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Unlock your potential with a new approach to applications management

What stopping them? The past… a past locked into spending 65% to 80% of their budget maintaining current environments instead of investing in the future. This ongoing failure to break the maintenance-to-innovation gridlock is paralyzing IT’s ability to realize their potential as a game-changer for the business.



So what do you do? 

You do something radical, even revolutionary.  You take a new approach to managing your applications.  A dynamic service delivery approach where your applications are effectively measured and managed based on business priorities. Unlike the usual “one size fits all” and “all-in-one” fixed price models, this approach provides the visibility, flexibility and control you need know your applications and understand the costs associated with them so that you can do what’s best for the business.


Want to know more? I’d ask that you take a minute or two to watch this video that further explains HP’s Next Generation Applications Management solution, along with its holistic set of offerings and capabilities that give you the deeper insight into your applications so that you can better control your portfolio, optimize your costs, and drive change within your organization.


It’s time to get serious about the management of your applications. The old rut of just “keeping the lights on” won’t cut it anymore. In order to realize your full potential in the new normal, you’ve got to shift your IT investments from maintenance to innovation.


Ask yourself the questions…

Do I have visibility into my applications and transparency into their costs to make the best decisions for the business?


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