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VMware VMUG explained - Danish style!

The next few weeks are going to be incredible for me.  HP Discover is just around the corner and that is a great time being at the event with our customers, partners, HP colleagues, and the indie bloggers. 


Liseolette and Calvin.jpgThe day after Discover ends, I jump on an airplane for a trip to Europe.  I'll be mixing work and pleasure stopping in Germany, Paris, Italy, and Denmark.  Denmark is what started the whole thing - I was asked to speak at the Denmark VMUG (VMware Users Group) meeting in Copenhagen by the Denmark VMUG leader Liselotte Foverskov.  I got to meet up with Liselotte a couple of weeks ago when I was in Las Vegas for the 72 Hours of Yes we did.  She was gracious to do a podcast with me and in it she talks a bit about VMUG and more specifically what they do at the Denmark VMUG.  Go to the post to listen to the podcast.




Speaking of HP Discover, we have a webcast on June 10 from Las Vegas - it will be a group of customers in a panel discussion and I think you'll find it very interesting.  You can register by clicking here or on the image.   Have a great weekend!


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HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage: Bringing Tier-1 innovation to the midrange market

By Aravindan Gopalakrishnan, HP 3PAR Product Manager


3PARJ.jpgHP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage has certainly shaken things up in the midrange SAN storage market over the past year. The impressive market share gains and recent spate of industry awards are testimony to that. (In a recent blog post, HPStorageGuy Calvin Zito describes how 3PAR StoreServ is selling like hotcakes.) 


Our customers are taking advantage of the Tier-1 data services available in the 7000, including two unique innovations that set 3PAR StoreServ 7000 apart from any other midrange arrays in the market today:

  • Persistent technologies that power 3PAR StoreServ 7000 in delivering high availability Tier-1 resiliency with Persistent Cache, Persistent Ports and Peer Persistence
  • HP 3PAR Priority Optimization software that enables service levels for applications or tenants with a flexible priority policy

Read on to see how the 3PAR StoreServ 7000 truly delivers on its promise of Tier-1 storage at midrange prices.

Software-Defined Storage at HP Discover 2014

By Kate Davis, @KateAtHP, WW Marketing Manager, HP Software-Defined Storage


SDS1.jpgThere’s just a couple of weeks left until HP Discover in Las Vegas. If you haven’t already started perusing the session catalog now’s the time to do that. I wanted to share with you all what sessions and demos we will have that are focused on Software-Defined Storage. We will have a bunch of product experts in attendance delivering Discover theater sessions, business and technical breakouts, hands-on labs, demos and a discussion forum. Check out this article for the full run down.

Storage Happenings at HP Discover with eAgenda

P1100175.JPGWith HP Discover around the corner in Las Vegas from June 10-12, I wanted to let you know how you can get the most out of the storage happenings there - and as in the past, there is a lot. 


The Big 3

What are the big 3?  The storage keynote, the booth ceremony and our storage party.  These are not to be missed!


The storage keynote is hosted by SVP and GM of HP Storage David Scott.  The title is Say "yes" to change! Why customers are moving to HP Storage and is session #TK4190.  Our keynote essentially kicks off HP Discover on Tuesday at 10 AM. 


Join us in the Discover Zone on Tuesday night at 6:30 PM where we'll have a special booth ceremony.  If you attend the keynote and come to the Discover Zone booth ceremony, you'll have a chance to win one of 10 Beats by Dr. Dre wireless headphones.  But you'll need to be at the keynote to get those details.


If you haven't ever attended an HP Storage party, they are sick!  My 15 year old son is using "sick" all the time now and has me in the habit too but I think it describes our party pretty well.  Come to the storage  keynote and the booth ceremony to get the details and your way into the party on Tuesday night.

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Memorial Day Tribute

It's Memorial Day in the U.S. and I have a very personal story that I've shared before on my blog that I want to share again today.  It's the story of my Dad who was a veteran of World War II and arrived in Germany a couple of months after D-Day.  My Dad was captured and held as a POW in Germany until he escaped a few days before Germany was liberated.  It's a pretty amazing story - one that I always thought would be a great movie - and even more amazing because it's my Dad's story. 


In so many ways, that period of time that was just over 6 months long re-defined his life.  The example he set of over 10,000 volunteer hours with our hometown VA hospital was a selfless act of dedication that I'll never forget.


