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Cluster Extension Long Distance Live Migration with Hyper-V

CartoonCalvin100X100.JPGBy Calvin Zito, aka @HPStorageGuy 


It's now been almost two months since our HP StorageWorks Tech Day - one of the demos we had at the event was Long Distance Cluster Extension EVA Live Migration with Hyper-V.  There was also some pretty interesting discussion about this capability.  At first, several of the VMware experts said that this was something that VMware has been able to do for a long time.  However, after we continued to discuss it, we agreed that the ability to fail back to the original storage and server, without downtime, is not something broadly available today.  I also believe that HP is unique in offering this today with Hyper-V but I could stand to be corrected on that. 


With EMC announcing VPLEX and teleportation last week, its worth noting that we've had similar capabilities for a several months and I'm willing to bet that since our solution is based on your existing EVA or XP hardware and software readily available, the cost is far less.  From a marketing and social media standpoint, I do give props to EMC for the great job they did getting the word out but given we've had this functionality and do it for less, I can only call what they did marketing hype. 

Matthias Popp, an architect with our storage systems integration lab, dialed into the Tech Day and did a remote demo.  I talked with Matthias while we were at HP Tech@Work in Frankfurt a couple of weeks ago and the good news is that Matthias worked to have a video of the Live Migration created and I'll share that today along with what Matthias had written as a set up to the video.  So here's what Matthias had to say: 


I talk quite often to customers and show them our storage solutions. In fact I am writing this post on the flight back from HP’s premier European customer event Tech@Work, which was held in Frankfurt. I presented six sessions at the event.


Last week someone from HP sent me a link to an article named “Coolest Hyper-V Demo You’ve Never Seen” . I was really excited that someone out there wrote an article about a demo I did at the HP Tech Day.


Since then I have seen quite a number of HP colleagues and customers watching our Long Distance Live Migration demos and they are either puzzled or in awe.  Since that doesn’t happen in the tech world all that often I thought I will share our demo with all of you!


What is it that keeps my fellow colleagues and our customer that excited you may ask.


Well, if you work in the IT world, run a data center or are responsible for the hardware in it, you know how hard it is to get downtime for any change on the setup or in the facility these days. If you are responsible for the actual line of business application, you are measured on uptime and response time of your applications and the service you provide.


So, imagine someone says you don't have to worry about uptime any longer!




Well, that’s exactly what we achieved with one of our data center solutions from HP. How does it work? Well it’s pretty simple. We took the existing Cluster Extension solution that integrated array-based replication with failover clustering from Microsoft and applied this technology to Microsoft Virtualization.


What you get is a system that allows you to freely move virtualized applications like MS Exchange Server or MS SQL Server from one server and storage to another server AND storage. Online. With no connection loss of your clients. From one data center to another!


You think that sounds like VMotion or Storage VMotion. What’s new? What’s so exciting?


Well, you were able to move VMs between servers and you are able to move VM data between storage systems. 


But you were not able to switch between data centers in ONE step, fully orchestrated and integrated. And you can go back and forth between the data centers with your running application any time you want.


So, have a look for yourself and see if you concur with Rick Vanover.



Note: There is a part of the video that will be easier to see in full screen mode so you can see the UI.  Click here to see video on YouTube.


If you want to see another point of view, have a look at what Bob Muglia, President of Server and Tools Business at Microsoft had to say in his keynote speech at Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Our Live Migration solution is featured at 24 minutes and 34 seconds (for about 6 minutes) as part of a resource re-balancing between data centers use case.


If you'd like to read more about the configuration here is a whitepaper explaining what you need to know.


Matthias Popp, HP StorageWorks Architect, Storage Systems Integration Lab


(Editor's note: This article was edited on 29 July to fix formatting errors introduced when we migrated to our new blog platform)

hyper-v | ‎10-21-2011 12:49 PM

As we find out more about Windows Server Virtualization, it is only natural to start having doubts about its features. One of the most famous is Live/Quick Migration.


I would therefore like to spend some time clarifying everything I can about this subject.


First of all, Quick and Live Migration are not the same thing. They are not synonymous or interchangeable terms. Quick Migration is completely different from Live Migration. Read More


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