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True beauty with HP StorageWorks and Ocarina Networks

By Pete Brey, WW Extreme Storage Business Development Manager

As you may have noticed the HP StorageWorks Scalable NAS team has been rather busy lately. The acquisition of IBRIX Software closed last week and just this Monday Ocarina Networks put out a press release about Ocarina’s ECOsystem software being resold through HP as an offering for our Scalable NAS products.  

Great software on great hardware – it’s a beautiful thing! So what is it that these two great software offerings bring to the table, you ask? Performance and capacity optimized storage, of course. Bringing IBRIX into the HP NAS portfolio extends our offerings with data protection, high availability features and data management services for extreme scale-out, cloud and high performance computing deployments. IBRIX excels in high performance file serving environments with the ability to share storage and span a name space across multi-petabyte systems.

Now multi-petabyte systems are great when you have zillions of files that need to be stored but so is a multi-petabyte system that is optimized so that in the same space tens of zillions can be contained. This is where Ocarina’s ECOsystem software adds its value to our NAS products. The ECOsystem software transforms your storage with its content-aware storage optimization that compresses data up to 10:1 with added features such as deduplication, ECOsnap snapshots, and its own global name space capability. The unique thing about our reseller partnership is that HP can run the ECOsystem software right on our NAS nodes, further optimizing your infrastructure. Now there aren’t too many storage vendors out there who can talk about that now, are there?

HP StorageWorks NAS, IBRIX, and Ocarina - this truly is a beautiful thing! Look for more beautiful things to come from HP StorageWorks in the near future.

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Anonymous | ‎08-15-2009 01:49 AM

Nice post! I quoted liberally from it in today's news roundup on the topic, The Dedupe Race.

| ‎08-15-2009 03:34 AM

Thanks for dropping by - I'll head over to your blog and take a look.  


Anonymous | ‎08-19-2009 12:59 AM

The IBRIX acquisition is an interesting play and certainly helps round out the NAS portfolio.  However, I'm curious how HP is going to address the emerging object-based storage segment.  Seems to me this is the type of technology that is really going to thrive in the era of managing unstructured data beyond the simple file at massive scale.  The lack of support for rich metadata in file systems for storage is an achilles heel especially as organizations and individuals begin to demand the ability to persist descriptive information about their files.  There are several competitors out there such as EMC Atmos, DDN WOS, Caringo, as well as others.  Any thoughts on how HP views this space?

| ‎08-20-2009 10:59 AM

Hi Objectivity,

If you are a customer, I would invite you to click on the "Contact" link on the right side and I'll try to get you in touch with folks who can provide you with additional information under NDA.  Regardless, here are some thoughts.

There is demand for solutions that make use of object-based storage-to do backup of other primary storage, to help with e-discovery,  to store searchable archives, or image repositories,  etc-but but we have seen limited demand from customers asking for object-based storage per se unless it also integrates with those larger solutions. 

That said, HP does have a few solutions here.  First, is the HP Integrated Archive Platform.  It supports email and file archiving and has a very robust search capability to find content.  Here's a link to the IAP product page.   Next, we also have the HP Medical Archive Solution and here's a link to its page.  

As for any futures with IBRIX or other - it's not something I can talk about here.  I will say that just showing up with "object-based storage" doesn't really address the need; customers we've talked with aren't just looking to "persist descriptive information about their files", but as I said they want solutions for e-discovery, medical image, backup, etc.

Thanks - Calvin

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