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New HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000

Headshot 100X100.jpgBy Calvin Zito, @HPStorageGuy  vexpert 2012 logo.gif


It's hard to pick one thing about today's announcement at HP Discover that really stands out for me but if I have to pick, I'd say is the announcement of the HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000.   Take a tier 1 product and make it affordable as an entry level mid-range array and you start to get the idea.  So let me summarize the 3PAR news and then like my previous blog post, give you a couple of videos to watch (because I flew all day Sunday to get to Frankfurt and it's been a long 2 days with only a short nap on the flight). 


  1. We're introducing new branding for 3PAR - its now the HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage.  You've probably noticed a pattern emerging in our product naming.  HP LeftHand was recently renamed HP StoreVirtual, our Windows based storage is StoreEasy, we already had StoreOnce and today we also introduced StoreAll, hyperscale storage for file and object based data.
  2. The first of two new products in the HP 3PAR StoreServ family in the 3PAR StoreServ 7200. Its an entry level midrange system with tier 1 features from $20,000
  3. The HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400 is quad-controller capable and delivers Tier 1 storage starting at $32,000.  I'm not aware of any other mid-range product with all the features 3PAR has and that can have up to four nodes. 
  4. There's also an all SSD configuration of the 7000 family capable of hundreds of thousands of IOPS with very low latency. 

I think the market for HP 3PAR StoreServ just got a lot bigger!


Here's an HP Storage Countdown video that is 90 seconds long and paints the big picture.  I had a lot of fun using my new video camera on these Countdown videos and I scenery is stunning (and the information is great too).  Hope you like it.



And here's the HP Storage ChalkTalk I did for HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000.  It has a bit more detail but is still high level.  I'm sure I'll be diving deeper on this product in the coming weeks.  In fact, I have a demo of the EVA to 3PAR online migration tool that I'll hopefully have ready shortly after returning from HP Discover.  Here's the ChalkTalk: 



Head over to our announcement page to get more and of course, check back here on ATSB!

msmith ‎12-03-2012 10:28 PM - edited ‎12-03-2012 10:29 PM

It is so exciting to be able to offer 3Par solutions to more of our clients. As an Elite Public  Sector HP Partner, this gives us a tremendous advantage!!!

nate | ‎12-04-2012 06:01 AM

I have a 5,500 word blog post just waiting to go up on all the 3PAR stuff that came out today, trying to make sure I don't have any super secret information in it before I post it.


Derek Seaman | ‎12-04-2012 02:02 PM

Great announcement! I've included some more technical details at my blog:



nate | ‎12-04-2012 05:22 PM

My book is complete as well. At almost 6,000 words probably my longest 3PAR post. I covered a bunch of things that I haven't seen covered in the press (though verified aren't under NDA anymore).

Reg | ‎12-05-2012 08:33 PM

Will HP 3Par 7000 support FCoE?

| ‎12-06-2012 12:18 AM

I can't provide dates publicly but in the ChalkTalk, I note that the HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 has optional FCoE ports and they will be enabled at a future date.  If you need to know, you should talk to your HP representative.

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