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E5000 Messaging System – Simple and Cost Efficient

By Don Wilson, Solution Alliances, Microsoft Solutions


Choices and complexity

Everyone loves variety and having choices.   I’m reminded of this as I stop at a local, “unnamed” coffee house to order my plain old coffee and the person in front of me orders a “Large, sugar-free, non-fat, double shot, no foam, peppermint white chocolate mocha with light whip and extra syrup”.   I’m not sure if I’m more impressed that the person behind the counter can actually recall all of this, or simply annoyed that someone believes they need all those extra ingredients in their coffee.   I feel a strong urge to ask them if they’d like a little coffee to go along with that morning milkshake.


Making it simple

Choices are great and in many circumstances even necessary, but there are also those times where simplification can make a big difference.  That’s especially true in a rapidly changing business world which increasingly demands that business managers find new ways to be more efficient.  Nowhere is this more true and necessary than in IT.


While we often want all the bells and whistles that go along with customized systems, IT Managers continue to face tight budgets and marginal staffing, forcing tough decisions around what IT projects are prioritized, where costs may be reduced and what might be simplified to ease staff workloads. 


Purpose-built simplicity and cost efficiency

Consider the new E5000 Messaging System.  As a purpose built platform engineered specifically for Exchange 2010, the E5000 offers potential improvements in the footprint, in power and cooling, support costs, as well as with the time required to design and install a new Exchange deployment.   This translates to a simple and cost efficient solution for Exchange.   Watch the video and hear what the MVP’s have to say.


Note: Direct URL to the video on YouTube is 


You can learn more about the E5000 on the product page or see all the Around the Storage Block blog posts about the E5000!

Storage Letchworth | ‎05-28-2011 10:34 AM

So much of what we do in our working life is humdrum but we do it to earn a crust. When you guys got to work with Paul McCartney it must have blown your minds. It is the sort of thing most of us would almost do for free, he is such a legend and it would be such a pleasure to work with his material. It just goes to show that once in a while, real gems appear in our lives out of nowhere. Good for you. I am eternally jealous.

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