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HP Converged System announcement from HP Discover

HP ConvergedSystems overview.pngAlong with the storage announcements that I've been covering here on ATSB, the other big news that I think would be of interest to you is the HP Converged System announcement.  On the full blog post, I tell more of a personal story about Tom and my thoughts about him at HP as well as a few videos - so go to the full blog post to see that.


Converged Systems

Tom Joyce was named the SVP and General Manager of the HP Converged System organization a few months ago.  I did a short video with Tom at HP Discover where he gave an overview of the announcements he made in Barcelona. 


There's a lot more on the full blog post, so check it out!

HP Labs Innovation at HP Discover

At HP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt, I met Martina Trucco and did a really fun video with her where we talked about things going on in HP Labs.  Martin is also the managing editor of the Innovation @ HP Labs blog


I think the video rose to the top of the minds of the guys in the video crew in Frankfurt because they shot video for 2 1/2 days with the camera pointed in the same direction for over 50 videos they did.  Someone on the team who knows I'm a bit "adventurous" came to me and suggested that we could do the video with Martina sitting on a roof so the video guys could point the camera in a different direction. 


I reached out to Martina before we left for Barcelona to see if we could do another video and while the setting wasn't sitting on a roof, I was able to get together with her so she could tell me about an Innovation Theatre session she hosted with several leaders from HP Labs.  We didn't have a video crew for this video - I actually shot the video and did the editing.  I also was at the Innovation Theatre session and grabbed some video from that as B-roll I used in this video - so check it out!


The Innovation Theatre session  The Future According to HP Labs is now available on so check it out!

Backup, Recovery, and Archive (BURA) updates from HP Discover

If you were paying attention before HP Discover, I had started talking about the BURA Challenge.  And if you watched the discussions coming from HP Discover, BURA was a hot topic as we totally refreshed both the StoreOnce and StoreAll product lines.  Jake Ludington was in the Blogger Lounge doing short video interviews.  I asked Patrick Osborne to walk through the announcements with Jake.  Patrick is the Director of Product Management and Marketing for StoreOnce, StoreAll, and StoreEver and does a great job giving a summary of the BURA news in under 9 minutes! He and Jake got pretty geeky talking about StoreAll Express Query.


Hopefully you saw the ChalkTalks I did on each of these product enhancements but here they are again for you:

There's also a short video with David Scott talking BURA - so go to the blog to see the full post.

Some HP Discover love for HP StoreVirtual and software-defined storage

With all the announcements around HP 3PAR StoreServ, StoreOnce, and StoreAll at HP Discover I didn't want HP StoreVirtual and software-defined storage (SDS) to get lost in all the other news so today I have a couple of things around StoreVirtual and SDS to share with you. 


That said, it's not like StoreVirtual hasn't had a ton of enhancements over the last year.  We've rolled out a new version of the LeftHand OS that included sub-LUN tiering (we call it Adaptive Optimization), and we've rolled the entire hardware family to ProLiant Gen 8.  And if you watch this video with Kate Davis getting interviewed by Jake Ludington, she snuck some other news in.


The other relevant bit around HP StoreVirtual that I wanted to share with you is a white paper.  My HP Storage team in Italy wanted a white paper that gave an simple overview of HP StoreVirtual VSA in Italian.  They were talking to blogger Enrico Signoretti and I stepped in because I thought a paper like that in English would be a good overview.  I mentioned the blog post Enrico did in an HP Discover blogger recap I did yesterday.  His blog is titled Report: A hyper-converged infrastructure for the rest of us from HP (there's an Italian language version as well). 

There's more on the blog post so head over to it.

David Scott Q&A with HP Discover bloggers

David coffee talk Barca.jpgOne of the highlights at HP Discover are the coffee talks we do in the Discover Zone Blogger Lounge.  Many of the bloggers tell me that they love hearing from David Scott (SVP and GM of HP Storage) because he can switch from talking to the storage business to storage technology seamlessly. 