My Dad died back in 2005 - in fact I was at HP Tech Forum (our event before it was renamed HP Discover) when I got a call from my wife very early in the morning to tell me my Dad had passed away.  As a tribute to him and veterans who serve their country, I wanted to again share his story with you.  You can find it on my blog titled "Remembering a Hero". 

Securing backup data with HP StoreOnce

If you've noticed, we've been running two weekly series here on ATSB: 3PAR Thursday and BURA Sunday.  This was an ingenious idea on my part to get other people contributing to the blog.  If you haven't seen some of these really good posts from our experts, you should take a look at them. 


I've let the StoreOnce team take a break this Sunday (even though most of the team is in the UK and it's a long weekend here in the U.S.).  For our BURA Sunday post today, I have a ShortTake on security for HP StoreOnce.  Since the guys on the StoreOnce team did the ShortTake, I told them I'd be happy to post it for them today.  And besides that, Ken Brockelman who you'll hear in this ShortTake, is also enjoying a long, Memorial Day weekend. 


As with other ShortTakes, I have the audio you can listen to and slides you can click through.  To listen to the audio, head over to the full blog post.





HP RDX Removable Disk Backup System ShortTake

We've had a couple of blog posts about the HP RDX Removable Disk Backup System  recently from the RDX team. I like the new ShortTake format I have because all I have do to is a little post production so I wanted to share with you the RDX ShortTake from the team.  Here's the ShortTake.

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The cloud revolution marches on – with HP 3PAR StoreServ and OpenStack

By Ivan Iannaccone, 3PAR StoreServ Product Management


OpenStack1.jpgIt’s been an interesting month what with the HP announcement of Helion and the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta. I was thinking that it’s good to remind folks how HP 3PAR is playing an important role in the cloud revolution to offer you the perfect choice for your enterprise hybrid cloud.  Why HP 3PAR StoreServ and OpenStack?


HP 3PAR is committed to bringing enterprise-class storage to OpenStack Ecosystems. OpenStack is primarily deployed as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution that in order to be truly successful requires an infrastructure with a storage architecture that enables IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS). HP 3PAR Storage is the only storage platform in the industry that can meet the demands of the modern data center because it’s built for virtualization, cloud and ITaaS.

Don't let unreliable data protection jeopardize your company reputation

By Andrew Dickerson, Senior Marketing Manager, HP Storage Backup, Recovery, and Archive Solutions


Campaign.jpgA little bit of risk can be a good thing. If companies never took chances, business would stagnate. But the last thing you want to do is gamble with your company's reputation by not adequately protecting your data. So how do you do that when your business operations span the globe?


One of our customers, a logistics company with nearly 1,200 remote sites, has struggled to answer this question. Each branch or remote office must keep important customer data on site. The company had to find a reliable way to protect this huge amount of data, without overstretching its IT budget or overflowing backup windows. To tackle these challenges, the logistics company turned to the HP StoreOnce Backup solution.  Here's how HP StoreOnce helped the company deliver increased agaility, reduced risk and reduced costs.


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HP Storage has more ways to say YES!

Gorilla Suit 72 Hours of Yes.pngWe had a ton of fun granting requests at our 72 Hours of Yes campaign at EMC World in Las Vegas. Outfitting someone in a pink gorilla suit isn't my strength or what we focus on in HP Storage, so I wanted to bring 72 Hours of Yes home to storage.


When it comes to storage, HP says “Yes” every day. Consider the case of a video surveillance customer, whose staff make digital recordings.  They are storing lots of images and videos and that means data piles up fast. HP 3PAR StoreServ helps the company get a handle on all that data by making storage more efficient, easier to manage, and scalable. 


Say “Yes” to lower CAPEX and OPEX
Because 3PAR StoreServ enables the video surveillance company to use its storage more efficiently, they invest in fewer storage drives, lowering CAPEX. And the ease of operation means fewer resources are needed to deploy and manage their storage, reducing OPEX. Taken together, these advantages can dramatically lower the total cost of ownership.

StoreOnce Catalyst: fast backup and recovery with more flexibility and choice

By Andrew Dickerson, Senior Marketing Manager, Backup, Recovery, and Archive Solutions, HP Storage


Last weekend our BURA Sunday blog asked the question:

Did you sleep well last night? Or were you lying awakeT-storeonce_family__226x160--C-tcm245-1527483--CT-tcm245-1237012-32.jpg wondering whether you would be able to recover your data in the case of a system failure?”


