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HP Tech Talk talks software-defined storage and StoreVirtual VSA

Last May, I had a blog post telling you about HP Tech Talk, a new weekly show we're doing with Andy McCaskey from  The show covers topics across storage, cloud, servers, and networking.  I fell a bit behind and didn't line up storage guests for Andy to interview over the last couple months but I finally got on the ball and Andy posted the latest HP Tech Talk with Kate Davis, giving an update on HP StoreVirtual Storage and software-defined storage. 


Here's the interview Andy did with Kate - it's about 12 minutes long.

It's almost showtime for storage at HP Discover!

I sure hope you saw the blog post last week from my storage colleague Pooja Desai-Singh.  She shared a video that was the brainchild of my manager Brad Parks.  Clearly, Brad has way too much time on his hands because he came up with a couple of very creative videos that are fun.  Pooja shared part 1, today I have part 2. 



I don't know what's in store on our live webcast from Barcelona on December 9th, but I can guarantee that if you're dealing with storage complexity, legacy infrastructure, and rising costs, I think the webcast will have information we share will be interesting and of value.  So if you haven't signed up for the December 9th webcast, do it now!

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