David joined the bloggers and I have a podcast of that session.  I had to audio recorders in the room and I've done a lot of editing to minimize the background noise - like the air conditioners that where working away in the background.  So if you here a bit of switching in sound levels, that's why.  Also, there was one question that was asked toward the end that was a topic covered extensively at the beginning (All-flash arrays) that I moved to that section.  Here's a rough outline of the flow:


00:00 - 13:00   Introductions, Announcement Overview, Progress at HP Storage

13:00 - 20:00   HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 All Flash Array

20:00 - 22:50   QoS and vCOPS integration with HP 3PAR

22:50 - 27:55   StoreVirtual VSA and appliances

27:55 - 31:15   StoreOnce Backup (VSA and appliances)

31:15 - 33:15   StoreVirtual development and futures

33:15 - 37:45   StoreOnce VSA update and Data Protector integration

37:45 - 40:25   Converged System and integration with storage

40:25 - 43:35   IBRIX technology and discussion on NAS

43:35 - end       Threats to storage



If you rather download this as a podcast, right click here and save the MP3 file. You can also subscribe to my podcast on iTunes - go to the iTunes store and search for "Around the Storage Block" or you can open this link and click on the "View in iTunes" button under my picture.

My HP Discover Experience via Twitter Timeline

CJZ Headshot fixed 150 x 150.jpgBy Calvin Zito, @HPStorageGuy  vexpert 2012 logo.gif


I found this really cool feature that Twitter now has where you can create a custom timeline and then share it either on Twitter or embedded on a web page.  So I've been collecting the best tweets from HP Discover (with a bit of a storage focus) and created this Twitter timeline to share with you.  I'll add to it as I find more tweets but wanted to share this with you.  The most recent tweets are on the top so you might want to start from the bottom and read from there.


HP is shutting down for the Christmas and New Year Holiday - I'll likely post a few blogs as there's still a lot I'd like to share with you from HP Discover but I wanted to take a moment now to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. 






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More from the bloggers at HP Discover Barcelona

Guidi in Barca.jpgI was planning on doing a single blog post pointing to the output of our HP Discover blogger crew but there were so many posts (and too many characters for my blog platform) that I had to break it in two.  So here are the rest of the blog posts from our bloggers in Barcelona.  If you missed part one that included all the storage bloggers and a few others, check it out.   


Martin MacLeod (UK)  blog | @martinmacleod Martin is a quiet, soft-spoken guy that has a delightfully snarky sense of humor.  And he's a wicked smart technologist too.

Andrea Cummins (Argentina) blog | @andreavt (Note: Spanish language blog posts) Wow - not sure where Andrea had the time to pump out all of these blog posts!  I always enjoy her attending HP Discover.

See the full blog post for more.

HP Discover Barcelona Bloggers - In their words

Sagrada Familia for blog.jpgTime to hear from someone besides me - and as is my tradition, I want to highlight the blog posts from our invited bloggers who joined us in Barcelona at HP Discover last week.  I miss my blogger friends so it's great to go back through their blog posts and "reconnect" with them through what they had to say about our event. 


There are a lot of blog posts already so I'll have another post with more shortly.  


One short note - I'm not highlighting every blog post but the ones that are focused on B2B IT solutions from our Enterprise Group.  So here's what I've found so far, some with a few comments from me.


Chris Evans (UK),  blog | Twitter @chrismevans There's no one in the world of tech blogging I have more respect for than Chris Evans.  I will always have a seat at any event I'm involved with for you. 

Robin Harris (US),  blog | @storagemojo If you don't know who StorageMojo is, you probably don't read storage blogs.  Thanks for coming to Barcelona Robin.

Enrico Signoretti (Italy) English Blog | Italian Blog | @esignoretti There's something wrong with an event where Enrico and I don't have sushi and we actually saw a couple sushi bars around Barcelona.  He's a leading storage blogger so check out his blog!

See the full blog post for more....

HP Converged Storage gaining momentum at HP Discover

There is a ton of great information that came out of HP Discover last week - and if I dribble videos out one at a time, it would probably take me until HP Discover next June to feed them all to you.  So I want to point you to a few of the videos in this blog post and over the coming days.  


HP Converged Storage gaining momentum

I did a video with Brad Parks talking about our vision HP Converged Storage and the "fruits of our labor".  I've told the story a couple of times but before sharing this video, I think it's worth repeating. 


About two years ago I was offered an early retirement from HP.  I had just hit 50 years old and I could have walked away from HP with a couple of years of salary.  I in fact got a call from a storage competitor asking me to consider working for them.  So I could have walked away with a pretty good chunk of change and a new job.  Obviously, I didn't.  And the reason I didn't is I couldn't be more excited about the opportunity that HP has with our portfolio.   Brad and I talk about the momentum that we're seeing with HP Storage - and this is exactly why I stayed.  It's a bit under 4 minutes but the story it tells is very impressive and I'm very proud to be a small part of it.


