which we acknowledge Mom is a reflection of our personality as well as our relationship with our mothers.  Just like Applities.  Applications, as I outline in my post and this Outsourcing Center Article … have a personality of their own that manifest themselves in the manner in which they exhibit certain behaviors to their Mother – or in other words, IT personified by the CIO.  In this post, I detail the manner in which various Applications personalities like Big Kahuna, Crowd Pleaser, Problem Child, Generalist and the Lone Star would do something special for their Mother.


As I wonder about what to do for my mom this year, I am also thinking about the different ways these Applities would acknowledge their “Mom.” Maybe you see some similarities in the way that you acknowledge your mom as well:


The Big Kahuna would walk-in and give a bear hug.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this applity swipes the Mother off her feet and just carries her like a little doll perching her on top of a large table so that family members can say their part about the role she has played in their lives.  This would be similar to this Application scaling up to accommodate the additional transaction load on Mother’s Day without fail – sort of a gift to the CIO assuring that there is nothing to lose sleep over.


The Crowd Pleaser would make a phone call with a lot of background chitter-chatter – has all her friends behind her all excited – and ask her to come to a restaurant where there will be 50 people waiting to yell Surprise!  Expect the social media transactions to spike up resulting in The Crowd Pleaser increasing its pervasive presence across the enterprise.


The Lone Star would do something different each year – but do it without fail.  Mothers would cherish and treasure every each item that The Lone Star has sent and reminisce about it each time.  This is similar to the application employing artificial intelligence techniques to improve upon its performance and “learn” from its prior years’ experience using HP Lab Innovations – maybe, it would be a growing list of wearables and flexible displays in the coming years


The Generalist would send the same card every year with the same text – may be a different color or font (which is a huge variation for the Generalist) and a different date.  What the Generalist does is the same for every Enterprise – it has industry-standard templates that it would use for its processes with a minor change to the company logo.


The Problem Child is likely to call a day too soon or late – give or take a week!  The call is likely to come in the middle of the night when the Mother thinks she is all done for the day wondering what is up with the Problem Child.  Don’t be surprised if you receive a Father’s Day card on this occasion.  This of course is no different from this application deciding to break down just as the CIO is sitting down to enjoy the Mother’s Day dinner!


This is just an extension of the Applities concept that I have been writing about, highlighting the fact the concept has got fascinating similarities with key social events including their recent trip to the Oscars


What say you?  Kind of makes one wonder what is in store for Father’s Day.  But, that would be a different post – perhaps, based on the kind of house they would want their Father to build !


So, what am I doing for my Mom?  Given that I have a healthy mix of all the applities listed above – multiple personalities, shall we say? -- I will give her a bear hug along with an innovative gift that she will cherish for ever while surprising her at her favorite restaurant with all her friends and family, spilling water all over her dress in my excitement and give her the Mother’s Day card with the same inscription every year – Thank You, Mom.

judi.cardinal | ‎05-09-2012 04:03 PM

Thank you for another great article. I feel like I am getting to know you better with each post .... as well as learning more about applications. Your mother is very lucky!


What I ask my 4 boys for each Mothers Day is TIME! I find I can purchase most "things" if I really want them - but what I can't buy is their TIME... time to spend with my grandson, time to hike, time to vacation together. One of most cherished memories is vacationing with my Scott on an Alaskan Cruise - or my son Chris when we went to London & Paris a few years ago.


If you applied TIME to your applities - which one would you be the best?


Thank you,


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