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HP LTFS and LTO-5 with StorageDNA : Voyage to the bottom of the sea!

James Cameron is an award-winning director known for films like Avatar and Titanic.  He's also becoming well known for the documentary work that he's doing too.  On March 26, 2012, he made a record-breaking solo dive to the earth's deepest point.  The project with National Geographic is called the DEEPSEA CHALLENGE. 


In today's podcast, I talk with LTFS product marketing manager Simon Watkins about how this project used StorageDNA with HP LTO-5 tape and LTFS based workflow solution to support the this incredible voyage to the bottom of the sea.  I think its an very interesting story.  


Here's the podcast with Simon:

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Bladed storage: The truth of the matter

D2200sb_and Blade.pngOur returning guest blogger Kate Davis is on a mission to ferret out the truth when it comes to blade storage claims. It seems bladed storage is in the news again this week and we are glad to say: Hey Dell, welcome to the party! Though you are arriving a bit late.


HP has been shipping bladed storage for many years now and in particular our enterprise-class bladed array, the LeftHand P4800 SAN for BladeSystem, launched its second generation back in March 2010. Two-and-a-half years and more than 22 petabytes later, here we are with our first competitor. And now some questions about how the testing was done. Follow Kate on Twitter: @KateAtHP

VAAI for HP 3PAR storage performance whitepaper

3PAR VAAI Perf.pngLast week I found a white paper talking about VAAI on the P9500 and wrote a blog post based on it.  Today, I found a whitepaper titled "Reduce resource and storage bandwidth consumption - simplify and significantly" with a subtitle of "VMware vSphere VAAI for the HP 3PAR Storage performance benefits".  It has a great introduction to the VAAI primitives that can help improve performance so I thought I'd reproduce that for you on this blog post. 


Introduction to VAAI


The vSphere Storage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) are one of the storage application programming interface (API) sets in vSphere 5.0. VAAI is an API that storage partners can leverage to enhance performance of virtual machine (VM) management operations by delegating these operations to the storage array. With hardware offload, ESXi hosts may perform certain operations faster and consume less host CPU and memory resources, storage fabric, and network bandwidth. VAAI includes high performance and scalable VM data path primitives. HP introduced VAAI support for the HP 3PAR Storage products starting with the HP 3PAR operating system(formerly InForm OS) v3.1.1 or 2.3.1 firmware release.


Click on the image to download the whitepaper.

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Introducing Application Information Optimizer

I recently had the chance to catch up with Joe Leung and learn about Application Information Optimizer.  This is a new product - well, sorta of new - it used to be called HP Database Archiving software.  Its now part of the HP Autonomy Information Management team's portfolio and while there's a new name for this product, there's also lots of new functionality.  In this podcast, Joe walks me through what's new. 


Before you listen to the podcast, let me summarize what Application Information Optimizer (AIO) does. It moves inactive structured data from either production or legacy systems to lower cost on-premise or cloud storage environments.  What's new here (besides the name) is that it has built-in integration with HP Autonomy Consolidated Archive, HP TRIM, HP Vertica, and Autonomy IDOL


With all the focus on archiving unstructured data, AIO is a great solution for databases that are crammed with old, stale data that isn't really needed.  AIO can decrease your data footprint and when you have smaller, more efficient databases, you can accelerate backup, recovery, and replication times.  Also, it follows that you can improve end-user productivity by increasing database performance.

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Wishing I was at VMworld Barcelona


I would love to be going to VMworld in Barcelona coming up in a few weeks but I need to stay at home.  My daughter has a trip of a lifetime - her senior trip to Italy.  My wife, who was born in Naples, is going too and they will do some personal sightseeing before the rest of the class joins them.  So I'm happy to take one on the chin for my wife and daughter so they can have a great time in Italy while I stay home with my son (because Boise State does have two home games while they're gone!).


VMworld in Barcelona goes on without me (the nerve!) but I wanted to highlight a few things going on there.

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VMware VAAI best practices for P9500 and XP24000 Disk Array

P9500.jpgI came across a white paper written by our VMware integration team talking about best practices for the VMware API for Array Integration (VAAI) plug-in for the P9500 and XP24000/XP20000 disk arrays with VMware vSphere 4.1 and it didn't have the normal pub number and I couldn't find it on the web - so I thought adapting it here would make for a good blog post.  I'll have a link at the end where you can find info on using VAAI with vSphere 5.0. 



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