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Open Letter to Sun customers from Dave Roberson Sr VP of StorageWorks

  By David Roberson, Senior Vice President and General Manager HP StorageWorks Division


Letter to Sun Customers:


With the changes announced to the Oracle/Sun and HDS relationship, it's understandable that you have concerns about Oracle/Sun's ability to continue to support your storage environment.  Mission critical storage requires the commitment of strategic partners and that commitment is now in doubt. 


HP wants you to know that, unlike Oracle/Sun, we're fully committed to our Hitachi relationship to develop and provide Tier 1 Enterprise Storage with the HP StorageWorks XP Disk Array family.


We have had a strategic OEM relationship with Hitachi since 1999.  Together we've delivered five generations of XP arrays that have dramatically reduced operational and capital expenses through storage virtualization, efficient storage tiering, data migration and remote data center clustering for disaster-proof system availability in over 5,000 customer environments around the world. 


Our StorageWorks XP arrays are integrated into a comprehensive portfolio of industry leading converged infrastructure platforms, end-to-end data center and application management software capabilities, comprehensive technology services and mission critical support offerings. We employ a global network of enterprise services resources capable of planning, implementing and supporting our XP SAN array customers with the service levels that they expect.   This makes our XP solutions the best in the industry.


HP will continue to deliver solutions with Hitachi technology integrated into StorageWorks solutions and supported by HP Services for your mission critical customer environments.  Our StorageWorks XP SAN arrays are a strategic part of our portfolio.


If you are unsure about the stability of the Oracle/Sun and HDS relationship and are interested in working with HP, we would welcome the opportunity to prove to you our capabilities in mission critical storage environments.


Warm regards,


Dave Roberson

Anonymous | ‎03-11-2010 10:16 AM

Interesting but isn't it the same of what HP did to EMC in 1999?  EMC kept supporting the customers that bought Symmetrix then, I would expect HDS will do the same for those accounts that bought SE9900.  Why should these customers move to HP at this point and not rely on HDS support which, in many cases, they already received?

| ‎03-12-2010 02:52 AM

Anonymous - thanks for the comment.  We recognize that the Oracle/SUN decision puts customers in the difficult position of having to chose to either stay with Hitachi technology and find another company to support them or to switch from Hitachi technology to something else.   We just want customers and partners to understand that we are committed to our 11 year relationship with Hitachi Ltd and to continuing to deliver and support that technology in the most demanding customer environments.  

We have advantages over HDS in that we not only address this challenge but can also help customers deal with choices across their entire server, storage and network infrastructures and the tools to manage that infrastructure.  Thanks again.

Anonymous | ‎03-18-2010 05:34 PM

Hello Ladys and Gents, Hello Dave

i had worked for almost 24 years for Hitachi Data Systems and got my lessons to think about 10 years ahead, and as well i know that Dave has spend a long time there too and have to make this as well, plus his forcasts how many systems he has to order in japan a.s.o  :-). not realy a job i wanna do :-(  but ok, he got much more money than me for his job..... i think it is a good compensation :-)

as a boss, he is realy ok, never had a problem with him, one manager who finaly is willing to spend some time to listen what his stuff see and hear in the field(at customers). if this even was important for him or not.

however, in long term consideration, i think it is correct to consider HP, Why ? security of investment in long term. SUN was almost in the same size like HDS, and got be aquired by oracle, does oracle should have interesst to sell hardware ? i think not. it is more like MS, where i had in the past with both companges my talks about it.

and i got told 'we sell software not Hardware', so why did Oracle aquired SUN ? they looked already for very long time for an OS to have a better support for there own applications, same way MS has. in think from the business perspective it realy makes sense, Right?.

HP has this for long, plus the client,server and infrastructur.

so all out of one hand for customers even services therefor they had acuired EDS as well. when i take a look at all this, i see here something like IBM.

I had fighted at HDS to sell solutions and pushed to buy some firms, but at the end it ended up in Box selling. not realy setisfying, sorry dave.... i know not your fault,

now lets come to the funny thing, what will happen when Hitachi Ltd.makes again a funny desition ? as they did in the past.

i.e: Hitach made in the past a market clean up in EU. where two reseller of hitachi storages are on the market . so that only one storage vendor is available on the market in each country for there product. now you have HP and HDS, SUN is gone.

so imagine, you are the wise guy in japan, what will you do when you have to make the decition to clean up again the same thing, would you keep the smal HDS or big HP ?

consider this, it realy happen before and i think it will happen again.

look installbase numbers counts for hitachi Ldt a lot, they are component manufatorers not realy sales people, but HP has many sales people and of cause customers more than HDS.

tell me what would you do in the future ??? think about it.

this was on of the reasons as well, to quit at HDS, well, i got finaly some chance now to create an own famalie.

but in case you would ask me, if i would work for Dave again,

my answer would be 'for Sure any Time'.


Mike.M  Phd. eco MIT US

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