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10 reasons to consider HP RDX Removable Disk Backup System

By Bill Johnson, Senior Manager, Product Management, HP Storage


IBill3.jpgs your business looking for simple, fast and reliable backup for your workstations and small servers? Consider HP RDX Removable Disk Backup System. We think it’s fair to call it the “perfect single-server backup solution.” Here are 10 good reasons why:


1. Flexible: With 320GB, 500GB or 1TB capacities, there is one for every size of server or workstation, with desktop and rack options. Coming soon, HP RDX will also offer 2TB capacity.

2. Affordable: RDX has a lower cost of ownership than older tape technologies over the life of the device. RDX RDXproduct3.jpgartridges cost more up front than older tape technologies but offer higher capacities and longer life cycles—which makes RDX more affordable overall.

3. Fast: RDX backs up data at hard drive speeds and restores critical files at 650 GB/hour via USB 3.0. A 1TB restore takes around five hours to complete with RDX, but can take weeks via a cloud provider, even with the fastest broadband connection.

4. RDX just works: Backup happens automatically in the background using HP Continuous Data Protection software or scheduled routines. You can even just drag and drop files via Windows or Mac OS X Finder. HP RDX backs up your entire operating system and all your applications.

5. RDX eliminates all the guesswork of backup: Cartridges cannot be removed while backups are running. Staff can safely run local backups and rotate media without specialist skills or training.

6. RDX is very durable: With a usage life of 5,000 load/unload insertions (compared to 50 for DAT tapes) and a 10-year archival life, you can safely move data offsite for disaster recovery, archive or data transfer.

7. Rugged: Unlike older tape technologies or standard USB drives (even so-called “rugged” ones), the enhanced design of RDX makes it dust and static proof. It has a sealed interface so dust and debris can’t get in.

8. Virtually indestructible: RDX has internal buffers to protect against harsh treatment. In independent tests, itDrag3.jpg had a 97% drop test survival rate compared to 0% for ordinary USB drives. We even tied it to a dragster and ran it up a raceway at 170 mph over a quarter of a mile. It still worked flawlessly. Yes, HP RDX is tough!

9. Smart investment: RDX protects your investment with complete backwards and forwards compatibility. So today’s hardware will work seamlessly with tomorrow’s higher capacity cartridges.


10. Right for your single-server business: RDX is proven to meet the needs of single-server businesses, with hundreds of thousands of organizations using it.


More reason to choose RDX

We’re just getting the discussion started. Look for more blogs here on ATSB on the RDX topic – customer successes, use cases and confirmation that the RDX is incredibly easy to install.  


Get complete details on the HP RDX Removable Disk System here:

Or download the HP RDX data sheet PDF


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