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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Enterprise Diagnostics Page Inside Apps

By:Ragavendran Padmanabhan,  Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant, Hewlett Packard Australia


As many of the projects we work on are global implementations, I have faced latency issues on many projects, before the ‘finger pointing game’ starts between the apps and other teams it is very important to diagnose and find the root cause of the latency issues.



Practically all global Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations require decent network bandwidth and latency for user access. Analyzing, investigating and measuring user performance and access is essential for many enterprises as users are often located across many geographies/countries.


As CRM consultants, sometimes we need to get performance statistics for visually-pleasing representation of the data within the CRM application. This will enable CRM support engineers to detect any networking performance issues associated with their CRM environment.


Want to examine the performance of your CRM hosting environment – on premise or CRM online from a specific location or specific user or many users? In this blog, I will describe how you can use this add-on for examining your networking performance.



Procedure :


o   Enable this add on

o   Request the user to send the screen shots or Result Data copy to your organization’s CRM support team

o   Diagnose the latency and bandwidth

o   Compare the obtained results, such as latency test information, bandwidth test information, and browser information (i.e. if CRM users were using different browsers) with finest performance user’s data.

o   If you’re CRM organization using Internet facing deployment compare the user results while using internet and intranet.




Step 1:


Download this managed solution.





Step 2:


Settings> Customizations > Import Solution >Import the solution.



Step 3:


Publish the customizations




Step 4 :


Confirm the above solution has been implemented by navigating to Users as shown below

Settings> Administration> Users> (CRM User) Ribbon> Click Diagnostics>





Step 5:


Click Run and view the bench marks. Instruct the other CRM users to repeat the steps from 4 & 5 and request them to email their outcomes to your organization CRM support help desk .





Manual methodology :


Just use one of these urls:

1. Onpremise – http:// or https://<yourExternalserverURL>tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx

2. Online – where crmorgname is your unique org name – what you normally enter to use CRM.


Conclusion :


This test should enable you to provide good information on your network coverage. Based on this information, you can fine-tune your hosting environments or CRM user network. Then, re-run the test to examine the better performance results.


Thank you for reading my blog post. I hope you gained some familiarity on diagnosing CRM network performance.


Hewlett-Packard has a global pool of expert resources that can help guide you through this process. If you would like to find out more, visit our website, HP Enterprise Applications Services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM




Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to work best over networks that have the following elements:

o   Bandwidth greater than 50 KBps

o   Latency under 150 ms



Gokulakrishnan Chandrababu(anon) a week ago

Good one Raghavendran... Kudos

Great information. Very detailed and precise. I already bookmarked this page.

Anthony Dyson(anon) Tuesday

I'd love to know what some of the typical benchmarks are in a well-configured environment. Not only the network measurements, but also the Javascript figures. Are there any comparison tables out there?

Niki(anon) yesterday

Very clear and detailed information...

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