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The applications doctor is in! Make an appointment now! (HP Discover 2014 Las Vegas!)

doctor-who.jpgHP Discover 2014 – Las Vegas Applications Transformation Workshop


One day you meet the Doctor. And of course, it’s the best day ever. It’s just the best day of your life. Because...because, he’s brilliant, and he’s funny, and mad, and best of all...really needs you.” Clara Oswald, Doctor Who.


No, not that doctor, I’m sorry to say. But you can consult with the Applications Doctor while you’re in Las Vegas at HP Discover 2014.


“Waiting till you get sick to see a doctor is like waiting till you're in the water to get a life jacket.” (


Are you moving some applications or business services to the cloud? Are you developing new mobile applications? Are your cloud and mobile apps dependent upon integration with your existing applications? Are those existing applications prepared for the detailed depth of integration needed to support them?


How healthy is your applications portfolio? Your enterprise architecture? Your governance processes and methods? Are your applications life cycle approaches suitable for the New Style of IT?


Just how fit are you? How ready are you for a new health regime of user-driven, context aware, cloud-enabled and mobile-delivered services? And if you aren’t ready, what should you do about it?


Medical doctors help you both with general health and fitness, and also help cure any ills you may have. Our applications doctors do that for your applications. They’ll help you keep your applications fit and healthy. And they can help recommend a treatment plan (an applications transformation roadmap) that will restore you to health should you need it.


We will have experience HP applications consultants at Discover, waiting in their office for you to show up. We’ll listen to you, ask some questions, so some simple in-office tests, and let you know what we would advise. This office session is based on our more intensive one-day Applications Transformation workshop, but even a short appointment can help you on your path to better health. Please make your appointment now!


“As any doctor can tell you, the most crucial step toward healing is having the right diagnosis. If the disease is precisely identified, a good resolution is far more likely. Conversely, a bad diagnosis usually means a bad outcome, no matter how skilled the physician.” Andrew Weil


Applications Transformation Workshop at HP Discover 2014 Las Vegas

You can learn more about the full Applications Transformation workshop here. This video that we based on a client’s experience with the Applications Transformation Experience workshop will give you some insight as to what the full workshop can do for you. It’s what this 1 hour workshop can get you started with.


CLICK HERE to learn more about the workshops program at Discover 2014 Las Vegas on the Discover web site. If you’re registered for Discover, you can send an email to and request a workshop. Alternative, your HP sales team can help you sign up for one or more workshops today. Or you can contact me directly (John.Bennett@HP.COM) for assistance.


If you prefer to procrastinate, you can take a chance (this is Las Vegas after all!), and sign up in person on-site at the Transformation workshop desk in front of the Discover Zone, or reserve your session at the Transformation Workshop reception area at Venetian/Palazzo Congress Center - Level 2 Bassano 2601.


But be aware that opportunities are limited (seriously!) – sign up now!


Why go through the extra step of seeing a doctor? Simple. To get better treatment, advice, and monitoring than you can’t do on your own.” (

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Danny AmorThe Doctor is in! About Daniel Amor, Lead Transformation Consultant, Hewlett Packard Company.

Daniel’s expertise includes Applications Modernisation (AMod), Cloud, Portals, Web Apps and the SOA domain. He has designed and led the implementation of large-scale, complex applications-related projects with clients throughout Europe. Daniel has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry and is the author of six books and numerous articles in European and US-based publications on IT change. More information about Daniel can be found at

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