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Short and Snappy replay: I'm excited!

At our HP Tech Day a few weeks ago, I opened up the day doing a session I titled "Why I'm Excited About the Future of HP Storage.".  I was asked by our UK-based channel partner OCSL to present on one of their Short & Snappy Live update webcasts and so I jumped at the opportunity. 


My story at HP and specifically HP Storage I think is telling and I'll share it during the live webcast.  In November,  I'll be celebrating 30 years with HP and 23 since joining HP Storage.  I'll talk about the not so bright days I had working here, how things have changed in the last five years, and why I am excited about the future of HP Storage.


Since OCSL is a UK partner, I hope all my ATSB readers in the UK will join us.  Here's a link where you can register for the OCSL event happening this Thursday, October 3rd at 2 PM UK time (that's 9 AM EDT for anyone else that wants to join and here my story).  We'll follow the webcast with a live Twitter chat. 

Hello HP OneView

Earlier this week, our HP Converged System Division - now run by my former HP Storage marketing VP Tom Joyce - announced HP OneView.  I was traveling so I'm a few days late telling you about it but I think if you haven't seen HP OneView, it's worth sharing with you a few days late. 


The program to deliver this new paradigm in infrastructure management started four years ago and the team had a unique approach to understanding what customers wanted in an ideal tool - it centered on what tasks admins needed to perform versus the products they had to manage.  Here's a video that talks about how the team worked with customers to HP OneView and briefly introduces it.


The full blog post has several video demos so click over to it now.

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HP Guided Troubleshooting

Guiding Troubleshooting.pngBack in the dog-days of summer, we had a HP Storage Expert Day in our online support community.  I'm probably the last guy you  want troubleshooting problems but I actually did jump in and answer a few questions.  If you have HP Storage and haven't utilized the community-based support, you really should check it out and give it a try.   


One of the things I learned about HP Guided Troubleshooting.  What is it? 

  • It is an online self-help tool that provides guides with quick and simple step by step instructions to find solutions to a whole host of technical issues.
  • An enhanced table of contents and ability to search by keywords will help you find solutions to various server and storage related technical issues.
  • It is an efficient and effective reservoir of guides that can help lead you to answers about various server or storage related issues.

While no tool like this will solve every problem, I think it's a great starting point and I'm overdue telling you about it.  If you want to check it out for yourself, you can start at

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Customers speak about software-defined storage

I was searching around the internet tonight and bumped into a few videos that I want share with you from VMworld.  Software-defined storage was a big theme.  And despite the skeptics, it's gaining traction. 


The first video is an interview that Dave Vellante did with Eric Hulber and Brady Wilson from HP StoreVirtual customer Opus Interactive.  This was a really interesting discussion where Eric and Brady talked about their business providing IT as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service (as a private cloud).  I love something that Brady says here, "It (software-defined storage) comes across as a buzzword initially but like cloud its the way things are going.  It makes sense".   Dave also asked Brady about their transition from the appliance-based StoreVirtual to StoreVirtual VSA.  Brady's one-word answer was priceless - "effortless".


Check out the full blog post for a few more videos including one with FedEx, talking about the topic.

Virtual SAN buyer guide article

I came across an article today on Enterprise Storage Forum titled Virtual SAN Buying Guide.  The top of the article quotes Greg Schulz, analyst with StorageIO, “VMware vSAN is a good thing for the industry and those using VMware in that it will shake up the status quo, and enable organizations to use what they have.”  A couple of big points I need to make here:


  1. We had our HP StoreVirtual VSA (formerly HP LeftHand) for six plus years and with over 170,000 licenses out there, I think we already shook up the status quo.
  2. Greg states that this will be a good thing for those using VMware.  We agree - VMware vSAN does represents an opportunity for the industry and is an extension of the message that we have been sharing for years. The beautiful thing about the StoreVirtual VSA is it looks like an iSCSI array on the network and so any physical or virtualized server can store their data on the StoreVirtual VSA volumes.  And you can run StoreVirtual VSA on either Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere. 

Kate Davis, a frequent blogger here, is quoted in the article too.  Kate said, "With the rapid growth of data storage there is room for different types of storage tiers within their infrastructure.  VSA and vSAN are flexible tiers of storage that allow users to utilize the infrastructure in place to gain the needed data services at any given time for a variety of unpredictable workloads, and match the benefits they achieved with server virtualization now on the storage side.”

To use 16Gbps Fibre Channel or not - that is the question

Yesterday my colleague Rohan Viegas told you about the new 16Gb Fibre Channel SAN Switch for the BladeSystem.  Today I have what I think is a great follow-up to his blog post. 


The question of when do I upgrade my storage network or more fundamentally should I move to the latest generation is often asked.  I was fortunate to get some time with Dennis Martin.  Dennis is the founder and President of Demartek. 


Demartek looked into the question of 16Gbps Fibre Channel compared to 8Gbps.  In the podcast with Dennis, he shares the results of the testing he did -and its real-world testing using an SQL database, not just running IOmeter or some synthetic workload. 



HP unleashes 16Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity for HP BladeSystem c-Class

By Rohan Viegas, Worldwide Product Management, HP Storage

rohan.jpgI’m excited to be introducing the new Brocade 16 Gb SAN Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class, bringing you the high performance, high capacity and reliable storage area network (SAN) you need to deploy enterprise-class applications on blade servers.This new ChalkTalk from HPStorageGuy offers more details and benefits on this latest addition to our HP StoreFabric Storage Networking portoflio.  


Data retention with HP StoreEasy and iTernity iCAS

You ever have a long to-do list and not getting to something on it?  My wife has lots of experience with me on this!  Today I have a ChalkTalk that has been on my to-do list to talk about for 18 months.  I met the guys at our partner iTernity at HP DIscover in Vienna which would have been December 2011.  I got a look at what they were doing and knew it was a great solution for data retention and archiving and that I wanted to talk about it on ATSB. 


I had it as a goal to do something with them at the three HP Discovers since (two in Las Vegas and one in Frankfurt) but I got so busy with our bloggers that I didn't have time.  I at least stopped by their booth at Discover this past June and got a demo of iCAS, their software that integrates with our HP Storage portfolio. 


Today I have a ChalkTalk focused on the solution we have with iTernity iCAS and HP StoreEasy.  I think the ChalkTalk tells the story so check it out.

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Flash-optimized HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 – for environments that can get a little crazy

By Andre Carpenter, senior solutions architect, HP Technology Services  @andrecarpenter


Andre_Carpenter.jpegEarlier this year (I actually wrote this post to coincide with the announcement but it has sat in my draft box ever since – my bad), we  announced the HP 3PAR StoreServer 7450 Storage: a purpose-built flash-optimized 3PAR array designed for environments where things can get a little...crazy. But it’s still a good time to talk about your need for lower latency and faster response...


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