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XP7 Always On Disaster Recovery with Online Data Migration

Earlier today, I introduced you to the XP7. In this blog post I want to share with you another ChalkTalk that explains some very cool multi-array virtualization functionality that we call XP7 Always On Disaster Recovery with Online Data Migration. 


I'll let the ChalkTalk do the explaining but there's a short back story here.  I was talking to Karen our worldwide product manager for the XP7 on Monday.  Actually, it was late Monday afternoon.  She talked me through how we can keep a Disaster Recovery Solution working before, during, and after an online data migration. 


She gave me details on how it works and I decided it would make a cool ChalkTalk.  So I set off to do that ChalkTalk yesterday and I think it does a really good job of explaining what this is and how it works.

Introducing the HP XP7 Storage - 7th generation of the XP Disk Array

XP7.pngToday I want to introduce you to the latest generation of the XP Disk Array, the XP7.  I want to tell you a bit of a personal story about my experience with the XP.  Back in 1997, I decided to leave HP Storage to take a job with another division of HP in Colorado Springs.  My wife asked me if I could get a job in Colorado Springs because her Mom lived there and within about two weeks, I had landed a job that was a promotion and broadened my experience in marketing so we moved to C Springs. 


But after 18 months (and experiencing the worst blizzard I've ever seen despite growing up near Buffalo, NY), we decided we missed Boise and wanted to go back.  By the way, my mother-in-law moved to Boise a few years after that. 


There was a marketing programs job in storage and I jumped at the chance to come back to Boise and storage.  My first day back, I was taken into a room and given an HP Private briefing that we were working with Hitachi Ltd to introduce a new high-end array.  That was the beginning of one the most intense five months in my career.

Another world record storage benchmark for HP

A couple of weeks ago in the midst of the P4000 demo videos I was doing, the Storage Performance Council’s SPC-2 benchmark results for the HP P9500 XP Storage System were announced.  The P9500 set a worldwide BI/DW (business intelligence data warehousing) performance record, based on the benchmark. This world-record performance for tier 1 enterprise data center environments is great news for customer in mission critical business intelligence, data warehousing applications and video playback IT infrastructure.

XP/P9500 Disk Array misinformation

What a great day (evening) yesterday was.  I'm still on that high so I'm not going to let a story filled with misinformation ruin my day.  I saw a story on a small storage news website today claiming that HP would no longer OEM the XP Disk Array from HDS. 


The story is wrong.  Period.

Last October in Barcelona, Dave Donatelli talked about our array portfolio.  What he said hasn't change.  HP 3PAR is strategic to HP - no doubt about it.  Many of our competitors have been spreading FUD that HP is killing the EVA and the XP/P9000 Disk Array.  Wrong again - we're a bit smarter than that.  Both products have a large installed base and they satisfy the needs of those customers.


Application Performance Extender update

In this guest post from our Application Performance Extender (APEX) product manger, Priyadarshi Prasad talks about what's new and what's coming with APEX. 

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