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HP Storage has more ways to say YES!

Gorilla Suit 72 Hours of Yes.pngWe had a ton of fun granting requests at our 72 Hours of Yes campaign at EMC World in Las Vegas. Outfitting someone in a pink gorilla suit isn't my strength or what we focus on in HP Storage, so I wanted to bring 72 Hours of Yes home to storage.


When it comes to storage, HP says “Yes” every day. Consider the case of a video surveillance customer, whose staff make digital recordings.  They are storing lots of images and videos and that means data piles up fast. HP 3PAR StoreServ helps the company get a handle on all that data by making storage more efficient, easier to manage, and scalable. 


Say “Yes” to lower CAPEX and OPEX
Because 3PAR StoreServ enables the video surveillance company to use its storage more efficiently, they invest in fewer storage drives, lowering CAPEX. And the ease of operation means fewer resources are needed to deploy and manage their storage, reducing OPEX. Taken together, these advantages can dramatically lower the total cost of ownership.

One final Yes from EMCWorld

The last couple of weeks has been a whirlwind.  And as I look back at the last half of dozen blog posts here on ATSB and I see I didn't write one of them!  Wow  - it's great having experts from our HP 3PAR StoreServ and HP StoreOnce teams helping go deeper on the blog. 


Last week, I was in Las Vegas - my first trip there since HP Discover last June - helping with our 72 Hours of Yes.  My colleague Melissa Elicker posted a few blogs talking about 72 Hours of Yes but I think it would be fun to post a blog giving you a look at the Twitter timeline.  If you click over to the blog post, the Twitter timeline is embedded but here's a link to it on Twitter.  I had a great time sitting in the back office we had with our team evaluating the Tweets and saying "yes". 



The McCabes with Kate.jpg72 Hours of Yes podcast


I also wanted to share with you a podcast I did.  Mike McCabe works for Varonis - a partner that was at EMCWorld.  Mike joined Twitter and asked for a shopping trip for his wife.  It's a great story and I asked Mike if I could do a podcast with him.  His perspective gives you a good look into the buzz that 72 Hours of Yes created. Go to the blog post to listen to the podcast!


The picture is with a Kate Middleton "look alike" who helped the McCabes with their shopping spree - well, Mike's wife.  Mike had to carry his computer bag while his wife was treated to the shopping spree!


72 Hours of Yes – it’s wrapping up on a positive note

By Melissa Saegert Elicker, editor, HP Storage


Yes.jpegLast call for your requests!  @72hoursofyes requests are being accepted up until 7pm today (that’s Wednesday, May 7). HP has proven we’re up to the challenge. Now it’s up to you to close out this final day with the most inventive, creative, fun-filled, thoughtful and memorable request you can think of. Don’t wait, just ask. Tweet your request to #72hoursofyes. 


72 Hours of Yes – it’s one for the books

 By Melissa Saegert Elicker, editor, HP Storage


Yes_street3J.jpgThey came, they asked, they received. Everything from helicopter rides and the Beatles LOVE show by Cirque du Soleil, to a pink gorilla suit. EMC World attendees are embracing our 72 Hours of Yes in a big way.


All in all, #72hoursofyes is getting a big thumb’s up. And there’s more time for more yes! If you’re at EMC World and you haven’t made a request yet, what are you waiting for?


The clock is still ticking today. Check the rules Then tweet your request to #72hoursofyes. Who knows? You may get what you ask for. Read on to see some of the fantastic requests we've fulfilled!


72 Hours of Yes - it’s as easy as 3-2-1-YES!

By Melissa Saegert Elicker, editor, HP Storage


Yes.jpegThere’s a positive vibe coming out of Las Vegas this week, as 72 Hours of Yes rolls out across the EMC World conference.


Here’s how it works: EMC World attendees are invited to make a request via Twitter. Anything from a helicopter ride to spa treatment to show tickets and…you get the idea. The Yes Team receives the requests and gets to work on fulfilling them (the ones that are within reason). Read on to see some of the requests being fulfilled! 72 Hours of Yes continues in full swing today. We’ll keep you posted here as things progress.


And if you’re reading this and you’re at EMC World, tweet your request with #72hoursofYes and follow @72HoursofYes. Check out the rules here: ‪ And remember, anything can happen in Vegas. All you have to do is ask.


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