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Off to the races at VMworld

CartoonCalvin100X100.JPG  By Calvin Zito


I don't recommend waiting until 10 PM the night before to pack for a 5:30 AM flight the next morning.  I hit a few speed bumps trying to get everything I needed together for VMworld and was up until 1:30 AM and got up at 3:30 AM to head to the airport.  Uggggggh!  I was ready for a nap a 8 AM!


But a couple of things while I'm here:



    • Check out the blog post over on our HP Reality Check: Server Insights for a chance to win electronic Starbuck's gift cards.  I'm wondering if I'm eligible to win as I could use a Starbuck's drip line right about now.
    • Thank you to the kind folks at the Hotel Palomar, a block from VMworld.  I got into SFO at 6:15 AM, took BART into the city and was at my hotel by 7:15 AM.  They checked me into my room and they are now my favorite hotel.  I'm thinking nap sometime shortly after lunch.
    • I attended the "Introduction to Virtualization" session this morning an learned a lot.  Unfortunately, all but one of the other sessions I wanted to attend today are full and thus, I have time to give a quick update from VMworld.
    • I just learned about a "Meet-up" at In-N-Out Burger on Wednesday night.  As a recovering Californian, no trip to the sunshine state is complete without a stop at In-N-Out!  I want mine "animal style".
    • There's a Tweet-up tonight at VMworld.  I had the forsight to sign up as a "maybe", thinking I might be a bit tired tonight but I'll do my best to be there and I will be wearing my HPstorageGuy polo!



That's it for now from VMworld!

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Data Protector for VMware podcast

By Calvin Zito CartoonCalvin100X100.JPG


An often overlooked gem in HP's storage portfolio is HP Data Protector.  I sat down to talk data protection of virtual machines and more specifically of VMware with Billy Naples, the HP Data Protector Product Marketing Manager.  Billy knows data protection and this was a fun discussion for me to have, especially with VMworld next week. 



If you have any issues with the embedded player, click here to listen to the podcast.   


Here are a few links where you can learn more about HP Data Protector:



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VMworld is almost here!

By Calvin Zito  CartoonCalvin100X100.JPG




Next week is VMworld in San Francisco - and as the number one partner of VMworld, HP will have a big presence at the event.  Are you surprised to hear that HP is the number one partner?  Here are a few "fun facts":



    • We have more server models certified for VMware than any other vendor
    • HP StorageWorks has more certified storage systems on VMware than any other vendor
    • HP StorageWorks systems on VMware span SMB to Enterprises and include SAS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel shared storage technologies.  
    • We are also the only VMware certified solution that takes disks or direct attached storage systems in an ESX server and turn them into a virtual SAN with HP LeftHand Virtual SAN Appliance.
    • HP and EDS have more VMware certified professionals (VCPs) -768-- than anyone except VMware



I'll be there tweeting and blogging with some other colleagues.  You can follow all of us: @ProLiant,  @BladeNews@TSatHP@HPITOps, and yours truly, @HPStorageGuy.  We'll be using the hashtag #HPVMW to help you find what we have to say.  Use it your self and join the conversation!


If you are going to be there, drop me a tweet or leave a comment.  To help you find me, here's what my HPstorageGuy polo shirt looks like:


HPStorageGuy Logoware.jpg 


If you can't travel to VMWorld, you can get all of the latest buzz from us at


Lastly, here are a few of the HP sessions at VMworld that you might consider that I'll also be attending:



    • "Stop Virtualizing Servers, Start Virtualizing Infrastructure", with HP EVP Ann Livermore (Session ID SS5150, Tuesday at 9:30 AM


    • "VDI to the edge: deploying virtual desktops to remote and branch offices", with Adam Carter from our HP LeftHand (Session ID SV2493, Wednesday at 4 PM)


    • "Conquering Costs and Complexity in a Virtualized Environment: Research and Case Studies" with IDC Research Vice President Michelle Bailey (Session ID VM5401, Wednesday at 10 AM)



Look for a few blog posts from VMworld next week and look me up if your there.


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Delivering on the promise of storage automation

By Nimish Shelat, Product Manager for HP Storage Essentials Storage Resource Management software

I wrote in July on the developments the storage software group has been doing.  I followed up with how Storage Essentials SRM software can help manage storage in a virtual environment (Link Here).  But I realized I left off some of the fundamentals - I get so caught up in this stuff I forget not everyone lives and breathes it as I do!  So let me back up a bit.

The HP Storage Essentials (SE) software suite is a comprehensive storage resource management (SRM) solution that simplifies management of heterogeneous enterprise storage environment via storage provisioning, metering, and customized reporting, business application and backup monitoring, and end-to-end performance management.

