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Which 5 IT areas look to prosper in 2013?

By Andre Carpenter, senior solutions architect


Here’s to 2013! It’s a very exciting time to be in IT—and especially in the storage, cloud and virtualisation space. Last year saw a massive shift in the IT landscape as CIOs really started to show interest in this thing we call cloud computing. More focus on how things can be done better and more cost effectively was one of the prominent drivers behind this surge in interest.


Crystal Ball.jpgLooking into the crystal ball…

I’ve never deemed myself to be a fortune teller of any kind, but I guess in some wacky kind of way it is part of my role: possessing a grasp of what’s happening now and an ability to translate this and interpret the market to foretell what might be happening 6 months, 12 months, 18 months down the track. This is always a beneficial skill for any IT professional to have. This time of year, we see a number of predictions on market trends that appear to be obvious for 2013. Then there are some that may come as a surprise. So let’s take a look at some of the areas that I think will prosper.

HP ProLiant SL4500 for Big Data

SL4500.pngPrior to HP Discover, my server brethren announced the HP ProLiant SL4500 - a new server based product that was positioned for "big data".  I was working to get a podcast with a couple of guys on the team when we realized that we'd all be at HP Discover together so I offered to do a video with them in their booth.  That turned out to be a great choice because seeing is believing - or I should say is understanding. 


I also have a ChalkTalk giving a high-level architectural overview of HP StoreAll that should help you understand the data services it offers and how it's different from the SL4500. 


The best big data presentation I've ever seen

Noumenal_BigData.pngI saw the best presentation I've ever seen on big data at the Nth Generation Symposium last week.  The session was delivered by Marc Demarest, Founder & Principal of Noumenal, Inc.  Marc didn't talk about big data from a vendor perspective but from a customer perspective.  After Marc's session, I grabbed him before he could get out off the stage and asked to do a podcast with him, which he graciously did.  This is a fantastic overview of his session.  This is a fantastic overview of his session.


In the podcast, we focused on a definition Marc used for big data that focuses on six dimensions:


Big data from SNW with John Webster

SNW is winding down today in Dallas and I've actually left to visit some family down the road in Arlington, Texas (no, no relationship to Jerry Jones) - but my SNW work isn't finished as I have three more podcasts.  I think all of them are interesting and informative. 


The podcast in this post is with John Webster, Senior Partner with the Evaluator Group.  His background is impressive and you can read about it on this Evaluator Group page.  John and I talked about big data and his perspectives on the topic.  If you're a little fuzzy about big data like I was, I think you'll find this educational.


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What does my kitchen remodel have to do with big data?

By Brad Parks, Converged Infrastructure Strategist for HP Storage


I’m in the midst of the ongoing remodel of my 1910 brick bungalow.  While I love the house and all the character that comes with a historical home, I’m constantly challenged with sloping walls, decaying mortar and strange design choices… like the roof that is on the INSIDE of my kitchen. They’ve led me to the conclusion that architecture matters… a lot.


Kitchen Roof.jpg

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