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HP Storage News ahead of VMworld

CJZ Headshot fixed 150 x 150.jpgBy Calvin Zito, @HPStorageGuy  vExpert 2011, 2012, 2013.png

VMworld 2013 in San Francisco is fast approaching and you know what that means - there will be a flurry of news around the event.  We're getting out in front of that train by making some HP Storage announcements today.  I'll cover things at a high level in this blog post and over the next few days, we'll go deeper here on ATSB. 


Setting the context

I don't like jumping on buzzword bandwagons (I have some experience with a few buzzwords that died a slow death like ILM) but I think a conversation that is heating up and is here to stay is software-defined datacenter (SDDC). 


SDDC architecture.pngCustomers are using software not just to orchestrate datacenters and applications but also to deliver storage services from remote sites to cloud datacenters.  The challenge is legacy storage requires hands on management and dedicated hardware; it’s impossible to get the speed and efficiency from SDDC that you need using hardware-confined designs.


Kate Davis and I have been talking about our view of software-defined storage here on ATSB - that's some recommended reading for you - but let me quickly catch you by showing you this graphic and I'll point you to a ChalkTalk in a second that explains it.  Also, if you watch the Nth Generation keynote that David Scott did, he discusses this extensively in the first part of his keynote. 


On to the news

With that short context setting, there are two "buckets" of news and not so coincidentally two ChalkTalks I have that help explain it all.  We have news around software-defined storage, specifically a new generation of StoreVirtual VSA and there are a couple of HP 3PAR StoreServ Application Aware Orchestration enhancements to talk about.


First StoreVirtual VSA

The big news here is that StoreVirtual VSA - that started shipping in 2007, with 175,000 licenses distributed, and a rich set of data services - will have sub-LUN tiering that we call Adaptive Optimization.  I'm am stoked about having this with StoreVirtual VSA.   We now have the first scale-out software-defined storage offering with sub-LUN tiering.  With StoreVirtual Adaptive Optimization, you can incorporate any storage that is on the VMware Hardware Compatibility List or disk drives inside a server as a tier.  Pretty cool stuff!  I've given you the 10,000 foot view - here's a ChalkTalk that zooms in with a bit more detail.



If you want to go even deeper, I'm going to be doing a live podcast this Thursday at 3 PM EDT/ noon PDT with folks from the StoreVirtual team and we'll dive even deeper into the new sub-LUN tiering.  Click on the hyperlink to get the details on how you can either dial-in or listen on the web.


Next HP 3PAR StoreServ

I mentioned we had news about some new Application Aware Orchestration with HP 3PAR StoreServ.  That includes a couple of things:

  1. HP Storage Plug-In for SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM)
  2. HP StoreFront Analytics Pack for VMware vCenter Operations (vCOPS)

I have a ChalkTalk to help you understand these enhancements as well so instead of typing a bunch, I'll let my ChalkTalk do the talking. 



Closing thoughts

We'll have more on both of these topics in the coming days.  Kate Davis will have a post later today with her perspective on the StoreVirtual VSA news.  And don't forget the live podcast I'll host on Thursday.   I also have a demo videos showing the integration we have with SAP NetWeaver LVM and VMware vCOPS that I'll share in the coming days.


Lastly, if you're coming to VMworld, be sure to look us up.  We'll have a Software-Defined Zone where you can see lots of what HP is doing around the SDDC including StoreVirtual, StoreOnce, HP Moonshot, software-defined networking and more.  You'll find that in booth #2235.  The main HP booth is right at the front of expo area and will be hard to miss, booth number 1405.  I'll have more to say about what we have going on at VMworld over the next two weeks. 

Katie bonta | ‎08-17-2013 02:05 PM

These are great new enhancements for 3PAR, SAP integration, VMware 

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