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Make sure Big Data not only tells you the "what", but also the "why"

Big Data world - compressed.jpg

By: Leroy Mason, A Global Chief Technologist, Hewlett Packard Company


Big Data lets a business know so much more about what is happening, but this doesn't mean you know why. When deploying Big Data, remember that correlation is not causation.  

Forbes on Big Data and Storage


iStock_000013071495Small.jpgForbes discusses the explosive growth of Big Data and the difficulties in effectively storing it all.


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Beware the IT Midlife Crisis

swarm of bees - compressed.jpg

Featuring: Mike Marzullo, WW Applications Management Services Offering Manager, Hewlett Packard Company


Can you hit a swarm of bees with an arrow? Gone are the days of slow, methodical movements. Today’s business environment requires quick changes.


How good is your aim?  Is the cloud the right way go when you’re looking at your IT Landscape? Maybe, Maybe not.  


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Relationship Management, NOT Customer Management

watering plant.jpg

By: James (Jim) R. Hughes, Global Business Analysis Capability Leader, Hewlett Packard Company


Do your Customer Relationship Management efforts treat customers as if they were a potted plant?


Consider these eight principles (the 8 C’s) to cultivate a blossoming relationship with your customers . . .

The new kid on the block is the old kid on the block!

seeyouinbcn.jpgThree exciting days of HP Discover are over and we have seen a lot of innovation in basically all segments of HP's businesses, ranging from printers to servers, software and services, including the Machine. Now we're off to work with all the clients and are looking forward to the next HP Discover in Barcelona.


By:  Daniel Amor, EMEA Lead for Application Modernisation, Hewlett Packard Company

Viva Las Vegas

memristor.jpgDay 3 at HP Discover in Las Vegas is about to be kicked off. The first two days brought a lot of new exciting products and services and we will continue to see this happening today with more announcements and presentations on key topics around application transformation. 


By:  Daniel Amor, EMEA Lead for Application Modernisation, Hewlett Packard Company

The machine will redefine applications

heliononthestrip.jpgDay 2 at HP Discover in Las Vegas had some big news from HP Labs' own Martin Fink, who presented "the machine". Fink believes the current computing architecture - used in smartphones, PCs and just about every other type of computer you can think of -- can't keep pace with expanding compute and storage needs. So HP embarked on a project about two years ago to rethink computing from the ground up.



Run apps at flash speed


HP introduced new all flash 3PAR storage array claiming to have broken the $2 per GB barrier, which leads us to rethink the way how we build application and the management of data.


By:  Daniel Amor, EMEA Lead for Application Modernisation, Hewlett Packard Company

Moving apps to the Helion Network

helioncloud.jpgMeg Whitman today announced the global network for helion cloud services, which means that moving workloads between different type of cloud environments and cloud service providers becomes easier.


By:  Daniel Amor, EMEA Lead for Application Modernisation, Hewlett Packard Company

Good morning, Las Vegas

lasvegas.jpgA new day starts in Las Vegas, but also a new era for application transformation at HP Discover. The next three days will take us closer to the New Style of IT on the application side.


By:  Daniel Amor, EMEA Lead for Application Modernisation, Hewlett Packard Company

From Legacy Applications to Cloud Services (Part 2: the Analysis)

appstranspicture.jpgIn part 1 of the blog series, we highlighted the need for differentiation of the existing application portfolio. Based on the diversity of the existing landscape, a thorough analysis needs to be conducted. This requires a rigid methodology to ensure that the outcomes of the analysis can be achieved within a very short period of time.


By:  Daniel Amor, EMEA Lead for Application Modernisation, Hewlett Packard Company

It is time Las Vegas evolved to a new style of business as well

121130091816-flight-attendant-story-top.jpg“Flight attendants, prepare for landing,” the pilot of my flight reports, as we are landing at McCarran International Airport, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I wake up and glance out of the window to see the fascinating island of colorful lights, and am mesmerized by what Las Vegas is today—a labyrinth of casinos and architectural marvels with no breathing space. I glance just a few inches out in the tapestry that I see from thousands of feet up in the sky and there is a barren landscape devoid of all lights and glamour. It is this oasis of civilization amidst a rugged landscape that reminds us all of what Las Vegas used to be. The significance of the transformation that it has gone through dawns on me, leading me to wonder if it can really go through any more transformation. The abstract for the DT3564 - Modernize with the New Style of IT and app transformation, session leads me to conclude, “Sure, why not!”


