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Added functionality: HP Storage Plug-in for SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management 2.0

By Hasmig Samurkashian, HP Storage Solutions Marketing, and Ankit Jain, HP Storage Product Management


3PARStoreServ.jpgReady for some really good news? The HP Storage Plug-in for SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management (NW LVM) 2.0 has now been extended to support SAP NW LVM 2.0 across all major operating system environments running on HP storage products. The combination of SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management 2.0 plus HP 3PAR StoreServ provides our customers increased automation capabilities for physical and virtual SAP environments. Here’s why this really is such good news.

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Simply StoreIT solutions for Data Protection and Virtualization

I started this week with an overview of the announcements we made at our HP Global Partner Conference. In that post, I pointed you to the updated Simply StoreIT Overview ChalkTalk.  I'll end GPC week with one final update of interest to small and midsized businesses.  


HP Simply StoreIT is for SMBs with a focus on solutions for virtualization, backup and data protection, file sharing, Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server.  The goal is to help you, via channel partners, quickly find the storage solution that best fits your business. 


The foundation of Simply StoreIT is to identify where you are in your IT journey: starting out, building momentum, or expanding your business.  And armed with that information, its easy to determine what  product can best address your needs.  I'd suggest if you didn't see the overview ChalkTalk I mentioned at the start, you take a look at that.  Also, I'll point you to the Simply StoreIT program overview (PDF) if you want to learn more. 


You will be interested in the free "Get Protected Guarantee" Backup Assessment.  It does require registration but I think it's worth it.   When you take the assessment it includes:

  • Backup window details
  • Successful vs. failed backup details
  • Retention times
  • Daily data backed up


Why is HP 3PAR StoreServ selling like hotcakes?


I love hotcakes! When I was a child, I looked forward to opportunities I had to stay over night at my Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary's house.  Uncle Jim was a cook in the army during World War II and made the best hotcakes I've ever had.  It used to be a contest to see how many I could eat.  Now these weren't tiny hotcakes but probably 6-8" in diameter.  I remember one time I ate 23 and that was the record. 


Why did I want them so much - because he had some secret ingredients he put into this hotcakes that made them stand out head and shoulders above any others.  I feel the same way about HP 3PAR StoreServ.  And I've been talking about my confidence in our portfolio and that things were going to turn around.  Well, my patience has paid off.  Neither me or anyone else at HP Storage is doing a victory lap but I can't help but feel great about what's been happening. 


I have a podcast with Chris Champagne.  Chris was the first 3PAR representative in Canada and continues to be a leader in HP Storage in Canada.  Chris sent me an email a few weeks ago showing me the IDC Q4 2013 STorage Tracker, for Mid-Range SAN Storage Revenue for Canada.  The results blew me away and I told Chris we had to do a podcast to talk about it.  In the podcast we talk about more than the results so give it a listen. 

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HP StoreOnce Backup update from GPC

Earlier this week, I told you that there would be several blog posts with our news from the Global Partner Conference and I have more today, this time an update to HP StoreOnce Backup.  The update to StoreOnce is straight-forward and I didn't do a ChalkTalk focused on it so I'll tell you about what's new and then share with you a ShortTake, and a bonus ChalkTalk. 


What's new with StoreOnce?

Customers requiring mid-range deduplication appliance scaling greater than 36TB were required to purchase the HP StoreOnce 4700 Backup System - until now. By adding a new drive enclosure option featuring a 4TB drive shelf to the HP StoreOnce 4500 Backup System, customers can now make a lower initial investment and still gain the capacity headroom to expand the 4500  more than 3x previous limits. Drive enclosures will now support any mix of 2TB or 4TB drives up to 12 drives per shelf and a maximum of three shelves, with total support for 124 TB of usable capacity.




Updates to HP StoreEasy from GPC

I'm continuing my series of blog posts about the news from our HP Global Partner Conference happening this week in Las Vegas.  I'm having Vegas withdrawals as I haven't been there since June 2013.  Not that Vegas gets me excited but it is an easy flight for me and I found some great off strip restaurants that I really enjoy.  But enough of Missing Las Vegas - lets dive in!


Here you can take a look at ATSB ShortTake #3 - if you head over to the full blog post, there's also a new ChalkTalk and audio you can listen to for the ShortTake.  So head over to the full blog post. 

Introducing the MSA 1040

Early today I had a blog post giving an overview of our announcement at the HP Global Partner Conference.  In this post, I want to dive a bit into the MSA 1040, the newest member of the MSA family.


