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AllDigital and HP StoreAll Storage

I had a couple previous posts with customers videos that I did at HP Discover.  One of the other customers I talked to AllDigital.  From AllDigital's website:  AllDigital offers digital broadcasting solutions that enable the secure transport of digital media to multiple connected devices simultaneously.


The guys from AllDigital co-presented a session at HP Discover, talking about how they utilize HP StoreAll and I wanted to talk specifically about how they use StoreAll Express Query (a topic I have a few blog posts about that you should check out).  Steve Smith is the VP of Network Services at AllDigital and he helped me understand how they are utilizing the metadata search capabilities with Express Query.  Steve talks about StoreAll being used as the center of the cloud-based digital broadcast services.  Check out the video with Steve.


Everyone has a story to tell

I'm working with my product teams to kickoff a podcast series with you, our HP Storage customers, as the star.  The idea will be to have you talk about your business and how HP Storage is used in your environment.  I know that it can be tough to get corporate approval to talk publicly but to make it easier, we'll keep your corporate/business name out of the discussion if you need to do that.  If you're interested in being a guest on the podcast, drop me an email


This is an abbreviation of the blog post so be sure to click over to see all of it including another video from NAB with AllDigital.

Object-based storage and HP StoreAll Storage

We had so much news for HP Storage at Discover that we decided to wait a couple of weeks to talk about news we have around the HP StoreAll Storage. Before I get to the news, I think a bit of background would be a good starting point.


We announced HP StoreAll at HP Discover in Frankfurt last December and at that time I did a ChalkTalk to give an overview of the platform.  I think it's worth revisiting that overview ChalkTalk to give you some background on StoreAll.


Today's News

Traditional NAS is being displaced by object storage. We see several reasons for this:


  • New data creation and consumption devices are changing requirements.  As Enrico pointed out in "Object Storage: Call it NAS 2.0", the use of tablets and BYOD is changing things.  Related to that is mobility - no matter where you are , you come to expected ubiquitous access. 
  • Traditional NAS wasn't designed for this new world of mobility and BYOD - those protocols were designed for traditional devices with local access.  And directory hierarchies add complexity and make scaling difficult.  I doubt AS3 is using NAS!

Enter our StoreAll news today.  The HP StoreAll REST API removes these barriers with data access inside and outside a customer’s datacenter and firewall. The HP StoreAll REST API’s Object Mode simplifies development of applications on various devices with unique identifiers to reference data rather than fully qualified pathnames, such as directory hierarchies and specific filenames. As a result, developers can easily write applications without needing to understand the complexities of storage systems or architectures.


See the full blog post for more details.

A film guy, StoreAll and Autonomy

In today's post, I point to some of the video interviews we did at NAB - we did over 20 interviews during our two days there

and really, I think all of them are interesting topics because I'm really interested in the convergence of media, entertainment and technology.  But I don't want to overwhelm you with all the videos at once so I have a few of them in the blog post today. 


I have a few favorites and the interview Andy McCaskey from did with indie film maker Ryan Brown is a favorite of mine.  Ryan used to be an Apple/Mac guy but now is all in on HP hardware for making his films.   Checkout what Ryan had to say.


I also think the interview with Dr. Jeff Cornelius from HP Autonomy talking about IDOL and extracting meaning from words was really interesting.  I need to get Jeff on a podcast and go deeper on this topic. 



I have a few more videos on the blog post so check it out!

Take a technical deep dive on Express Query

GHP_StoreAll_Storage-blue.pnguest post by Andy Sparkes, Technical Director, HP Storage


The recent release of HP StoreAll with Express Query and Autonomy IDOL integration demonstrates the power of storage to provide an intelligent large-scale data repository. This intelligence resides in two locations:


1. The Express Query database is integrated into the file-system.

This deep integration means that the database is able to use the snapshot and replication features of HP StoreAll for its protection and disaster recovery. Current solutions use a side-band database, which are typically relational—and not optimal for managing constantly updated and changing metadata in a scale out system. Side-band databases require their own hardware, management, monitoring and DR resources. StoreAll has a unique segmented architecture that enables the deployment of a distributed database and can utilise the underlying capabilities of the file-system for management and protection.


Generating and extracting metadata from objects and files and subsequent operations on them is a complex task. This has to be done without slowing down the system ingest rate whilst carrying out numerous insert operations into the database.

Innovation at HP and HP Labs

Ben Express Query tweet.pngI had a blog post yesterday focused on the StoreAll Express Query, technology that came from HP Labs.  I'm pretty excited about it and the fact that HP Storage is doing so much with HP Labs.  One of our bloggers thought it was pretty cool stuff too. (See the image of @benkepes' tweet).


This got me thinking - we just don't do enough to highlight innovation.  Sure, we talk about our products and try to point out things that differentiate HP.  When I met my colleague Martina Trucco from HP Labs, we started talking about doing more to show the cool things our very smart researchers at HP Labs are doing.  The juices started to flow and when I realized I had an open video slot in our bloggers' lounge, I asked Martina if she would do a video with me to talk about it.


Check out the full blog post to see the video with Martina. 

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