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Performance Thresholding in HP Storage Essentials

By Govind Rangasmy, Product Manager 

As a product guy, I'm constantly thinking of ways to simplify day-to-day operations for  storage administrators. In that vein, one of the more interesting features recently released by the HP Storage Essentials team is automated storage performance policies - this helps manage performance on HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array  (EVA) and HP StorageWorks XP Disk Arrays.

As part of the requirement, I told the engineering team that policy management in HP Storage Essentials should be as easy as managing their Outlook rules. In Outlook, you define a policy (rule) using a precooked template, select a bunch of options, fire it up and off you go. I indicated to the engineers that for HP Storage Essentials to be effective and useful, the system should automatically monitor all of the EVA and XP storage arrays under management in a large enterprise, sending alerts if any deviations occur from the defined rules. Our engineering team ran with the idea, and we packaged up the new feature in the latest HP Storage Essentials 6.2 release.

There's an old storage axiom that every application performance issue is by default a storage issue until it's proven otherwise. While this simple wisdom holds up in most cases but not all. I recently attended a conference call with a customer who said that whenever he would go to a cross functional, application trouble shooting meeting, typically it would turn into a finger pointing session after five minutes. To avoid a similar fate, he suggests the Storage guy come prepared with lots of charts and data. Data speaks the truth. When you show up with more reports than the "other" team (Server or Application), it's much easier to prove that you're not the culprit and the storage team wins.

If HP Storage Essentials is deployed in your datacenters, you have the opportunity to make a splash at your next performance engineering meeting. HP Storage Essentials makes it easy to configure performance policies using pre-configured templates with a few mouse clicks. Once these policies are defined for your system components, whether it be controllers, array groups, or vdisks, the rest is automatic.  HP Storage Essentials will send you an email containing data to quickly produce the charts and reports you need.

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Espressoforyou | ‎03-16-2010 11:39 AM

I contacted HP customer service in 01-09 because my wireless stopped working on my dv6000 and was told that I was 2 months out of warranty.  So I bought a wireless adapter and used it until last week win my laptop will only turn on after trying several time with the on/off button (motherboard defect).  I contacted customer support and  spoke with someone based in the Phillipeans, he spoke excellent English and pass me on to a case manager.  The case me passed me on to a higher level case manager named Jason.  Jason passed it up to a higher level and they refused to fix my computer.  I have a copy of a letter I received from customer support back in 01-09 when I called about the broken wireless.  This is should serve as proof that that I reported the problem and was not told about the extended warranty at that time.

I would like someone to contact me concerning this issue

Thanks Randy Holdford  1-901-409-7409

Anonymous | ‎03-31-2010 08:02 PM

The problem I always had with storage essentials is it's a licensed product developed by the "software side" of HP.  It can manage "any SAN" and that's why it's a paid for product.  

In our case it was north of $70k for I forget how many fiber ports... around 100.  That's the other thing, priced on fabric ports.  What if we go all FCoE 10GB ethernet?  That would make it lower I suppose.

I just had a huge problem spending $100's to millions on our EVAs... then having to chip in another $70-80k just to manage that storage at an expected level.  

We didn't buy storage essentials.... It's also very complex.  At least the rules for thresholds are simpler now.  

The other funny thing, it crashed 2 times during the vendor demo, needed a SQL Server license, and a nice plush server to call home.

HP really needs to combine all storage h/w and software development into one group.  I know storage essentials was a purchased company but it needs to be one fully featured buy for the customer.

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