I have a new ChalkTalk and a ShortTake on this blog post with more information so head over to the full blog post to check it out!



Storage made easier for small and midsize business

Today is the first day of the HP Global Partner Conference in Las Vegas and with the start of GPC comes news from HP Storage.  Over the next few blog posts, I'll give you details on everything being announced but for this post, I'll give you a high level overview. 


If you head over to the full blog post, you can read about the new MSA 1040, updates to the number 1 NAS platform under $10,000 - HP StoreEasy, and an update to HP StoreOnce.  And since everything we've announced fits nicely under Simply StoreIT, our program designed for small and midsize business, I'll include my new Simply StoreIT ChalkTalk.  And again, go to the full blog post and check back this week to get the details on the news.

ESG analyst impressions from 2014 HP Analyst Summit

ESG AIS Video.pngHP recently held our Industry Analyst Summit (IAS) - this is event where all of HP comes together to give industry analysts a view into what HP is doing, how we're doing it, and where we're going.  ESG was one of the many analyst firms that was invited but is a bit unique in that they focus on storage.  


I just came across a video blog (vblog) ESG did talking about their impressions of what they heard with a focus on HP Storage.  Good stuff and I think nails what I see inside the walls of HP.   I've in fact been talking about how confident I am about where HP and specifically HP Storage is going and my confidence has been bolstered by a number of articles I've seen talking about HP Storage leading the turn around of HP and the market share gains we've been making, especially with HP 3PAR StoreServ. 

(Click on the image to see the video or go to the full blog post).

Delivering Mission Critical support in storage – routine for HP

By Michael Ryan, Services Segment Manager – Storage


Michael Ryan_MG_9161.jpgSome suppliers believe mission critical support is all about rapid response when something goes wrong. They’re partially right. I take a lot of comfort in living very close to a firehouse. But despite the assurance of a rapid response, I’d really prefer not be to on fire.  It’s the proactive that prevents incidents that can cost your organization lost business, reputation, and even jobs. The reactive, while still critically important, is best positioned as your second line of defense against the unanticipated.


NSX from HP

HP-VMW-ElephantFlows-5.jpgOne of the topics I've wanted to explore is VMware NSX - network virtualization or software-defined networking (SDN).  At VMware Partner Exchange, I grabbed a couple of guys from HP Networking to get an overview of what NSX is and what HP is doing with NSX and SDN.  This is a really good intro to the topic so check it out!  To listen to this excellent podcast, go to the full blog post!

Reporting in from HIMSS 2014: IT and healthcare take center stage

By Darren Armstrong, Storage Sales Specialist, Enterprise Group, HP Canada


HIMMS_Conference.jpgI recently had the opportunity to attend the premier annual event for the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society: HIMSS, held this year in Orlando, Florida on February  23-27. 


Here are some day-by-day highlights of the event – with insights into the important role technology is playing in healthcare.


Vote for the top VMware blogs

top-vblog-2014-2-crop-300x180.pngJust a short post today to make sure you're aware of the voting for the top VMware blogs happening over at  That blog is a great resource for anyone (which is 80% of IT) using VMware.  It was started by my friend and now HP colleague Eric Siebert.  Eric spent over 20 years as an end user and had started vsphere-land a while ago. 


Last year, ATSB was voted the number 26 blog - that put our blog into some great company.  The only thing I was kicking myself about was I forgot to vote and Eric told me I would have been number 25 if I had.  Oh well.  I did vote this year and would encourage you to vote for your favorite VMware blogs.  Obviously I don't talk about VMware on every blog but I hope that blogs I've done (like the recent blog that demos HP 3PAR StoreServ integration with vCenter Operations or vCOPS) is the kind of content that at put me on the map with other great VMware blogs.


Here's where you can vote and vote soon as Eric told me the voting will close soon!

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HP 3PAR StoreServ in South Africa

P1030801.JPGIn my previous blog post, I told you a bit about my trip to South Africa that included a trip to Kruger National Park and a podcast with HP Storage partner Aptronics.  If you haven't seen it, the discussion with Aptronics was really good and the videos and pictures I got of the the wildlife at Kruger is amazing.  I wanna go back soon!


Today I have another podcast - this time with HP Storage partner SYSDBA.  SYSDBA has an interesting story - they didn't originally have expertise in storage.  They were looking at how to grow their business and after looking at 3PAR (long before HP acquired it), they became the exclusive partner in South Africa for 3PAR.  Here's the podcast with SYSDBA.


You cam download this podcast with right click here and save the MP3 file or head over to the full blog post where there's more info and you can listen to the podcast there. 

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