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HP Storage and Veeam integration demo

It's BURA Sunday and normally I have my team of experts doing these posts on Sunday but this week, they needed a break. The timing was perfect because I just finished editing a video demo that I did when I was at VeeamOn a few weeks ago. 


The demo shows the integration between HP Storage - StoreVirtual, 3PAR StoreServ, StoreOnce, and StoreEver - to use snapshots for high availability, backup and archive.  Here's a summary of that:

  • Instant recovery from StoreVirtual and 3PAR of virtual machines, files and more
  • Backup to disk and offsite replication (for disaster recovery) to StoreOnce
  • Archive backup to StoreEver tape for longer term retention.

John DeFrees from my Technical Marketing team walks me through the demo and explains the integration points.

What if you could release 4TB of storage in every 10TB with no business impact?

By Andrew Dickerson, Senior Marketing Manager, BURA Solutions, HP Storage


What a waste of space!

If you’re responsible for data storage, you already know that storing and managing more than 30% annual data growth is eating up your budget faster than just about anything else in IT. In fact, industry analysts estimate that anything between 25% and 40% of the total IT budget will be spent on storage in 2014. Yesterday’s disparate point solution approach to storage is a costly way to meet today’s data growth challenges. So if storage budgets are to be controlled, transformation of the storage infrastructure needs to be high on the agenda. Here’s how to start your transformation with converged storage and data protection.


3 questions to determine the importance of data integrity to your business

By Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HP Storage


Protect your data integrity with HP StoreOnce Backup Solution


“Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.” Samuel Johnson, English writer and poet


Data corruption, although thankfully rare, can have a significant effect on data intensive transactional applications, often crippling operations during the time it takes to detect, troubleshoot and repair the problem. Data corruptions can go undetected in some cases for months invalidating backups and increasing difficulty of recovery. Needless to say, data corruption can inhibit efficiency of your organization, consume time and resources to detect and fix the problem and increase the overall cost of protecting your data. The importance of protecting your business critical data spans from the time it’s created, to the time it’s stored, all the way until it’s needed to be restored. This BURA Sunday, ask yourselves three basic questions to determine the importance of data integrity to your business:

  1. Has your environment ever had a database corruption that went undetected for a long time?
  2. Have you ever had to restore data, only to realize that recovery of backup data failed?
  3. Have you ever suspected data loss due to data corruption or administrative error

Here's why the answer is HP StoreOnce Integrity Plus.




BURA solutions deep dive: SAP HANA Backup and Recovery with HP StoreOnce Backup

By Srikanth Venkata Seshu, Worldwide Solutions Marketing Manager, BURA, HP Storage


StoreOnce_308x220_tcm245_1534335_tcm245_1515474_tcm245-1534335.jpgWe are living in a highly competitive world where access to information – and more importantly the ability to perform rapid decisions based on real-time data – can be the difference between a successful business or otherwise. Imagine walking into a retail store and as soon as the store clerk rings up your purchase, the system automatically makes recommendations in real-time on other items you may be interested in purchasing based on your current and previous buying patterns. Wouldn’t that be cool!!


This is just one example of how organizations of all sizes are leveraging the power of real-time analytics to gain big business advantage. In this BURA Sunday blog, we’ll look at why protecting Big Data platforms such as SAP HANA is important and how HP StoreOnce solutions deliver comprehensive data protection.

Transform your backup and recovery with HP Adaptive Backup and Recovery Solutions

By Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HP Storage


This week’s BURA Sunday question: When data sets grow in an exponential rate, in formats that are unique and complex, can your organization depend on traditional backup and recovery systems to meet changing data requirements? To address this issue, you ideally should adopt a solution that enables decision-making driven by integrating predictive analysis of future capacity requirements and an adaptive approach to backup and recovery. We can help with HP StoreOnce Backup and HP Data Protector providing an intelligent data protection solution designed for today’s high-stakes backup and recovery environment. Here’s how.




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