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Extract insight hidden in your big data with actionable analytics

By:  Stewart Robbins, Transformation Consultant, Information Management & Analytics EMEA


When I first started as an advanced analytics/customer insight professional some 20-odd years ago, I was resigned to working in a dark room on a topic no one wanted to discuss. Little did I know that I would be part of the “Big Data Movement” that has swept the globe.  Not bad for a geeky numbers guy!


As an HP data scientist I spend a lot time talking with our clients, including both large government departments and enterprises. As I talk with these clients I hear several challenges repeated:

  • Many are still feeling the effects of the global financial squeeze, in particular restricting new projects with large upfront investment. Business cases with any investment and a payback of 24 to 28 months out are coming under heavy scrutiny.
  • There is intense attention on cost containment, cash flow and margin in most businesses. In particular, many clients are looking at programms like Lean Six Sigma to help improve their productivity to be in the best operational shape.
  • Finally, competition is so fierce, and market share so keenly fought over, that once you have a customer you need to ensure you are keeping them satisfied to reduce churn and maximixe your margin at each interaction.

It was with these challenges in mind that we developed the new Actionable Analytics Service s – designed to produce immediate impact to our clients’ bottom line by increasing their operational efficiency and  their margin per client transaction (or in client speak, maximizing share of wallet). Because we well know they need to see financial returns this year, not next.  



We built these new services on a firm foundation – for many years, HP has offered an extensive range of information management and business intelligence solutions and we have deep expertise and intellectual property embedded in our proposition.


Managing data and measuring investigations only goes so far, however, and clients increasingly want help generating value from the data that they are accumulating. We have close to 20 years’ experience in advanced analytics, using predictive modeling and forensic analysis to improve HP’s own businesses, and we are now making our hard-earned intellectual capital in this area available to our clients.


HP’s Actionable Analytics Services can be deployed across a multitude of business problems, in all industries where data exists, and these services are in place today, including examples where we are helping:

  • A healthcare client to reduce its operating room wait time for patients, both increasing profit and patient satisfaction.
  • A leading telco provider to reduce churn on its subscriber base.
  • An oil company to find reserves hidden in its wells.

In our next several posts we will dive deeper into the specific offerings within the HP Actionable Analytics suite of services.   Our goal is to show how implementing business analytics can help you extract actionable insight hidden in your data.


Additional information can also be found at the HP Actionable Analytics Services Site


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