The full blog post has several other videos from HP Discover that I recommend you check out.

HP StoreAll Archive - announcement from HP Discover

With HP Discover last week, I tried as best I could to have ChalkTalks ready for all of our storage announcements.  And I almost made it!  I worked on the final ChalkTalk on my Newark to Barcelona flight but then realized I was missing my HP Storage ChalkTalk introduction video - that 8 seconds or so that is at the beginning of all my ChalkTalks.  I have a Z600 workstation that I use 99% of the time but that doesn't travel easily and I forgot to grab those files for my HP EliteBook engineering workstation. 


But better a couple days late than never - so here's the HP StoreAll Archive ChalkTalk. 

What's in an (AFA) name?

Just before the HP Discover Blogger Lounge was packed up, I did a podcast with Chris Wahl and Chris Evans.  I introduce them in the podcast so I won't do it here.  The reason I did this podcast with them is they both had written blog posts addressing their views on All Flash Arrays (AFAs).  The blog posts were:

The podcast with the two Chrises was a great conversation where we all agreed that customers need to focus on requirements.  Check it out on the full blog post.  You can also download it if you want to listen to it later. 




HP StoreOnce Get Protected Guarantee

HP Discover has closed its doors and I'll be on my way home from Barcelona in a few hours but I wanted to tell you about a new program we have called the StoreOnce Get Protected Guarantee.  Over the last two years, we've introduced the HP 3PAR Get Virtual Guarantee and Get Thin Guarantee .programs that help to remove the risk of moving to a modern architecture.   Our team has another top notch reason for you to take a hard look at a solution that can provide great value over legacy architectures. 


I need to get packed for the flight home so I'll let the ChalkTalk do the talking.  Here it is.

Reporting in from HP Discover

By Federica Monsone, A3 Communications, for HP Storage


FRED4.jpgAfter months of planning, conference calls, tweets and blog posts, HP Discover EMEA is a wrap. Here’s a look at I learned this week—insights, observations, revelations.  After getting to Barcelona on Monday and catching up with a few people at the hotel we shared, I travelled to the Fira Barcelona Gran Via with a few bloggers who were also staying at the Fira Palace hotel. Keen not to miss any of the action, we got to the venue before the Blogger Lounge had actually opened so we waited outside one of the halls. What is immediately apparent is the sheer size of the event. Spread over four halls, it offers a lot of content, more than anyone can take in over a few days. I was eager to experience it, especially since this is my first HP Discover.  Here goes.

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More StoreOnce, more!

This will be a short post on HP StoreOnce - which I did mention on Monday - but I have a new ChalkTalk that goes a bit deeper than the short mention of StoreOnce.  And I'm sure over the coming weeks I'll dive even deeper covering topics like Autonomic Failover, StoreOnce Catalyst, and more on StoreOnce deduplication.  They're going to be asking us to pack up and leave the Blogger Lounge soon so for now, I'll let my ChalkTalk do the talking.

HP Discover Barcelona: Virtual is one great way to go


By Melissa Saegert Elicker, editor, HP Storage

OK, sometimes I get to go to HP Discover. And sometimes I don’t. But not being in Barcelona has not kept me from keeping up with the big storage news announcements and other key events rolling out this week as I follow along on Twitter and catch announcement replays and videos online.

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More on HP 3PAR StoreServ and webcast

I'm in the Blogger Lounge at HP Discover taking a short break from the activities to post this.  It's a bit weird for it to be the middle of the afternoon here and knowing my family is still in bed about to get up and start their day.


Personally, I should be sleeping too - I was up for 36 straight hours (with a bit more than an hour "nap" on the flight over to Barcelona) - but my energy level is high because I love the opportunities I have at an event like HP Discover. 


Changing Nothing Risks Everything webcast
Firstly, I want to give you an easy way to watch the webcast I'm doing with David Scott (SVP and GM of HP Storage) and Jason Buffington (Sr. Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group).  You can sign into it from here on my blog and even watch it here.  This will really be worth your time so check it out!


In the full blog post, I also talk about the HP 3PAR StoreServ enhancements we announced - so head over to the full blog post to read about the details.

