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A film guy, StoreAll and Autonomy

In today's post, I point to some of the video interviews we did at NAB - we did over 20 interviews during our two days there

and really, I think all of them are interesting topics because I'm really interested in the convergence of media, entertainment and technology.  But I don't want to overwhelm you with all the videos at once so I have a few of them in the blog post today. 


I have a few favorites and the interview Andy McCaskey from did with indie film maker Ryan Brown is a favorite of mine.  Ryan used to be an Apple/Mac guy but now is all in on HP hardware for making his films.   Checkout what Ryan had to say.


I also think the interview with Dr. Jeff Cornelius from HP Autonomy talking about IDOL and extracting meaning from words was really interesting.  I need to get Jeff on a podcast and go deeper on this topic. 



I have a few more videos on the blog post so check it out!

Introducing Application Information Optimizer

I recently had the chance to catch up with Joe Leung and learn about Application Information Optimizer.  This is a new product - well, sorta of new - it used to be called HP Database Archiving software.  Its now part of the HP Autonomy Information Management team's portfolio and while there's a new name for this product, there's also lots of new functionality.  In this podcast, Joe walks me through what's new. 


Before you listen to the podcast, let me summarize what Application Information Optimizer (AIO) does. It moves inactive structured data from either production or legacy systems to lower cost on-premise or cloud storage environments.  What's new here (besides the name) is that it has built-in integration with HP Autonomy Consolidated Archive, HP TRIM, HP Vertica, and Autonomy IDOL


With all the focus on archiving unstructured data, AIO is a great solution for databases that are crammed with old, stale data that isn't really needed.  AIO can decrease your data footprint and when you have smaller, more efficient databases, you can accelerate backup, recovery, and replication times.  Also, it follows that you can improve end-user productivity by increasing database performance.

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Autonomy overview podcast from SNW

I haven't had a chance to dig into our Autonomy acquisition - until now.  While at SNW, we had Autonomy in our booth and I took the opportunity to talk to Enterprise Account Executive Charles Green about Autonomy.  It is some very exciting technology.  Charles talked about the three parts of the Automony portfolio:

  1. Power - meaning based computing
  2. Protect - meaning based governance
  3. Promote - meaning based marketing

It's a huge portfolio of products that you can browse by going to and click on the products drop down box.  Here's the podcast I did with Charles:



Charles mentioned an app you can download for your Apple or Android phone - here's a link to that website:

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