This Sunday, we are turning our attention once again to HP StoreOnce and a feature that will resolve your concerns: HP StoreOnce Catalyst. We’ll start by asking you another question: Are you dealing with ever-increasing pressure to meet SLAs? The answer comes in the way HP StoreOnce Catalyst brings you more flexibility and more choice.

3PAR makes dinosaurs extinct

By Matthew Morrissey, 3PAR Product Marketing Manager, HP Storage


3PAR_StoreServ_308x220_tcm245_1534349_tcm245_1526754_tcm245-1534349.jpgLast week, I covered how ITaaS and Cloud environments change the game for storage—and why traditional Tier-1 architectures look increasingly like dinosaurs because they have failed to adapt to a changing reality. This week, I’m focusing on why we believe HP 3PAR StoreServ is the only solution on the market capable of delivering all these modern Tier-1 requirements to your rapidly changing IT environment:


  • Resiliency and massive consolidation
  • Ability to manage unpredictable growth
  • Secure multitenancy
  • Self-configuring self-optimizing, and self-tuning storage
  • Optimized asset utilization
  • Nondisruptive, federated data mobility

One final Yes from EMCWorld

The last couple of weeks has been a whirlwind.  And as I look back at the last half of dozen blog posts here on ATSB and I see I didn't write one of them!  Wow  - it's great having experts from our HP 3PAR StoreServ and HP StoreOnce teams helping go deeper on the blog. 


Last week, I was in Las Vegas - my first trip there since HP Discover last June - helping with our 72 Hours of Yes.  My colleague Melissa Elicker posted a few blogs talking about 72 Hours of Yes but I think it would be fun to post a blog giving you a look at the Twitter timeline.  If you click over to the blog post, the Twitter timeline is embedded but here's a link to it on Twitter.  I had a great time sitting in the back office we had with our team evaluating the Tweets and saying "yes". 



The McCabes with Kate.jpg72 Hours of Yes podcast


I also wanted to share with you a podcast I did.  Mike McCabe works for Varonis - a partner that was at EMCWorld.  Mike joined Twitter and asked for a shopping trip for his wife.  It's a great story and I asked Mike if I could do a podcast with him.  His perspective gives you a good look into the buzz that 72 Hours of Yes created. Go to the blog post to listen to the podcast!


The picture is with a Kate Middleton "look alike" who helped the McCabes with their shopping spree - well, Mike's wife.  Mike had to carry his computer bag while his wife was treated to the shopping spree!


Rest easy with HP StoreOnce and the Get Protected Guarantee free backup assessment

By Tillman Walker, Technical Marketing Engineering Manager, BURA


T-storeIT-icon2__220x160--C-tcm245-1601815--CT-tcm245-1237012-32.jpgIt’s Sunday and that means it’s time for another BURA blog, focused on our backup, recovery and archive products and solutions. But weekend or not, did you sleep well last night? Or were you lying awake wondering whether you would be able to recover your data in the case of a system failure? We have a cure for that.

New requirements for modern Tier-1 storage driven by ITaaS/Cloud environments

By Matthew Morrissey, 3PAR Product Marketing Manager, HP Storage



This 3PAR Thursday, we turn the discussion to traditional Tier-1 storage and why it is no longer adequate for rapidly changing environments. 


New service delivery models are creating new modern Tier-1 storage requirements that reflect the inherently unpredictable change of Tier-1 storage architecture. It is critical that all storage systems meet these requirements in order to be ready for the new IT world of virtualization, ITaaS and new cloud services delivery models. 


The big question: how do you deliver predicable service levels in this unpredictable world? The answer is: you need modern storage that combines traditional product attributes of performance, scalability and reliability with exceptional agility and efficiency. Here’s how we believe you can achieve that.

72 Hours of Yes – it’s wrapping up on a positive note

By Melissa Saegert Elicker, editor, HP Storage


Yes.jpegLast call for your requests!  @72hoursofyes requests are being accepted up until 7pm today (that’s Wednesday, May 7). HP has proven we’re up to the challenge. Now it’s up to you to close out this final day with the most inventive, creative, fun-filled, thoughtful and memorable request you can think of. Don’t wait, just ask. Tweet your request to #72hoursofyes. 


