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Where is EMC's Maui? Did it get whacked?

Last November, the CEO of EMC gave a glimpse of products code named Hulk and Maui.  He told the EMC Innovation Day audience that his company would deliver these to the market by May.  Then came EMC World in late May.  There was little to no public mention of Maui (the software component of a cloud-based storage product) but by some accounts that I heard, the EMC CEO again promised to deliver Maui by this summer.  Well, here we are and it's the end of summer and still no Maui. 

So why am I writing about it today?  Because an EMC employee's blog had a curious disappearance today.  There was a post on the Storagezilla blog site with a link to demonstrate Maui.  The blogger, named Mark Twomey, had a post earlier today complaining a bit about his CEO talking about code names in public but then went on to include a link where one could download a Flash video titled "CloudFellas" -- playing off of the movie title "Good Fellas" -- presumably from some Maui-based storage.  The blog entry has mysteriously disappeared and even the cached version on Google is gone. 

In addition, SearchStorage reported Hulk/Maui aren't what they thought or will it be? Who knows?  Hopefully Mark Twomey hasn't been whacked.  I don't know him personally but compared to some of the other EMC bloggers we've interacted with, he seems like a nice guy.

As for HP, we announced our Extreme Data Storage System in May and committed to deliver it this fall.  You won't find any disappearing web pages or waffling from HP on what we said we'd deliver and when.  Bada Bing. 

I think I'll make some pasta sauce for dinner tonight!


Anonymous | ‎08-25-2008 11:12 AM

Hi Calvin here is what I've heard/read over the last 10 months or so.

Rumors are that Hulk is the piece they are developing with help from Ibrix and is now shipping very very quietly as the InfiniFlex 10000.  (see:

Regarding Maui, several online mentions of it indicate that it is part of or based on the OceanStore project (see:  Here is another link for info on the OceanStore project (

Now here is a question for you and HP.  Any chance we will see the disk shelf used in the XDS in other arrays, say the EVA or the XP?  Granted this is SAS technology, but if you could utilize dual port SAS drives in that shelf it might be viable.

just a thought.


| ‎08-27-2008 04:08 AM

Hi Mike - what you've said about Hulk and Maui is spot on to what we know as well.  We've actually heard from customers who are testing Hulk/Maui and have come to HP to discuss ExDS (after testing).  

As to where else you might see the dense drive shelves in ExDS, we can't share those details now but rest assured, our team knows those details and we'll talk about it more in the near future.  Customers that need to know can talk to their HP representative to have those details shared under non-disclosure.

Thanks for your insight!


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