Storage Essentials is a key component of the HP Business Service Automation (BSA) suite, which enables integrated automation of the entire IT service including applications, servers, network, and storage infrastructure.  The integrated suites allow customers to discover and baseline their service infrastructure and manage its operations to enable service performance, availability, and improved IT agility.

Today I want to build on my last post and talk a bit more about delivering on the promise of automation......

We have noticed that in most enterprise customer environments typical IT service involves many components like applications, servers, network, and storage. Each service has multiple configurations and interdependencies and is managed by different teams using disparate management systems.  Customers with such an interconnected IT infrastructure require multiple IT systems and teams to collaborate in a coordinated, process-oriented approach to be effective.

Making a simple task such as provisioning new storage to an application is typically a multi-step process that requires that several teams work together.  I've seen it look like this:

The storage team needs to create new storage volume and assign it to the server

  • The server team needs to create the server logical volumes and/or file systems to use the new storage

  • And finally the DBA or the application administrator needs to assign the new storage to the appropriate application

In the same way, typical ITIL-defined change processes for storage infrastructure require coordination across multiple systems and teams, like this:

  • The storage team scopes the changes to the storage domain-including the host-based storage resources that would be potentially impacted

  • The storage team inputs this data into a change management system as a Request for Change

  • The Change Advisory Board (or the IT service managers) evaluates service impact of the proposed changes to plan/schedule the change

  • Upon approval from the Change Advisory Board, the storage team executes the change

  • The storage team updates the change management system with the executed changes

  • The IT service manager updates the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to reflect the new state of the IT service-with the changed infrastructure and its configuration and interrelationships

All of these processes although critical are executed manually today.  This puts a lot of pressure on the customer who must manually integrate the systems and coordinate the end-to-end process.  Automation can help with the challenges associated with such a manual method. 

As I discussed last month, HP's storage automation software suite is designed specifically to streamline these manual process.  The suite is comprised of HP Storage Essentials Storage Resource Management software and the newly released Storage Essentials Performance Edition.  

There's another cool product that further enables end-to-end storage automation--HP Operations Orchestration runbook automation.  These two products offer a tight integration that automates storage provisioning, thereby reducing manual, error-prone IT management processes.  This solution offers many virtualization-centric workflows that integrate server, storage, and network tasks in the virtualized environment. Check it out for yourself here.

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New format - podcast

  By Calvin Zito


We wanted to try a new format with our blog so I'm happy to share this podcast with you today.  We'll still post written blogs but we'll also mix in podcasts now and then.



Today's discussion is with Lee Johns.  Lee is the Director of Marketing for our Unified Storage Division.  Lee and I discussed a blog post that we had seen from George Crump, a storage analyst at Storage Switzerland.  George talked about storage applications "like thin provisioning, snapshot, replication and other capabilities" and wondered why customers can't just buy this software capabilities and run it on their hardware.  That's what Lee and I discussed in this podcast.  Let me know if you like the format.



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True beauty with HP StorageWorks and Ocarina Networks

By Pete Brey, WW Extreme Storage Business Development Manager

As you may have noticed the HP StorageWorks Scalable NAS team has been rather busy lately. The acquisition of IBRIX Software closed last week and just this Monday Ocarina Networks put out a press release about Ocarina’s ECOsystem software being resold through HP as an offering for our Scalable NAS products.  

Great software on great hardware – it’s a beautiful thing! So what is it that these two great software offerings bring to the table, you ask? Performance and capacity optimized storage, of course. Bringing IBRIX into the HP NAS portfolio extends our offerings with data protection, high availability features and data management services for extreme scale-out, cloud and high performance computing deployments. IBRIX excels in high performance file serving environments with the ability to share storage and span a name space across multi-petabyte systems.

Now multi-petabyte systems are great when you have zillions of files that need to be stored but so is a multi-petabyte system that is optimized so that in the same space tens of zillions can be contained. This is where Ocarina’s ECOsystem software adds its value to our NAS products. The ECOsystem software transforms your storage with its content-aware storage optimization that compresses data up to 10:1 with added features such as deduplication, ECOsnap snapshots, and its own global name space capability. The unique thing about our reseller partnership is that HP can run the ECOsystem software right on our NAS nodes, further optimizing your infrastructure. Now there aren’t too many storage vendors out there who can talk about that now, are there?

HP StorageWorks NAS, IBRIX, and Ocarina - this truly is a beautiful thing! Look for more beautiful things to come from HP StorageWorks in the near future.

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