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Something completely different: Naomi Psalm

CartoonCalvin100X100.JPG By Calvin Zito, @HPStorageGuy

Every once in a while a go totally off topic - maybe it's something I'll do a bit more often if you guys appreciate these rabbit trails.  A couple years ago on Memorial Day weekend, I did a post talking about my Dad who was a POW in World War II Germany.  If you haven't read that story - mostly written by him as a sort of therapy exercise later in his live - please do.  And thank a veteran this Memorial Day.


I love music 

I wanted to post something that is a bit more fun - at least I think so.  I love music.  I mean really love music.  I started playing a keyboard in 1971.  I have a 32GB Zune that only holds about half of my MP3 collection.  My tastes are rather eclectic - 70's & 80's music, Christian rock, Contemporary Christian Music, and Jazz are all on my playlist.  Lately, I've been searching for new artists - up-and-coming independent artist (meaning they don't have a contract with a big record label). 


Introducing Naomi Psalm 

While searching one of those sites, I found a local Boise musician named Naomi Psalm (Psalm really is her middle name).  I had downloaded a couple of her songs for free and then I bought her latest CD called "Stare".  I found myself listening to the six song EP daily and sometimes more than once a day.  I sent Naomi a couple of tweets telling her how much I liked her CD and suggested that we should do a podcast and she agreed.  Naomi's songs have contemplative lyrics and catchy melodies - and I talk to her about the inspiration behind her songs.


Here's that podcast I did with Naomi:



You can download this podcast by doing a right-click and "Save as" here. You can subscribe to my podcast on iTunes - go to the iTunes store and search for "Around the Storage Block" or you can open this link and click on the "View in iTunes" button under my picture.


Naomi also has a video on YouTube so I took the podcast we did and turned it into a YouTube video so you can see a bit of her video.  Here's the YouTube version of the podcast:



Connect with Naomi

I hope you enjoy Naomi's music as much as I do.  Here's a couple of links where you can find her:


Naomi Psalm | ‎05-29-2012 02:52 PM

Thank you for listening!

I had fun with this podcast, and I really appreciate Calvin putting this together and supporting me in my music.

You can also find my music on itunes if you would like to help me in purchasing my tunes.

*Stay tuned for NEW music!

Twitter: @thebluecinema

| ‎05-29-2012 04:22 PM

Hey Naomi - thanks for dropping by.  Funny, I'm listening to Dinner's Late (your older version) right now.  Wish we had time to include the story of that song in the podcast.  I hope a few more people discover your songs from this.  Thought I'd also just include your video Ink here for folks to check out.



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