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Enabling SAP HANA - How metrics can save your corporate strategy [SAPinsider article]

blog - Amit - small SAPInsider HANA metrics - iStock_000026951559Small - Copy.jpgA clear corporate strategy provides a unified focus across the company on achieving goals efficiently, enables better decision making, and helps the company save money with effective budgeting. However, even the clearest plan is only as successful as its execution. Unless there is a way to continuously review, align, manage, and measure the company’s progress in ex­ecuting its plan, disconnects will take hold.

Move from Reactive to Proactive Business Process Management

SAP Insider logo.jpgA clear direction in understanding how an organization can save time, empower users and transform reactive business process management into proactive business process management, lifting the burden off of IT and enabling quick response to process issues in the business.

3 choices for coping with Enterprise Mobility – Make the right one.


By:  Henk Hoevelaken, Global Offering Manager – Enterprise Mobility, Hewlett Packard Company


Your company is on top of the world.  And then an upstart competitor implements a great mobile solution that leaves you looking like yesterday’s news.


What will you do?

Are Cloud and Mobility a Threat or Benefit to IT governance?

Cloud mobile.jpg

In technology, paradigms shift sporadically and their effects on business can be either sudden and dramatic, or more gradual in nature. Either way, these shifts seldom occur as the result of years of well-planned choreography. In fact, many current changes are more like the increasing smoke and noise leading to the eruption of a volcano.


So how does your IT strategy and governance guide you? Are you prepared to deal with the latest seismic shifts caused by Cloud and Mobility?  Click on “Read Blog Article” below to read an important HP viewpoint paper that can help you successfully embrace these opportunities.

Do you know how to succeed with mobility (white paper)?

Blog - Mobility image.jpgBy:  John Bennett, , Applications Transformation Marketing, Enterprise Services, Hewlett Packard Company


Everyone’s talking about mobility these days.  But not everyone fully understands the complexity of successfully integrating tomorrow’s mobility solutions with today’s IT organization and architecture.


This important white paper will help get everyone moving in the right direction. 

The 7 Deadly Sins of Applications Transformation (Bonus): Avoiding Future Sins


By:  Pierre Bijaoui, Applications Services Technology Lead, Hewlett Packard Company


Sins are bad. And we all know what road is paved with good intentions.  So what should be your next step to avoid future sins?

The Debacle

pointing fingers.jpgBy:  James (Jim) R. Hughes, Global Business Analysis Capability Leader, Hewlett Packard Company


Everyone’s pointing fingers at each other over the troubled launch of the website in the U.S. (a.k.a. Obamacare). 


But the problem here is not at one’s fingertips.  We need to look deeper into the background of this project to find real answers

SAP HANA SP7 shows a resurgence of open architecture

blog - leroy - open HANA iStock_000018768426XSmall.jpg

By:  Leroy Mason, A Global Chief Technologist, Hewlett Packard Company


SAP recently announced plans for SAP HANA to broaden the open application development experience and remain language-agnostic.  This is a service scientist's dream, allowing endless opportunities to create value.


What is the best software design methodology? How about none?


By:  Leroy Mason, Global Chief Technologist, Applications Innovation Services, Hewlett Packard Company


Did you know that the author of the Waterfall Model for softward design created it to illustrate its inferiority to another design model?  There are some who think any methodical design model is the wrong way to go.  Let's take a quick look . . .     

How to monitor Applications – without all the pain

Stethescope on keyboard.jpg

By:  Rajesh Dontula, ADM Program Manager, Hewlett Packard Company

Featuring:  Mats Fredman, AMS Consultant, Hewlett Packard Company


You know the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  That doesn’t just apply to keeping your body healthy – it’s the same for your enterprise Applications.  HP’s Mats Fredman makes a compelling argument for the importance of proactive Apps performance management. 


Click on “Read Blog Article” below to read his article in Outsourcing Center.

Investing in the new style of IT? Better think about business transformation too!

bending the page.jpg

Looking to transform IT to embrace mobile, cloud, big data and analytics?  That’s good – but realise that this results in transforming your business. 


This white paper will help put the big picture into focus as you move forward.

Wanted: Mobile Engagement Providers (Forrester report)

image from registration page.jpg

On October 14, 2013, HP announced it has partnered with Critical Mass, Cynergy, DigitasLBi, Organic and projekt202 to help organizations design, develop and integrate complex, end-to-end digital engagement solutions.  This is the core of HP’s new partnership ecosystem.  


Click on “Read Blog Article” below to read what Forrester Research has to say about the importance of mobile engagement providers in this very compelling report.

Have you been framed? Understand your Transformation Framework

house framer.jpg

By: Gary White, Managing Consultant, Business Transformation and Value Management, Hewlett Packard Company


The word “transformation” is used freely and means different things to different people. This Transformation Framework makes sure it means exactly what your business needs.

What is an Application Portfolio?

portfolio search.jpg

By:  Pierre Bijaoui, Applications Services Technology Lead, Hewlett Packard Company


What is an Application Portfolio, just a collection of applications listed somewhere?  Hardly . . .

Make real-time retailing a reality [WEBCAST].

Join the upcoming webcast, Make real-time retailing a reality, featuring speakers from Kingfisher, SAP and HP. blog - Kingfisher SAP webcast - iStock_000001495313Smaller.jpg Learn how Europe’s largest home improvement retail group transformed its business processes and simplified the technology landscape with SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA and HP SAP services.

