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The Valentine of an Application Services Practitioner

It is Valentine's Day.  I have made dinner reservations, bought the bouquet of roses for my spouse and I am about to call it a day.  Just as I was about to call it a day, I wondered about my Valentine at work.  I am one who ends up wearing different hats in the Services business and walk away with a wide array of emotions after I am done executing each role.  And I am wondering about the role that I like the best -- which in effect, shall we say -- is my Valentine at work (Stop ! Don't let your mind wander).

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Strategist.  This is the role where I work with the CxOs of enterprises to help them chalk out their business and IT Strategy which entails the systematic execution of the Applications Transformation program through multiple projects.  It gets into a systemic analysis of the applications portfolio leading to Applications Rationalization and subsequent modernization strategiesThis role could be my Valentine because it offers the challenge of serving as that Trusted Advisor to Enterprises for them to evolve to that Future state realizing significant cost savings over time.


Architect.  As an Architect, I review the current state of the business architecture leading into the definition of the Services architecture that drives the application and information architecture which detail the requirements for the Technology and Infrastructure Architecture.  Somewhere in there, I also work with key stakeholders to establish Architectural Governance in place that drives the planning of the migration projects taking the Enterprise to the future state.  This role could be my Valentine because it involves the definition of well-knit frameworks that have to sustain multiple solutions over time.


Builder.  As a builder, I model solutions and generate and/or write code.  Code that symbolizes the execution engine for applications.  Code that provides structure to the guts of the application.  I get into religious discussions about the style of coding, the smarter ways of using algorithms and solving problems that man may not even have thought of to date.  This role could be my Valentine because I get to construct the DNA of the solution being built.


Tester.  As a Tester, I validate that others did their job right !  I wonder if there are any limits to Testing applications?  How I can ever be sure that I have covered all possible things that could go wrong?  I test work products that could be read by the human (think MS Word documents) – test process models that could be visually inspected or simulated – test code based upon test plans – test integrated components for load and performance .  In recent times, I have had to test mobile applications too.   While doing so, I leverage Testing provided as a service or a solution.  I love testing for security whether it is for large enterprises or Small and Medium businesses.  What I test in Cloud Applications, depends on who I am.  I am ruthless when it comes to testing Cloud applications for security because there is only one person who is accountable and that is me !   This role could be my Valentine because I get the thrill of finding that something is not working.  That Gotcha ! moment.


Operator.  As an Operator, I deploy solutions that have been architected, built and tested in line with the overall strategy.  I manage applications as well as various assets in the Data Center or in the Cloud or in the POD. Some of you might remember my dance with the belle at the ball in Toronto at the HP Master the Cloud conference?  Wish it was Valentine’s Day then!  I use heat maps and dashboards that show me the status of all the applications that are to be monitored.  The moment there is an incident, I have to take the right steps to react.  While I do this, I also look for ways that I can do my job more efficiently by introducing automation because I have to innovate to turn around that maintenance/innovation ratio.  This role could be my Valentine because I know that the applications that I am deploying and monitoring impact  mission-critical processes in various enterprises that impact the daily lives of people across the globe


So, I am torn now on the role that would be the best fit for my Valentine at work tonight.  I am in that situation where I have to pick the right Valentine from many choices (been there done that in my personal life!).  After giving it a lot of thought, I figure that I just like doing my job -- that of a practitioner in the IT Services business who may be called upon to strategize, architect, build, test or operate business solutions for enterprises. 


And I love it.  Thus, my job is my Valentine at work.  How about you?  What activity symbolizes your Valentine at work and why?  I would be interested to know. 


Now, let me take care of my Valentine at home.



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