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More on the Flash Module for the P9500

P9500.jpgLast week, I had a blog post and video I did of the Flash Module for the P9500 - something I learned about while at HP Discover.  Things were just a wee bit busy for me and I didn't have time to learn much about the Flash Module while at Discover, but I called Ayman Abouelwafa.  Ayman is a senior architect in our enterprise storage lab and my go-to engineering guy when I need to understand something about P9500.  Ayman was in one of my first video blogs and was very helpful in doing a video we did talking about our collaboration with Hitachi Japan.


After talking to him, I realized there was a lot I didn't get from my 4 minute conversation at HP Discover - so here's a bit more of what I learned from Ayman.  First he told me about some new firmware.


Performance Accelerator


  • Ayman and his team worked with Hitachi Japan on Performance Accelerator, a new firmware-based program that significantly enhances the back-end random performance, targeting SSD and flash media.
  • This significantly expands the P9500 frame-limit for random IOPs.  Ayman told me the firmware enables around a million IOPs per P9500.  Wow!

New P9500 Disk Array Flash Module

So much news came from HP Storage at HP Discover that one thing that was new but not included in all the announcements we did is a new Flash Module for the P9500 (formerly known as the XP Disk Array).  In fact, I didn't even know about this until one of our bloggers told me he saw it in the booth.  So I went to check it out and get a quick overview from our product manager Karen van Warmerdam.  Here's a short video I did with Karen.

VMware VAAI best practices for P9500 and XP24000 Disk Array

P9500.jpgI came across a white paper written by our VMware integration team talking about best practices for the VMware API for Array Integration (VAAI) plug-in for the P9500 and XP24000/XP20000 disk arrays with VMware vSphere 4.1 and it didn't have the normal pub number and I couldn't find it on the web - so I thought adapting it here would make for a good blog post.  I'll have a link at the end where you can find info on using VAAI with vSphere 5.0. 



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Another world record storage benchmark for HP

A couple of weeks ago in the midst of the P4000 demo videos I was doing, the Storage Performance Council’s SPC-2 benchmark results for the HP P9500 XP Storage System were announced.  The P9500 set a worldwide BI/DW (business intelligence data warehousing) performance record, based on the benchmark. This world-record performance for tier 1 enterprise data center environments is great news for customer in mission critical business intelligence, data warehousing applications and video playback IT infrastructure.

XP/P9500 Disk Array misinformation

What a great day (evening) yesterday was.  I'm still on that high so I'm not going to let a story filled with misinformation ruin my day.  I saw a story on a small storage news website today claiming that HP would no longer OEM the XP Disk Array from HDS. 


The story is wrong.  Period.

Last October in Barcelona, Dave Donatelli talked about our array portfolio.  What he said hasn't change.  HP 3PAR is strategic to HP - no doubt about it.  Many of our competitors have been spreading FUD that HP is killing the EVA and the XP/P9000 Disk Array.  Wrong again - we're a bit smarter than that.  Both products have a large installed base and they satisfy the needs of those customers.


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