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Storage consolidation for SMBs: June 2 announcement


CartoonCalvin100X100.JPG By Calvin Zito, aka @HPStorageGuy


I mentioned that we migrated our blog to a new platform.  In the process of the migration, some of the latest articles (posted after May 25) were not migrated to the new platform, so I'm manually reposted them to not lose that content.  First up is a series of four articles I did around the June 2 SMB announcement.  I'm going to condense those 4 articles into one on the new platform.  Here we go:


Overview (Part 1):

Storage consolidation isn't anything new - I was working at HP storage on storage consolidation solutions back in the mid to late 90's.  And our Small and Medium Business (SMB) customers just as much as anyone else need solutions to help them address the growth and complexity of storage.  In fact I just recently saw a survey done by AMI-Partners that made this point stand out for me.  AMI-Partners asked SMB customers in nine different countries around the world what were the top factors driving their investment in storage.   The top three answers were (note that the percentages indicate who answered "Agree Strongly" or  "Agree"):


  • Growth in storage capacity: 63%
  • Replace aging / broken equipment: 48%
  • Server / Storage consolidation: 42%

To me this said that regardless how long storage consolidation has been around, it's still a solution customers need. 


Today, HP is refreshing our entry-level storage products.  We are announcing enhancements to the following product families:


I have a series of three podcasts talking to product experts for each of these families below, exploring what's new and helping you understand where each of these products might fit in helping you re-think storage consolidation.   Here's an page that has a bit of information on the announcement


Here's a short video with Lee Johns talking about what's new in our announcement.  Click on the link if there's an issue with the embedded video. There are some other products from my colleagues in HP being announced, namely from HP Networking.  You can get more information on our SMB announcement page or go to the online press kit.




P2000 (Part 2)


Back in February, we announced significant enhancements to the P2000 G3 MSA functionality and several versions that included Fibre Channel, and combo iSCSI/FC controllers.  Here's a link to the P2000 announcement podcast I did if you need to catch up.  There was also a session at our recent HP StorageWorks Tech Day that I captured on video.


Briefly, here's what we announced on June 2 for the P2000:


  • New P2000 G3 SAS MSA featuring the latest 6Gb SAS.  As you'll hear on the podcast, it includes all of the features we announced in February like 64 snapshots and volume copy licenses included, drive spin down, and more. 
  • New P2000 G3 SAN Starter kits.  There are two new SAN Starter kits - we talk about what these are on the podcast so I'll let you listen to hear about those details.  These starter kits simplify the ordering and deployment of a SAN and also offer a lower price than if the components were bought separately. 

On the podcast, I talk with Charles Vallhonrat about what's new with the P2000.  (If there's any issue with the embed, click on the link).  Charles leads the P2000 marketing team. You can download an MP3 of the podcast or you can subscribe to all my podcast on iTunes.




X1000 (Part 3)


We announced the re-branded X1000 series in 2009.  As you'll hear in the podcast, it took the file sharing capabilities of the ProLiant Storage Server family and the file sharing and iSCSI capabilities of the StorageWorks All-in-One Storage System and merged them together into the X1000.  So the X1000 is a unified storage solution, with both iSCSI software target to host applications and file sharing.  What I think sets the X1000 apart is the HP Automated Storage Manager software or ASM.   ASM dramatically simplifies managing the X1000 so you don't need to have storage expertise. 


There's a lot that's new and I discuss all of this in more detail with Jim Hankins, the X1000 product manager.  But here's a summary of what's new:


  • HP ASM has been updated and now even easier to use.  You can be up and running in 6 mouse clicks
  • New X1500 - a new tower enclosure for customers that don't have rack-server infrastructure. 
  • X1800 has been enhanced to hold 16 small form factor (SFF) drives - it's 2X the capacity of the previous model in 2U rack space.


If you have any issues, click here to listen to my podcast with Jim or download an MP3 version.


X310 Data Vault (Part 4.... phew)


Now we turn our attention to the HP StorageWorks Data Vault.  We announced a new member of the family, the X310.  An important note is that the X310 is only available in the U.S. and Canada. 


I have an X510 in my home - I love the simplicity it offers to backup all the PC's on my network.  Installing the Data Vault was very easy - and in fact I had my 10 year old son do the install.  I'll post video of that soon.  After installing the Data Vault, I had to install client software on each PC I wanted to backup and from there it was off to the races.  All my PC's have been backed up nightly like clockwork.  I've also tried the file sharing capabilities - I wanted to make it easy to access our family pictures and music that are spread all over the house.  That was easy too.  Anyway, I'll save my (albeit biased) review for another post.  Let's get on with what's new.


The big news is the pricing - the X310 comes with 1TB (and has three expansion slots) and comes in at just under $550.  The 1TB version of the X510 is just under $700 list so it's a significant price drop.  So what are you giving up to get this price?  The main thing is the ability to do remote streaming of media.  But instead of me telling you everything, give a listen to the podcast with the Data Vault product manager, Bill Johnson.  I had talked to Bill last Fall when we first announced the X510, you might consider revisiting that post




If the player has issues, click here to listen to the podcast about the X310 or download the MP3


You can learn more about the X310 on the product page.  One other potential confusion that I'll clear up - X310 is the specific model, X300 is a family.  There's only one product in the family so at least for now, X300 and X310 are interchangeable (as are X500 and X510). 







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