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By Marleen Devondel, Product Marketing Manager, Hewlett-Packard


Work is where the worker is


No one can ignore that office-based working is on its way out. Consumerization and technology are speeding this up, and you can work from anywhere. Employees happily move between home and the office.

 BYOS - image.png

BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) is on everyone’s lips since it means freedom for employees but headache for the IT department. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. As an employee, we now bring more than just our own device into the office, and we’re now hearing a whole new series of buzzwords: BYOT (Tools), BYON (Network), BYOA (Apps)… BYOS (Bring-Your-Own-Self).

Earth Insights – Healing the planet through Big Data innovation (Discover 2014 Las Vegas)

EarthInsights.jpgJonathan Dove,Managing Director and Practice Lead for HP’s Transformation and Modernization Services in the Americas


Technology has transformed virtually every corner of human life. But it hasn’t reached environmental science. Until now.


The study of our planet and its ecology requires a phenomenal amount of data … the project currently manages 3 terabytes of biodiversity information; over 1.4 million photographs and over 2 million climate measurements, with a goal to provide near real-time analytics to support scientists and ecologists.


Want to know how we do it? Read more below the fold!

HP grows delivery services capability to meet growing MS Dynamics market

blog - Jenifer - Arvato -iStock_000005274275Small.jpgHP Enterprise Services recently acquired Arvato System’s Microsoft Dynamics Practice in Asia.  This, along with some new industry-specific solutions, enhances HP’s ability to service the growing demand for these services.  Read blog for more information.

Making mobile and cloud work together (Discover 2014 Las Vegas)

Discover2014.jpgHP Discover 2014 – Las Vegas Session featuring:


Jonathan Dove, Managing Director and Practice Lead for HP’s Transformation and Modernization Services in the Americas


Franklin Grosvenor, HP Mobile Applications Services Offering Leader


You are entering the 3rd era of Enterprise IT


Yes – the 3rd era of Enterprise IT.  From an era of IT craftsmanship (solutions lovingly hand crafted by the brightest minds you could find), to an era of industrialization, Enterprise IT has changed dramatically over the decades. And now, the 3rd era (an age of enlightenment?) is upon us. This third era, driven by Disruptive Innovation, is changing both business operating models and user expectations for an enhanced experience. No longer is this just about technology innovation, it’s about IT-enabled business innovation. At its heart, it’s about cloud and mobility. And the more you can get them work together, the more you will succeed in this new era.


What can you do? Learn more by clicking on “Read Blog Article” below!

Are your apps ready for the new style of IT? (Discover 2014 Las Vegas)

Discover2014.jpgRam Ponnapalli, Strategist / Director, HP Enterprise Services


John Bennett, Transformation Services Marketing, HP Enterprise Services


The New Style of IT will drive your New way of Business and your applications will play a major role in transforming your business. You need to exploit the convergence of all the new trends like Mobile, Social, Cloud and Big data to develop new business models and leapfrog your competition. Doing so requires changes in your current applications portfolio.


The “plain vanilla application transformation” days are over. You need to enhance your current application portfolio analysis and transformation techniques to address new style of IT impacts and execute a holistic application transformation to efficiently support the emerging business models and increase business value.


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Working the Magic through Scope Management

creeping vine - compressed.jpg 

By: James (Jim) R. Hughes, Global Business Analysis Capability Leader, Hewlett Packard Company


If you’ve ever had a vine growing in your garden, then you know what a project with an improperly managed scope can look like.

How to shift titanic workloads to the cloud—without sinking (HP Discover 2014 Las Vegas)

Discover2014.jpgHP Discover 2014 – Las Vegas Session featuring:


Jim Fanella, Vice President, HP Enterprise Cloud Services


Jonathan Dove,Managing Director and Practice Lead for HP’s Transformation and Modernization Services in the Americas


How in the world do you survive this - the move to the cloud?


Unlike the RMS Titanic, we’re not sailing at night without guidance. We know the icebergs are out there. We know where they are. We know how to avoid them and arrive safely. The question is, do you?


Learn more by clicking on “Read Blog Article” below!

