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Who makes a better partner for your enterprise?

CartoonCalvin100X100.JPG By Calvin Zito, aka @HPStorageGuy


I noticed one of our competitors has an announcement today - with a lot of fanfare about how they are able to help customers make their infrastructure future ready, flexible, and efficient.  The problem I have is that they are a storage only vendor.  Now, don't get me wrong - I obviously know that storage is a very important element of your infrastructure. 


But how do you as a storage-only vendor make claims and promises about how you can revolutionize a customer's infrastructure when you only have one element of the infrastructure to offer?  Sounds to me like a tire maker claiming they can give you a better car.  Seems to me you'd be better off working with the car maker to get the most value.


Last week, HP announced our Enterprise Business strategy, the Instant-On Enterprise.  As customers start to consider their options, you should consider working with a technology partner like HP that can help you with your car, not just tires. 


I'm not going to try to cover the same ground that many of my HP colleagues have covered, so here are a few links where you can read what others have written about the Instant-On Enterprise:

One of the core solutions in our Instant-On Enterprise is the Converged Infrastructure.  I've talked about this more than a few times on this blog - it really is what differentiates HP from the one-trick pony vendors that only offer a piece of the infrastructure.  If you're not up to speed on HP Converged Infrastructure, here's a video that I just saw today that is brand new and gives a good overview of Converged Infrastructure.


See the "
Power of Converged Infrastructure" video.





David Scott, former CEO of 3PAR and now the VP and GM of HP storage was in Boise a few weeks ago.  It was an internal meeting but a lot of what he talked about was centered on what has changed in the industry and how it's impacted storage.  If I had any open questions about why HP bought 3PAR, I came away from that clearly understanding the importance of 3PAR to our future.  It all ties into the Instant-On Enterprise and in a future article, I'll talk more about what David had to say.

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