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Could there be a Most Popular Application at the Oscars?

So, remember my post on Application Personalities after which I was interviewed by the Outsourcing Center magazine in an article that they published last year?  Well, as the Academy Awards ceremony is approaching in 2012,  it makes me wonder how these applities would have fared had they been nominated for the Oscars. 


Applities are behavioral characteristics exhibited by Applications just like persons do.  Imagine for a moment that the Applities have been nominated at The Oscars ! This is the possibly the closest that I may come to Hollywood in my lifetime.  Extending this thought, I am very interested in the Applity that you relate to the most in your environment.  Do you experience The Big Kahuna every day or does the Lone Star fascinate you very frequently?  Have you had enough of the Problem Child?  Do you come to work every day looking forward to your user experience with The Crowd Pleaser? Is The Generalist blending well into your environment? 


To facilitate your visualization of these applities, please find attached the graphics that go along with.    Take a look at them and comment on the Applity that you associate the most with in your environment.  For each Applity, you will also find an associated personality trait that you may be able to relate based upon your real-life experiences with your personal acquaintances. I would encourage you to force yourself to pick one.  If you can’t decide on one and have multiple applities in mind, go right ahead.  The overall tally will work itself out eventually.


And the nominees are ... drum roll ....



The Big Kahuna Compact.png

  • Applity: The omnipresent app that is accessed by the whole enterprise for major business functions.
  • Personality: The” legend” – the person at a party who everyone knows and is conspicuous by their absence.


The Lone Star compact.png

  • Applity: The reliable, old faithful app that is very effective at enabling a specific, mission- critical business process component and continues to evolve with the changing demands from the user community.
  • Personality: The “steady eddies” people who are somewhat introverted but are always there for you, no matter what the circumstance.

The Crowd Pleaser Compact.png


  • Applity: The application that is the big favorite for a significant portion of the user community addressing their critical pain points.  
  • Personality: Mr. or Ms. Congeniality – the charismatic person to whom everyone else is drawn because of their magnetic personality.

The Problem Child Compact.png


  • Applity: The application that keeps IT awake at night.
  • Personality: The adolescents – always challenging authority and the system.


The Generalist Compact.png


  • Applity: The app that serves a core back-office process or an enterprise-wide business process with generic, standardized functionality that applies to all organizational units within the enterprise.
  • Personality: Acquaintances who can readily fit into any group of people at any time.

After the Oscars this coming weekend, I intend to review all your feedback  -- on this blog or sent directly to me and publish the Most Popular Applity among this list.  I have a hunch which may or may not align with your collective persepctive on this set of nominees.


Please let me know.


As I have outlined in the Outsourcing Center article, such characterization facilitates the management of the Applications Portfolio in addition to providing extremely useful data points towards their rationalization as part of the overall Applications Transformation journey.




SueKurtz | ‎02-27-2012 02:53 PM

My pick would be the "Problem Child".  Not because it is my favorite, as I really would be much happier without the problem child continually raising its head, but more because of the time involved in managing this applity.  The other applities stay pretty quiet and don't really draw a lot of time and attention, whereas the problem child is continually in our face, causing us to spend time on emergency fixes, communications, release planning etc.  I keep hoping my problem child will grow up, and turn into "The Crowd Pleaser", life would be much more enjoyable, and I would have more time to spend on my other applities!

Steve Allen | ‎02-28-2012 06:46 AM

Thanks for taking the time to discuss on this topic, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. It’s easy to find that you simply have an understanding of what you are discussing about.


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Nadhan | ‎03-05-2012 05:37 PM

Based on all the feedback received through this post and offline, the Problem Child is indeed the Most Popular Applity.  Almost everyone can relate to that application that has caused them to pull the emergency forces together to address a problem of high severity that impacts a wide user base at the most inappropriate time.  It is human to tend to remember the things that go wrong without acknowledging the times that things go right.  This innate mind-set positions the Problem Child as the application that most of us can relate to and is therefore deemed the Most Popular Application at my own "Oscar Awards Ceremony" for 2012.  Remember, the most popular appilty, like SueKurtz says, does not make it the favorite. 

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