Road to Profitable Customer e-Experience

blog - shefali - CX -.jpgTime to throw out the old playbook.

Need assistance to establish a world class experience for your customers.

What are the ground rules to profitable engagements?

How is nexus of forces change citizen outreach?

Wondering what does it take to achieve cutting edge CX?

Continue reading to find out more.

 Stop by to meet the experts in HP Discover this June 2014 in demo area for Customer Experience and Citizen Engagement area for deep conversations on your strategy.

Discover 2014.jpg 


Sign up for a Big Data, an Applications or Enterprise Security workshop at Discover 2014 Las Vegas

Discover - Cropped.png

By: John Bennett, Applications Transformation Marketing, Enterprise Services, Hewlett Packard Company


I think that’s the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.” Elon Musk


Are you challenged to identify your best opportunities to leverage analytics and big data?


Do you know what you need to do with your current applications portfolio in order to enable the new style of IT?


Have cloud and mobility challenged your enterprise security, and are you sure you have addressed everything you need to?


If you would like some expert advice, we will have experienced consultants on hand at Discover 2014 Las Vegas. Click on “Read Blog Article” to learn more!

Analytics and Big Data Workshop – Schedule yours today!

workshop image final.jpgBig data, social media, cloud, and mobility provide astounding opportunities. Yet, these opportunities create complex challenges when it comes to establishing analytics and data management capabilities.


Read on to schedule your workshop at HP Discover Las Vegas 2014 and get expert advice on your Analytics and Big Data strategy.

One size does NOT fit all - choose the right modernization strategy! (Video)

Hammer and nail.jpg

Featuring: Daniel Amor, Lead Transformation Consultant, Hewlett Packard Company

Featuring: Sean O’Leary, Senior Applications Modernization Consultant, Hewlett Packard Company


"I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”Abraham Maslow, The Psychology of Science, 1966


What is the right thing to do with that old, recalcitrant, feeble application? Replace it? Retire it? Re-architect it? Re-learn it? Move it to cloud?


It depends on what you want from it going forward, not what it meant to you in the past.


Click on “Read Blog Article” below to watch an introductory video and learn more.

Agile and Incremental Design – how to design in the post BDUF era

Agile phrase cloud.jpg

By:  Michael Carew, Agile Coach, Hewlett Packard Company


With Agile, design is an activity, not an event.  It is a form of communication, not a discrete project deliverable. 

Wearable Technology and the challenge of Fragmentation

word cloud.png

By: Parminder Sohal, Director of Mobile Innovation, Hewlett Packard Company


That old saying, “the clothes make the man” has taken on a literal meaning in this emerging age of Wearable Technology. And it will take a different type of tailor to make sure they fit right.


How Efficient and Effective Are Your Business Analysts?

metrics word cloud - condensed.jpg

By: James (Jim) R. Hughes, Global Business Analysis Capability Leader, Hewlett Packard Company


The old saying, “tell me how you’ll measure me and I’ll tell you what I’ll do” makes the setting of metrics for Business Analysts all the more important.

Software Development Methodology - The Search for Ignorance Reduction

head in sand - condensed.jpg 

By: Leroy Mason, A Global Chief Technologist, Hewlett Packard Company


If software development is the acquisition of knowledge, then it is also correct to think of it as the reduction of ignorance.


The challenge is to navigate from ignorance to knowledge while keeping the customer engaged.

What you should know about investing in Big Data

Beer mugiStock_000002626099Small.jpg

By:  Vilas Prabhu, Enterprise Architect, Hewlett Packard Company


What does brewing beer have to do with Big Data? Click on “Read Blog Article” below to find out.

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  • Global product marketing manager for HP Enterprise Services SAP Services
  • Parminder Sohal is the Director of Mobile Innovation at HP. In this role, he is responsible for driving strategic mobility initiatives, key industry partnerships and relationships to enable clients to leverage the mobile channel to both extend their brands and more effectively reach their customers, constituents, partners, and employees. Parminder is an active participant in various industry advisory councils to help government and industry exchange information and collaboration on technology issues in various industries. Parminder is also a member of HP Mobility and Testing Global Technical Console team.
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