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It is time Las Vegas evolved to a new style of business as well

“Flight attendants, prepare for landing,” the pilot of my flight reports, as we are landing at McCarran International Airport, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I wake up and glance out of the window to see the fascinating island of colorful lights, and am mesmerized by what Las Vegas is today—a labyrinth of casinos and architectural marvels with no breathing space. I glance just a few inches out in the tapestry that I see from thousands of feet up in the sky and there is a barren landscape devoid of all lights and glamour. It is this oasis of civilization amidst a rugged landscape that reminds us all of what Las Vegas used to be. The significance of the transformation that it has gone through dawns on me, leading me to wonder if it can really go through any more transformation. The abstract for the DT3564 - Modernize with the New Style of IT and app transformation, session leads me to conclude, “Sure, why not!”


121130091816-flight-attendant-story-top.jpgThe key factors that drive enterprises to transform to new style of business are:


  • User Experience. The customer experience must be one that brings together the various amenities; including food, shopping, entertainment, and of course, making your best bets. Enterprises must monitor the customer experience they provide today and continue to differentiate themselves with value-added services. Las Vegas must cater to some of us who plan on dressing up with wearables!
  • Big Data vs Little Data. Barcelona made Big Data matter at the last HP Discover. Perhaps Las Vegas should follow up by making Little Data matter! There are thousands of breathtaking stunts, magic shows, and comedy acts take center stage at every Vegas casino in parallel. All this Big Data must be processed into meaningful Little Data for the consumer with the right information governance. Remember the recent TwitterChat on LittleData?
  • Infrastructure. Las Vegas must ensure that the infrastructure can enable the increased volume of tourists and transactions resulting from the plethora of mobile devices. Having a successful formula for transforming to the Cloud would be a good start. Las Vegas must factor in the concept of Being Your Own Device as part of its transformation strategy. Do I really need to go to Las Vegas to be my own device in Las Vegas?
  • Security. Security takes several dimensions in Vegas. A city where transactions happen every second can be a prime target for planned, well-orchestrated security violations. “How to steal $60 million in 60 seconds” takes on a new meaning in this city. Enterprises need to have a comprehensive security strategy in place as well. You don’t gamble with security even when you are in Vegas.


Therefore, the City of Las Vegas is also driven by the New Style of IT to go through a transformation process. Of course, the type of change it has to go through would be much different from the transformation that it went through in the past few decades. How about starting with a New Style of Leadership?


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