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Spotlight on Brain Farm: a digital content story with a reel happy ending

By Simon Watkins, WW Product Marketing Manager, Backup, Recovery & Archive (BURA), HP Storage


BrainFarm.jpgSee how this Emmy-winning production studio reduced its storage costs by 86%

Brain Farm, an Emmy-winning production studio, is one of the most sought-after content creators in entertainment. The company, which is built upon cutting edge filmmaking technologies, has implemented an HP StoreEver based solution to safeguard its ever-expanding business-critical content. Let’s find out more about Brain Farm and learn how HP StoreEver is helping the company implement a reliable, cost-effective and scalable solution to secure client’s valuable assets while capacity requirements rise relentlessly.

Hyper-convergence is super-hot. But is it right for you?

By Janet Runberg, SDS Sales Enablement Manager, HP Storage


Missing_puzzle_piece_RGB_blue_NT.pngDo you feel like you're missing a piece of the pizzle when it comes to knowing what hyper-converged is, let alone if it's right for you? 


With all the media buzz around hyper-converged, now’s a good time to take a step back and ask yourself: who needs it? We've got a couple of industry experts who move past the hype and answer a few basic questions in a recent edition of The Register's RegCast

7 Questions for HP’s Storage SVP on Recent Flash Industry News

Manish Goel.jpgI sat down with Senior Vice President and General Manager of HP’s Storage Division Manish Goel to talk about recent industry news, what customers are looking for, and how he sees the future of storage.


Calvin: When you first came to HP a few months ago, you were asked why you chose to come out of retirement and get back into the storage game. I’m wondering if you could share that perspective with the readers.


Manish: It’s very simple, actually. It was obvious to me that stand-alone storage vendors’ time has passed. In this new age of mobile applications and millennial workers, customers have to rethink their datacenters. Some of the technology trends raising new questions include distributed computing, shared nothing architectures, and solid state media. The problem is, these technologies are all changing too fast for administrators to integrate and manage stand-alone storage. They need application-integrated storage that’s engineered alongside compute and networking.


Calvin: So market requirements have evolved, making it hard for stand-alone vendors to justify their storage offerings. But what about companies like Cisco who have walked away from their flash array product less than two years from when they acquired it?


Manish: What seemed like a “marriage of convenience” didn’t exactly work out.

Say YES to simplified storage administration tasks

By Rashmi Malik, 3PAR StoreServ Product Manager


YES.jpegHP 3PAR StoreServ Storage support with Microsoft Windows PowerShell is NOW available—bringing you a powerful way to simplify management via the Microsoft Windows PowerShell environment.

Repetitive tasks are best managed by scripting. As a storage administrator, you are often challenged to manage various administrative tasks over a multitude of storage arrays and servers in your data center environment. Microsoft Windows PowerShell enables managing administrative tasks using commandlets that are .NET classes. To make management of these repetitive steps easier, we’ve recently added support for Microsoft PowerShell Support to 3PAR StoreServ via a toolkit that’s free to download.



A perfect storm for Backup-and-Restore-as-a-Service demand

We welcome Steve Brothers, VP, Operations and Technology, Ajubeo, as a guest blogger on Around the Storage Block.


HPN23645_BackUp-Service_micrographic_2.jpgThese days, IT organizations like yours are making difficult adjustments related to shrinking budgets, staff reductions—not to mention the need to restore and recover data more and more quickly. In the meantime, many executives view backup as an important but inefficient process that their companies have traditionally had to manage internally.  


If you view all of these factors together, it’s a perfect storm for Backup-and-Restore-as-a-Service (BRaaS) demand. Businesses are increasingly looking to outsource backup processes whenever it makes sense. In particular, these processes must be both efficient and cost-effective while maintaining best practices for risk management. This is not only a challenge but also a significant opportunity for service providers. Here's why.



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