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Talking about the HP 3PAR ASICS

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Earlier this week, we had a customer event in Las Vegas to celebrate our Get Virtual Guarantee. It was pretty dang cool for a few reasons - for the first half of the reception, we had the Hardwood Suite at the Palms Hotel.  This is a palatial 10,000 square foot suite that actually has a basketball court and a locker room. 


The second half of the party was on an outdoor patio bar at the Palms that had a fantastic view of the Las Vegas strip.  It was the first time I've seen a view of the strip like this - not at a hotel right on the strip and this high up.   


You can see the Venetian and Palazzo Hotels in this picture and of course we'll be there in a couple of weeks for HP Discover.  While it will be my 7th trip to Vegas seven months, I'm really looking forward to it.


I said there were a couple of cool things about the party - so let me get to the reason for this blog post.  One of our HP attendees at the reception was JR Richardson.  JR came to our HP Tech Day back in February (that wasn't in Las Vegas!) and gave a great overview of HP 3PAR for the bloggers.  I got a few minutes with JR before attendees joined us at the suite to talk about the 3PAR architecture, focusing on the ASICS and what in the architecture allows us to guarantee that HP can double a customer's VM density.  Here's the podcast with JR:


You can download this podcast by doing a right-click and "Save as" here. You can subscribe to my podcast on iTunes - go to the iTunes store and search for "Around the Storage Block" or you can open this link and click on the "View in iTunes" button under my picture.



For more information 


I've done a few blog posts talking about the Get Virtual Guarantee and they each have some helpful information about the guarantee and HP 3PAR so check them out.  I also have many, many blog posts talking about 3PAR that if you want to go deeper there, you can.    

nate | ‎05-25-2012 05:59 PM

Per the virtual guarantee - I saw on the HP site "contact your sales rep for details". I was curious so I did - still waiting for the details almost a month later.


Specifically interested in the fine pint. My rep speculated on what it was at the time but apparently the sales force wasn't informed as to the program's details prior to launch.


At one point 3PAR went out and bought Terepass carbon offset credits for every TB of TP space on a 3PAR system - I think that would be a good campaign to bring back. As far as I know they haven't done this  (or at least haven't talked about it) for years now. I was supposed to get a plaque or certificate at one company a couple of years ago for those credits but it never showed up before I left the company. All inquires into 3PAR on the status of the offset program haven't met any answers in 2+ years. Given the costs of the credits, and the margins on the products I suspect it would not be expensive to re-impliment - or if the program is still in place to talk about it and to issue those certificates so people know it's being done


"The program was launched in January 2007, and by the end of 2008 participating customers realized reductions of over 25,000 metric tons of CO2, the equivalent of eliminating the consumption of over 58,000 barrels of oil."


I can only imagine what those numbers would look like today.

| ‎05-25-2012 07:25 PM

Hey Nate - good to hear from you.  I just got in touch with LaMills Garrett - LaMills is the Americas 3PAR product manager and a great guy for you to know if you don't already.  I asked him to either get in touch or get your account team in touch with you.

LaMills | ‎05-28-2012 01:16 AM

Great event indeed.  Was great interacting with customers and one of the key highlights was when one of the customers remarked that it seems the competition is really worried about HP 3PAR because:


1. Their new naming convention (10K, 20K, 40K, etc.)

2. Them trying to make it seem theat their high-end and mid-range can be managed the same, and

3. The amount of time Mr. Gallagher spent on stage stirring about HP 3PAR (Really BAD!!!) 


Loved it!!!

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