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Cloud Architectures Revisited (Part 3): Best Practices

cloudsuitabilitymapping.pngIn part 3 of the mini-series we want to look at some best practices for designing and developing cloud-based applications. So first question is, of course, is your application going to benefit from the cloud or would it actually be better if it was hosted in a traditional environment. And if cloud, which cloud?

Remote Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 server administration with PowerShell

blog - Lucas - powershell - iStock_000014735485Small.jpgMicrosoft Dynamics CRM 2013 on-premise installations include a set of PowerShell admin cmdlets that can be run from remote systems, so you can use them to administer your CRM 2013 deployments without needing to be logged on to the actual application server. In this post, I will show you how set up your local system to run the CRM 2013 PowerShell cmdlets and then walk through an example scenario.

Harnessing global developer talent using crowdsourcing.


By:  Leroy Mason, A Global Chief Technologist, Hewlett Packard Company


Crowdsourcing can put an end to "Groundhog Day."   (Which happens to be February 2.)

Testing 1, 2, Testing, 1, 2! Testing as a Service part deux on video!

TaaS Video 2.png 

Featuring:  Alex Martins, TaaS Capability and Business Development Leader, Hewlett Packard Company


Intrigued by our first video on Testing as a  Service?  We certainly hope you were and would like to dive a little deeper in our second video on our Testing as a Service capabilities!

Why use standard project tools


dangling carrot.jpg

By:  James (Jim) R. Hughes, Global Business Analysis Capability Leader, Hewlett Packard Company


The newest project tools may be much better than what you’re using today.  Here’s why you may want to avoid them . . . 

Cloud Architectures Revisited (Part 2): Cloud Application Architectures

cloudarchitecture.pngNow that we have cloud architectures defined, let's have a look on how to build a cloud application architecture for newly developed applications.


By:  Daniel Amor, EMEA Lead for Application Modernisation, Hewlett Packard Company

The future is here: Bluetooth 4.0 is already changing your relationship with your customers

cashier devices_small.jpgBy: Francisco Fernandes, Solutions Architect, Hewlett Packard Company (Brazil)


Can you make your customers an offer as they approach your store? And as they get closer to a specific product? We’re already seeing this happen. The future is here.

Social Media Monitoring for Microsoft Dynamics CRM



By: Bert Wijns, EMEA Ms Dynamics CRM Technology Consultant


These days, there is no doubt that social media and the Internet have totally changed the way customers inform themselves and buy products. This shift has given customers a lot more power. Power to access information about products/services and the ability to share their personal experiences.


Insourcing: A Bridge Too Far

marzullo blog-1.jpg

Featuring:  Mike Marzullo, WW Applications Management Services Offering Manager, Hewlett-Packard Company


Has outsourcing become soooo yesterday?  Take a moment to read about the trend toward insourcing in this article featuring HP’s Mike Marzullo and other industry experts.

User Experience vs. Quality in the New Style of IT


QA and User experience.jpg

By: Alex Martins, TaaS Capability Leader, Hewlett Packard Company


What’s more important when testing software:  User Experience or Quality?  The answer is found in the New Style of IT . . . 

Technical debt for non-technical people

Old computers.jpg

By:  Kathryn Kuhn, Agile Evangelist - Product Development IT, Hewlett Packard Company


How much Technical Debt do you have?  Ask these questions to find out . . .


Testing as a Service Case Studies


merging Rubik cubes.jpg

Benjamin Romberg, Applications Test Leader, Hewlett Packard Company (Asia/Pacific region) 

Alex Martins, TaaS Capability and Business Development Leader, Hewlett Packard Company (Americas region)



We’ve been talking about Testing as a Service and now want to discuss some client success stories and case studies.


The new style of IT requires a new style of business


Featuring:  Jonathan Dove, Managing Director and Practice Lead for HP’s Transformation and Modernization Services in the Americas.


How do you know if a new style of business is needed to support the new style of IT?


Is your business operating model changing?  Are your business processes changing?  Do they need to change?  Are you changing the way in which your customers interact with you and your partners?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you know that a new style of business is needed.  This means you need to be intentional about business transformation.


Click on “Read Blog Article” below to learn more and access an introductory video featuring HP Transformation and Modernization Services Managing Director and Practice Lead, Jonathan Dove

Learn from these bold steps: Poland introduces mobile payment

By Henk Hoevelaken, Global Offering Manager – Enterprise Mobility, Hewlett-Packard CompaPKO Bank Polski picture.jpgny


New entrants, banks, financial services institutions, mobile-phone operators, and retailers are all looking for ways to introduce mobile payment services. In Poland, in the lead is the PKO Bank Polski undergoing a roll-out as we speak. Initial market results are more than promising.


In 2012, PKO Bank Polski, the largest universal bank in Poland and a leading financial institution in the European Union, decided to forge ahead of the pack and change the payment market in Poland. They figured out that waiting was not an option unless they wanted to be taken by surprise: Their competitors were nipping at their heels about to impose a possible payment scenario unprofitable to them.


What does a bank need to successfully implement mobile payment?

Application Transformation in Preparation for the Cloud (#2): Get the foundation right

feet on ground head in clouds.jpg

By:  Luc Vogeleer, Global Chief Technologist - Application Transformation, Hewlett Packard Company


Make sure you put your feet on the ground before you put your head in the Cloud . . .

Producing Quality Software (Part 1 of 5): What is Software Quality?



By: James (Jim) R. Hughes, Global Business Analysis Capability Leader, Hewlett Packard Company


Quality software is that which provides the functionality required and performs as expected, right? Not quite . . .

The whole Agile lifecycle

square peg round hole.jpg  

By:  Michael Carew, Agile Coach, Hewlett Packard Company


Getting the most out an Agile pilot requires end-to-end thinking.  Otherwise you’re left trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Everything I needed to know about Agile I learned from mountain biking

mountain biking.jpg

By:  Kathryn Kuhn, Agile Evangelist - Product Development IT, Hewlett Packard Company


How is Agile like mountain biking?  Let’s go for a ride and find out . . .

Cloud Architectures Revisited (Part 1): Architecture defined


By:  Daniel Amor, EMEA Lead for Application Modernisation, Hewlett Packard Company


There is a lot of discussion going on about cloud architectures, but there is often confusion as to what is actually meant. Let's revisit the key architecture concepts for Cloud in part 1 of this blog.  In part 2 we will focus on the main architecture principles.

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  • Shefali Dua is leading Worldwide BPaaS Strategy & Solution Innovation team at HP Enterprise Services as the Solution Innovation Manager. Her focus is currently assisting in planning and delivery of industry solutions for verticals like social media, big data, mobility and security on the HP Enterprise Cloud offerings for CRM Technologies.
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