72 Hours of Yes – it’s one for the books

 By Melissa Saegert Elicker, editor, HP Storage


Yes_street3J.jpgThey came, they asked, they received. Everything from helicopter rides and the Beatles LOVE show by Cirque du Soleil, to a pink gorilla suit. EMC World attendees are embracing our 72 Hours of Yes in a big way.


All in all, #72hoursofyes is getting a big thumb’s up. And there’s more time for more yes! If you’re at EMC World and you haven’t made a request yet, what are you waiting for?


The clock is still ticking today. Check the rules Then tweet your request to #72hoursofyes. Who knows? You may get what you ask for. Read on to see some of the fantastic requests we've fulfilled!


72 Hours of Yes - it’s as easy as 3-2-1-YES!

By Melissa Saegert Elicker, editor, HP Storage


Yes.jpegThere’s a positive vibe coming out of Las Vegas this week, as 72 Hours of Yes rolls out across the EMC World conference.


Here’s how it works: EMC World attendees are invited to make a request via Twitter. Anything from a helicopter ride to spa treatment to show tickets and…you get the idea. The Yes Team receives the requests and gets to work on fulfilling them (the ones that are within reason). Read on to see some of the requests being fulfilled! 72 Hours of Yes continues in full swing today. We’ll keep you posted here as things progress.


And if you’re reading this and you’re at EMC World, tweet your request with #72hoursofYes and follow @72HoursofYes. Check out the rules here: ‪ And remember, anything can happen in Vegas. All you have to do is ask.


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Data protection the HP StoreOnce way

By Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HP Storage


Today, we're kicking off our BURA Sunday blog series. Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean backup takes time off! First topic up: data protection. 


StoreOnce_Fam_28302x220_29_tcm245_1527260_tcm245_1508742_tcm245-1527260.jpgData protection systems have a simple goal—to move data from primary storage to secondary storage as quickly and securely. Implementing the steps required to achieve this seemingly simple goal is where the data protection process has become significantly more complicated. Building on our long history of helping you protect your data, we identified key data protection challenges that affect nearly all organizations in one way or another. HP StoreOnce Backup systems are designed specifically to address key data protection challenges.


Making the move from EMC to HP 3PAR StoreServ easy

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post titled "Replacing EMC with HP 3PAR StoreServ".  That post had a lot of really good reasons why HP 3PAR is having great success based on market accolades. If you didn't see it, check it out. 


One of the big issues with moving to a new array is the cost of data migration.  In fact, published some research on the cost of storage array migration and stated that the total cost of migration is 54% of the cost of a typical $300,000 array.  I would venture a guess that with lower cost midrange arrays, the cost of data migration is higher than 54%. 


My colleague Ivan Iannaccone talked about this new Online Import software in a blog post yesterday - today, I want to share with you a ChalkTalk I have that shows you the software. 



72 Hours of Yes in the Land of No


72hoursofyes_lockup_horizontal.jpgIf you’re attending EMC World in Las Vegas, you’ll be living in the land of no. As in no Tier-1 capabilities at a mid-range price. No 8X faster provisioning. And no guarantees like HP Storage. So if you happen to find yourself there, instead of taking no for an answer, look to HP for some yes.


Throughout the conference, HP will counter EMC’s no with 72 Hours of Yes. Our HP Yes Team will encourage EMC World attendees to ask for something they’d really like to do while they’re in Vegas. They’ll tweet us their requests to #72HoursOfYes, asking for anything from VIP restaurant access to a high-speed NASCAR ride-along. From the sublime to the extreme, all requests will be considered, as long as they are legal.


As the tweets come in, the Yes Team will go into action, fulfilling as many requests as possible in 72 hours. All the fun and excitement will be captured and shared, so follow us @72HoursOfYes.


HP 3PAR Online Import for EMC Storage: so you can stop living in the land of NO!

By Ivan Iannaccone, 3PAR StoreServ Product Management



Today we announced HP 3PAR Online Import support for migrating data from EMC VNX and EMC CLARiiON CX4 arrays to HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage. If you are stuck in the land of NO, the transition to HP 3PAR StoreServ just got so much easier. You know the land of NO!  It’s the legacy data center with no common array operating system across midrange, high-end and all-flash. No 8X faster provisioning—and no guarantees like HP 3PAR StoreServ. Say YES! to learning more, as I go into more detail in this 3PAR Thursday blog post.


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