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HP storage integration with VMware and a survey

Headshot 100X100.jpgBy Calvin Zito, @HPStorageGuy  vexpert 2012 logo.gif



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I want to cover a couple of things today - a survey that Wikibon is doing around storage and VMware and I want to revisit the integration that we have with VMware in our portfolio. 


Wikibon storage integration with VMware

I got an email this week from  I'm a member of their community (though haven't been there much lately - making a note to myself to visit there a bit more often).  The email is inviting their community to take a survey.  Here's what the email says:


The Wikibon Project's goal is to help IT practitioners learn from one other. Over the past few years, we've seen the broad adoption of server virtualization and the ripple effects which have caused challenges in storage environments. In 2010, the Wikibon Research team explored these challenges in its report, The Value of VMware Integration Journey and expanded on this in 2011 with both a VMware storage user survey and a storage industry checkpoint.


This research is intended to update and extend those findings.


If your company has installed storage for VMware environments or is in the business of selling/consulting on these environments, we ask you to take this 5-10 minute survey.  


The survey is on and here's a link to take it.  I just looked at it and it will only take 5-10 minutes.


HP Storage integration with VMWare

With VMworld around the corner, I think you'll see HP integration with VMware as a topic here on ATSB.  It's not like I haven't covered that topic many times here in the past.  The challenge I tend to have here at HP Storage is we're a small piece of a very big portfolio - competitors like EMC and NetApp have a single focus of storage.  As I look at the  Wikibon survey results, that issue is amplified for me. 


The fact is that we have probably better VMware storage solutions for customers than either storage only competitor, especially with HP 3PAR and HP LeftHand. No one else has the guarantees we offer with the Get Thin Guarantee and the Get Virtual (Double your VM density) Guarantee.  Here are a few links to previous blogs I've done talking about our integration:

  • I have several blog posts on our recent Get Virtual Guarantee - basically HP guarantees that with HP 3PAR you can run 2X the virtual machines than you can with traditional storage arrays from EMC, NetApp and others.  Check out the blog posts to see where you can get details (meaning Ts & Cs) of the program.
  • I also have a blog post where I introduced the HP 3PAR Get Thin Guarantee.  There's also a PDF that gives the details of the program - it guarantees that you can purchase 50% less storage than competing arrays.  If I remember correctly, one of our storage competitors tried to respond but could only guarantee something far less than 50% - 25% if I remember correctly. 
  • It took us longer than I would have liked but the EVA platform now has VAAI integration - here's a guest blog on ATSB talking about it
  • HP LeftHand is the first and only iSCSI array to have vSphere Metro Storage Cluster certification.  This is functionality that LeftHand has had built in for years (based on NetworkRAID) and now (I'd like to think based on LeftHand already doing it) VMware has a certification for it. I have a couple of blog posts on this topic.
  • HP VirtualSystem for VMware and CloudSystem Matrix are both great examples how HP not only integrates our best of breed products but in fact engineering happens across storage, servers, networking and software - compare this to the integrated stacks that storage only competitors are building through partnerships of convenience... I like what we have here.  In fact, here's a podcast I did with CenterBeam who replaced their infrastructure with HP ProLiant and HP 3PAR.  You can expect to hear more about our VirtualSystem in the future here as well!
  • HP Insight Control Storage Module for VMware vCenter is a free plug-in to manage all HP Storage from vCenter.  Here's a technical white paper that describes HP Insight Control for Storage.
  • Finally, here's an page that has a lot more info including white papers and more that talks about our HP Storage integration with VMware.  

I'll wrap this up with a couple of graphics I got from a presentation that Eric Siebert has presented showing our high-level points of integration with VMware. 


VMware integration matrix.png

VMware value add solutions.png

 Have a great weekend!

DP | ‎07-19-2012 12:30 AM

Great article Calvin. It's always one of my focus points with customers in a VMware/HP environment to point out these awesome integration features - and they love it!

IT Support Kent | ‎07-19-2012 01:21 PM

Great article, thank you for posting. 

Patrick_ | ‎07-19-2012 06:57 PM

Wish the P4000 has UNMAP, it's sorely need on the platform.

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