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instagram.jpgThe first day at HP Discover was exciting. More than 10.000 people joined HP in Barcelona to learn more about new solutions, services and products and could find a wealth in Halls 4 and 5.


Meg Whitman, HP's President and CEO kicked off HP Discover in Hall 6 and explained that technology is no longer just an enabler, but is at the forefront of how business and government need to operate. Later on, Bill Veghte, discussed the new style of IT and how we as HP are creating solutions that impact businesses and the trends that are changing the way we think about technology today.


The CIO of 20th Century Fox explained how they started their journey towards the cloud 6 months ago and were already seeing the first business benefits materialising. After that Harrison Ford explained how HP helped to build a solution to monitor threatend wild life in a better way together with Conservation International. Today HP and Conservation International launched Earth Insights, an innovative partnership to leverage HP technologies and expertise to address social and environmental challenges through the Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring (TEAM) Network. The partnership created the Wildlife Picture Index (WPI) Analytics System to help local and global community leaders make better, data-driven decisions regarding land use, sustainable development and conservation. If you have a chance come and see in Hall 5 the Earth Insights area to explore more on the solution.


Paul Evans and Peter Schofield kicked off the day for application transformation with their keynote focussing on creating better user experiences. It's easy to build a new application, but it's hard to make it easy for customers, employees and/or partners to use it. So the focus needs to shift towards user-driven application design, while maintaining the integrity and security of the processes and data.


After that I did a Discover Forum session with the title "We know how much your applications cost to run. Do you?" where I engaged with customers on how we measure internally the value of applications and how that could be applied to them. Using our tools like Application Portfolio Management, uCMDB, and others together with our proven methodology we can speed up the whole assessment process significantly and ensure that the IT budget can be shifted from keeping the lights on towards innovation.


Luc Vogeleer run a session on best practices in building cloud applications and what to think about before actually starting the development. He looked at the architecture aspects, but also on the governance and reusability to ensure the maximum benefit from a cloud-based application.


John Jeremiah took it a step further and focussed on mobile applications to ensure they can built in such a manner that they run on any kind of hardware with any kind of network in a secure way. It sounds easy, but there are quite a few things that need to be considered before the actual coding can start.


All-in-all, a very productive and interesting day and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.


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danielamor2.jpgDaniel Amor, EMEA Lead for Application Modernisation, Hewlett Packard Company

Daniel’s expertise includes Applications Modernisation (AMod), Cloud, Portals, Web Apps and the SOA domain. He has designed and led the implementation of large-scale, complex applications-related projects with clients throughout Europe. Daniel has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry and is the author of six books and numerous articles in European and US-based publications on IT change. More information about Daniel can be found at

Steve Rubin | ‎12-11-2013 07:11 AM

Danny, any particular questions, concerns or situations posed by the audience to yours or Paul/Peter's sessions worth sharing that highlight our opportunity or challenge? 

dannyamor | ‎12-12-2013 03:26 PM

Hi Steve, yes. There were several, but probably the most important topic with regards to moving to cloud was about data. Many people didn't realise that the data might sit in another country when moving to the cloud. There are certain regulations regarding data privacy that need to be taken into consideration before moving data into the cloud. We recommend therefore a cloud suitability mapping that includes regulatory aspects for data. This is also the reason that HP is investing into more than 20 cloud data centres worldwide to overcome regulatory (and security) concerns with regards to cloud computing. 

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Daniel Amor (EMEA, AMOD, Cloud, Portals, Web Apps and SOA domain expert): Daniel has designed, won, led and delivered large-scale, complex a...

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