Digital Customer Experience – HP Partners point of view (VIDEO)

image from registration page.jpg

HP has enhanced its application portfolio with a new ecosystem that leverages HP’s core strengths and those of its partners to help organizations design, develop and integrate complex, end-to-end digital engagement solutions.


“Read Blog Article” below to hear what five HP ecosystem partners have to say about this industry-leading program:  Critical Mass, Cynergy, DigitasLBi, Organic and projekt202.

Bringing the Power of Together (HP VIDEO)

image from registration page.jpg

HP has enhanced its application portfolio with a new ecosystem that leverages HP’s core strengths and those of its partners to help organizations design, develop and integrate complex, end-to-end digital engagement solutions.


“Read Blog Article” below to view a short introduction video and other related information.

REBROADCAST: HP Announces Ecosystem Partnerships for end-to-end Customer Experience solutions

image from registration page.jpg

This is a rebroadcast of the October 14, 2013 live webcast announcing HP’s ecosystem partnerships that deliver integrated, end-to-end Customer Experience Solutions with an Enhanced Application Portfolio.


Click on “Read Blog Article” below to view the rebroadcast along with more details of this important announcement.

Sustaining Best-Practice Processes

runner.jpgBy:  James (Jim) R. Hughes, Global Business Analysis Capability Leader, Hewlett Packard Company


Knowing how to sustain a best-practice process is a best practice in itself.  And like anything worthwhile, it takes commitment and discipline.

Why CIOs should always ask for client references

introducing partners.jpg

By:  Mark Ryall, Principal Consultant, Hewlett Packard Company


Cutting-edge technology and solutions can be great.  Knowing a vendor can successfully deliver them is even better.

5 tips to deliver more interactive, engaging experiences to your users

flying apps cropped.jpg

By:  Traci Terterian, User Experience Director, HP Enterprise Services


What does it take to create a truly engaging Application?  Well, it’s not enough to just “wow” your customers.  Customer experience design must also be linked to your overall business strategy.


These five tips will get you started on enabling customer experience design to drive real value for your company.

LIVE HP Webcast - October 14. Deliver enhanced customer experiences – REGISTER NOW!

image from registration page.jpg

Digital customer experience is becoming a key differentiator - the app is now the face of an organization.
On October 14th, HP will have some news to share with you.  Please join us live at 8.30am PT / 5.30pm CET / 11.30pm SGT on Monday, October 14th for an online experience.


Click on “Read Blog Article” to learn more, or simply click on this link and register to attend the live webcast:  Yes, I want to attend!

The Obama 2012 Campaign as a Case Study in Effective SMAC (Social Media, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud)

Social Vote iStock_000024273200Small.jpgThis is not a political rant but rather, a set of observations on how the use of the right technologies at the right time produce significant wins. In that, for those who have followed the development of SMAC (social media, mobile, analytics, and cloud), President Obama’s 2012 campaign success deserves a deeper level of analysis. Where i recently asked and answered "What can SMAC do for you?", the new discussion here is of a political campaign rather than a business case, yet the same forms of executive leadership amplified by the power of SMAC are shown to apply to almost any marketing awareness campaign.
In Gavin Newsom's 2013 book "Citizenville", the point is made that Barak Obama and his campaign team managed to deliver a critical win in 2012 to gain the Whitehouse through savvy and strategic use of social media, mobile campaigns, analytics and cloud. This should serve as both an incentive and a warning to those of you unsure or uninterested in doing so in your own business.
By Archie Reed, WW Director of Strategy & Innovation, BPaaS, HP Enterprise Applications Services

HP receives Certification in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC)

SAP HEC logo.pngHP was recently approved by SAP as a certified provider of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud services.  This certification is awarded to partners who demonstrate that they possess all the requisite capabilities and methodologies to ensure solutions are designed, built and can operate properly in a HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) environment.

Test your big data to prove its value before making investments





Bernd Mussmann, Principal Consultant, HP Enterprise Services – Germany sat down with us to discuss why HP’s Big Data Discovery Experience solution was a finalist and 3rd place winner in the Computerwoche’s “Best in Big Data” competition, and how it is helping clients tackle getting started with Big Data projects

Mirages of the Oasis – The Fundamental Nature of Business Requirements


By:  Leroy Mason, Global Chief Technologist, BPaaS (Microsoft-Salesforce-Workday), Hewlett Packard Company


What we think are hard-and-fast requirements are probably not. At best they are illusions; at worst mistakes. Unless we spend sufficient effort comparing multiple alternative solution designs for an application development, we're destined to follow a mirage and never find the oasis.


Saas Lifecycle Management (Part 3): Outlook for Integration

Cloud jigsaw puzzle.jpg 

By: Daniel Amor, EMEA Lead for Application Modernisation, Hewlett Packard Company


SaaS Lifecycle Management provides important benefits to IT departments – and there’s a lot more to look forward to . . .

HP receives ComputerWoche’s Big Data Award




By:  Ipek  Ozsuer, EMEA Information Management and Analytics Leader, HP Enterprise Services


HP Enterprise Services has been recognized as a top service provider in Computerwoche’s “Best of Big Data” competition

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