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Demo video of P6000 EVA Thin Provisioning

CartoonCalvin100X100.JPGBy Calvin Zito, @HPStorageGuy


I've been negligent.  Ok, maybe that's the wrong word - I've been extremely busy but I really should have had this video ready sooner.  Back in early April, I was in Colorado for a blogger event we did in Ft. Collins (our new research center there).  I drove down the I-25 through Denver down to Colorado Springs where many of our P6000 EVA architects reside and work.  My wife and I lived in Colorado Springs for a while and I'm always in awe of Pike's Peak.


But enough of that - on my video blog today I talk to Brian Bouldin and Karl Dohm, who both work on software on our EVA R&D team.  In the video, Brian and Karl give a quick overview of what's new and then we jump into a demo of Thin Provisioning.  A few of the highlights we discussed are:

  • The new version of Command View is v 9.4 (CV 9.4).  He mentions that this works on the P6000 as well as the EVA4400, 6400, and 8400 (EVAx400).  I just confirmed talking to him that CV 9.4 works on all our legacy EVAs.
  • The significant software enhancements available in XCS 10, latest firmware version that supports both the P6000 and EVAx400 are Thin Provisioning, large LUN support for snapshot extension and shrink and online LUN/RAID migration.
  • Thin Provisioning on the EVA is really easy - it's just an attribute on a vDisk with nothing additional to manage.  You'll have to watch the demo to see how easy it is.
  • During the demo, we show the how much space is allocated for a thin provisioned LUN, write to the LUN to show the allocation and show how easy it is to expand the LUN.


Here's the video:



Note: since this is a demo captured from a monitor, I'd suggest watching the video in full screen mode.  You can click this link to open the video on YouTube and then expand the video to full screen mode. 


I have another video in the works where Brian and Karl show me a demo of the new LUN and RAID Migration software - I hope to have that in the next few days. 


>> You can read more about Thin Provisioning in the Command View QuickSpec and learn more about the P6000 EVA on it's product page.

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