HP Storage Announcement from HP Discover

Well, it's a little bit warmer in Barcelona than it was in Boise, Idaho but that's not the reason I'm feeling warm all over.  If you've been following my blog for more than a few years, it's probably comes as no surprise that we have an HP Storage announcement today from HP Discover in Barcelona.  Actually, HP Discover doesn't start until tomorrow but we got the jump on the announcements and I have the details for you here.


I'll share a ChalkTalk with you that is about a 4 minute overview of our news and over the coming days - in between giving you a view

Top HP Discover Discussion: A New Style of IT Demands a New Approach to Backup, Recovery and Archive

By Brad Parks, Senior Manager, Go-to-Market Strategy & Messaging, HP Storage


Brad.jpgJust before heading off to HP Discover, I posted that serious shifts we are seeing in the IT industry have forced a tipping point. Continuing to rely on siloed, status quo storage isn’t just “doing nothing”—it’s risky behavior. I’d like to delve a little deeper into this topic by taking a look at how HP is tackling backup, recovery, and archive challenges. And continue the discussions this week at HP Discover.

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My storage session recommendations at HP Discover

CJZ Headshot fixed 150 x 150.jpgIn an earlier blog post, my storage colleague Pooja Desai-Singh provided a detailed overview of the exciting storage events coming up at HP Discover Barcelona – from our new product unveiling to David Scott’s storage keynote to scheduled sessions. As Pooja says: “Check it out.”


Now, before I finish packing my bag and heading off to Barcelona, I want to share a few of my session recommendations and highlight a few other activities I know you won’t want to miss.

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On the road to HP Discover: Changing Nothing Risks Everything


By Brad Parks, Senior Manager, Go-to-Market Strategy & Messaging, HP Storage


Brad.jpgChange isn’t easy, but there comes a point when the cost of maintaining the status quo becomes higher than the potential or perceived risks of making a change. Sometimes it requires vision and foresight to understand when change is needed. At other times it simply takes courage to do what you know is right, even if it means swimming against the tide. Silicon Valley legend and HP founding father Dave Packard once said “to remain static is to lose ground.” I'm on my way to HP Discover in Barcelona now, where we will reveal why change is an imperative. To get our discussion started...



Comparing and contrasting all flash arrays, including HP 3PAR StoreServ

I used to love Saturday Night Live in the late 70s and early 80s. As I write this blog post, I can't help but think of Steve Martin in character saying, "It just slipped my mind." I can only guess that as Vaughn Stewart wrote his blog post comparing a few all-flash arrays (AFAs), HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 just slipped his mind!  I've met Vaughn a few times but can't say I know him like many other competitors in the storage business.  He was a long-time NetApp evangelist and recently packed up his bags and headed over to Pure Storage.


In my opinion, it's a pretty big platform to forget.  And here on ATSB, we've talked about many of the architecture decisions that give HP 3PAR StoreServe a big advantage.  I'll get to that in a minute.  First, we took the liberty of taking what Vaughn had done and adding our HP 3PAR StoreServ AFA to the comparison:

AFA Comparison.png 

To see the full size image and read the rest of this article, see the full blog post.

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HP Discover Barcelona Blogger Roll Call

It roll call time again!  We're bringing another great group of bloggers to HP Discover in Barcelona and I want to let you know who they all are so you can follow their blogs and what they have to say on Twitter.


Events like this and getting together with other bloggers is a big highlight for me (and one of the reasons I tell people I have the best job at HP).  So here's who will be coming:



Another HP Tech Talk: Storage for small and midsize business

Last week, I shared an HP Tech Talk focused on software-defined storage with Kate Davis.  Today, I have another HP Tech Talk with SDRNews host Andy McCaskey.  The topic of this HP Tech Talk is storage for small and midsize business. 


A few weeks ago I shared a blog post that gave an update on HP Simply StoreIT - a program we have that is focused on storage for SMB's.  Shannah Thompson is the brains behind that program and I was able to get her to talk to Andy.  Here's the show:


We have a Simply StoreIT website that has tons more information for customers including an overview (be sure to check out the program overview brochure) and more details on each of the five solution areas - and if you want to learn more about each of those solutions, check out the Simply StoreIT Overview ChalkTalk I did that has links to all of the solutions.


And don't forget, if you haven't signed up for the December 9th webcast, do it now!




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