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HP Storage has its (Storage) Mojo!

robin harris.jpgBack in September 2009, I helped pull together what I believe was our industry's first Tech Day - events where bloggers are brought in to hear from experts.  The collection of people we brought to that first storage focused Tech Day in Colorado Springs was a who's who in the industry - guys like Stephen Foskett, Greg Knieriemen, Ray Lucchesi, John Obeto, and more. 


One of the attendees was Robin Harris (@StorageMojo).  I haven't had Robin back to another HP event since but brought him to HP Discover in Frankfurt and I noticed he just posted a great article talking about our Converged Storage strategy. 

More on the Flash Module for the P9500

P9500.jpgLast week, I had a blog post and video I did of the Flash Module for the P9500 - something I learned about while at HP Discover.  Things were just a wee bit busy for me and I didn't have time to learn much about the Flash Module while at Discover, but I called Ayman Abouelwafa.  Ayman is a senior architect in our enterprise storage lab and my go-to engineering guy when I need to understand something about P9500.  Ayman was in one of my first video blogs and was very helpful in doing a video we did talking about our collaboration with Hitachi Japan.


After talking to him, I realized there was a lot I didn't get from my 4 minute conversation at HP Discover - so here's a bit more of what I learned from Ayman.  First he told me about some new firmware.


Performance Accelerator


  • Ayman and his team worked with Hitachi Japan on Performance Accelerator, a new firmware-based program that significantly enhances the back-end random performance, targeting SSD and flash media.
  • This significantly expands the P9500 frame-limit for random IOPs.  Ayman told me the firmware enables around a million IOPs per P9500.  Wow!

Take a technical deep dive on Express Query

GHP_StoreAll_Storage-blue.pnguest post by Andy Sparkes, Technical Director, HP Storage


The recent release of HP StoreAll with Express Query and Autonomy IDOL integration demonstrates the power of storage to provide an intelligent large-scale data repository. This intelligence resides in two locations:


1. The Express Query database is integrated into the file-system.

This deep integration means that the database is able to use the snapshot and replication features of HP StoreAll for its protection and disaster recovery. Current solutions use a side-band database, which are typically relational—and not optimal for managing constantly updated and changing metadata in a scale out system. Side-band databases require their own hardware, management, monitoring and DR resources. StoreAll has a unique segmented architecture that enables the deployment of a distributed database and can utilise the underlying capabilities of the file-system for management and protection.


Generating and extracting metadata from objects and files and subsequent operations on them is a complex task. This has to be done without slowing down the system ingest rate whilst carrying out numerous insert operations into the database.

HP ProLiant SL4500 for Big Data

SL4500.pngPrior to HP Discover, my server brethren announced the HP ProLiant SL4500 - a new server based product that was positioned for "big data".  I was working to get a podcast with a couple of guys on the team when we realized that we'd all be at HP Discover together so I offered to do a video with them in their booth.  That turned out to be a great choice because seeing is believing - or I should say is understanding. 


I also have a ChalkTalk giving a high-level architectural overview of HP StoreAll that should help you understand the data services it offers and how it's different from the SL4500. 


New P9500 Disk Array Flash Module

So much news came from HP Storage at HP Discover that one thing that was new but not included in all the announcements we did is a new Flash Module for the P9500 (formerly known as the XP Disk Array).  In fact, I didn't even know about this until one of our bloggers told me he saw it in the booth.  So I went to check it out and get a quick overview from our product manager Karen van Warmerdam.  Here's a short video I did with Karen.

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