Flexing the inflexible in the public sector

patrol car - compressed.jpg

By:  Mario Devargas, Solution Executive, Hewlett Packard Company


Modern Times is more than just the title of a classic Charlie Chaplin movie – it is where public sector IT must be to meet the needs and challenges of serving a public that is increasingly connected and technology savvy.

HP Discover: Is the Internet of Things (IoT) real?

Discover - Cropped.png 

IoT immersion is going to take us by storm.  We’ll have a huge growth in devices and sensors that will monitor, automate and create new transaction streams that businesses and IT departments must deal with.  This session at HP Discover will help you get started . . .

HP Discover: Securing Applications - is it possible? Yes!


Everyone has seen the headlines about security breaches, and no one wants to be the next one in the news.  But where do you apply your efforts and how much expertise does your organization have?  Learn how at this important session on Applications Security at HP Discover 2014 in Las Vegas.


Practical Project Planning

road signs - compressed.jpg

By: James (Jim) R. Hughes, Global Business Analysis Capability Leader, Hewlett Packard Company


The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley. (Robert Burns, 1785).


Or in contemporary English: The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. This is less likely if you follow these seven guidelines .

The applications doctor is in! Make an appointment now! (HP Discover 2014 Las Vegas!)

doctor-who.jpgHP Discover 2014 – Las Vegas Applications Transformation Workshop


One day you meet the Doctor. And of course, it’s the best day ever. It’s just the best day of your life. Because...because, he’s brilliant, and he’s funny, and mad, and best of all...really needs you.” Clara Oswald, Doctor Who.


No, not that doctor, I’m sorry to say. But you can consult with the Applications Doctor while you’re in Las Vegas at HP Discover 2014.


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Right-sizing your applications environments (HP Discover 2014 Las Vegas)

Discover2014.jpgHP Discover 2014 – Las Vegas demo featuring:

Ram Ponnapalli, Strategist / Director, HP Enterprise Services and Goran Strangmark, Managing Transformation Consulting Consultant, HP Enterprise Services


Are you moving key applications and business services to the cloud? Are you delivering new mobile services to your customers, employees, or citizens? Do you need them integrated with your existing applications and business services?


Do you understand how your current applications portfolio limits your ability to exploit new technologies such as cloud or mobility? How your enterprise architecture may not be fit for purpose any longer? What the integration requirements of New Style of IT applications really are?


If not, we have someone you should talk with!


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Refineries or Wells, where to begin?

Oil RefineryBy:  Vilas Prabhu, Enterprise Architect, Hewlett Packard Company


If data is the new oil, where should I focus for upgrade; my data wells or my data refineries?


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Does this sound like your job (VIDEO)?


Got more questions than answers? The “new style of IT” keeping you on the edge of your seat just a little more often than it’s comfortable? Need to know your applications are going to work the first time, perform the first time, so that the next release isn’t your last time?

The builders guide to the New Style of IT: An application-centric approach (HP Discover 2014)

Discover2014.jpgHP Discover 2014 – Las Vegas Session featuring:

Peter Schofield, HP Director Applications Transformation, Modernization & Strategic Services for Cloud & Mobility


John Bennett, Transformation Services Marketing, HP Enterprise Services


Are you moving key applications and business services to the cloud? Are you delivering new mobile services to your customers, employees, or citizens? Do you need them integrated with your existing applications and business services?


Chances are you answered “Yes!” to all of the above.


Chances are you’ve already discovered that approaching these in an ad hoc fashion is a recipe for confusion and perhaps even disaster.


We recommend you take a builders approach, with architectural and proactive methods, in order to thrive in the new Style of IT.


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HP Enterprise Services to feature SAP HANA and Cloud solutions at SAPPHIRE NOW

sapphire now 2014.pngJoin HP at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando on June 3-5, 2014. Once again, HP is proud to be a Sapphire-level sponsor of this premier event for the SAP customer and partner community. We invite you to attend our sessions, demos and events focused on helping clients drive better business outcomes from their SAP technology.

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