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5 advantages HP StoreOnce Backup brings to cloud service providers

By Srikanth Venkata Seshu, Worldwide Solutions Marketing Manager, BURA, HP Storage


ManButton.jpegIn my last post, I talked about what every cloud service provider needs to know about BaaS. I showed how BaaS offerings can be structured and some of the key considerations for cloud service providers looking to add BaaS to their portfolios.


Now I’m going to continue where I left off by talking about HP’s Cloud Backup Service Ready Solution, based on HP StoreOnce Backup.

What every cloud service provider needs to know about BaaS

By Srikanth Venkata Seshu, Worldwide Solutions Marketing Manager, BURA, HP Storage



Cloud.jpgBackup-as-a-Service, sometimes referred to as Backup and Recovery-as-a-Service or simply BaaS, is an emerging business opportunity that appeals to service providers everywhere. And with good reason: analysts cite the global BaaS market as having exceeded half a billion dollars in 2013 and forecast a 21 percent CAGR through 2016. That equates to billions of dollars awaiting service providers who can deliver.




It’s easy to see why: organizations everywhere are struggling with data protection in the face of increased data volume, the growing cost and complexity of the IT infrastructure, and new and changing compliance mandates. They are choosing to move to BaaS because it allows them to head toward an OPEX-based data protection model. It’s no surprise, then, that there is so much competition between cloud service providers over BaaS.



This BURA Sunday, I want to start a discussion on BaaS, ask some key questions, and then follow up next week with some answers. But first let’s address the basics.

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State court IT department rules against disconnected data protection silos

By Andrew Dickerson, Senior Marketing Manager, HP Storage Backup, Recovery and Archive Solutions


ReportJ.jpgNo enterprise wants to pull resources away from its core business operations. But that’s exactly what you’re doing if you use separate backup applications in your data center and remote sites to protect Big Data and mission-critical applications. Disconnected backup silos add cost and complexity and raise the risk that data may go unprotected. To safeguard your data and your business, you need a simple, affordable and reliable end-to-end solution that lets you manage all your backup sites from a single pane of glass. 


Teams that deploy individual storage, application and virtualization solutions can create backup silos that you then have to manage separately. One of our customers, the IT department of a U.S. state court system, backs up data at distributed sites across the state. Read more about our customer’s story here – and take advantage of the opportunity to read this Taneja Group white paper. You’ll discover the business benefits of having one simplified, fully compatible and reliable backup and recovery solution for all your corporate data. (Registration required.)

HP StoreOnce 6500: Driving industry leadership with highly resilient backup

By Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HP Storage


6500.jpgLast BURA Sunday I talked about our innovative approach to protecting your data in virtualized or remote environments with StoreOnce VSA. Today I’m shifting the focus to the other end of the spectrum: protecting data in large or fast growing enterprises. I don’t have to tell you that the pace of business is accelerating and your company has to move toward a real-time business model—one where transactions and information sharing are near instantaneous. This transition is increasing demands on not only the performance and scalability of the underlying IT infrastructure but also availability and reliability. As process timelines are compressed from weeks or days to hours, minutes or even seconds, the cost of downtime skyrockets. Almost all aspects of today’s business environment rely on the uninterrupted availability of platforms, applications and data. Here’s how HP StoreOnce 6500 Backup meets that need for highly resilient backup.


HP StoreOnce VSA: Software-defined data protection for your virtualized environments

By Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HP Storage


StoreOnce_VSA_Icon_SDS308x220_tcm245_1534512_tcm245_1520664_tcm245-1534512.jpgI’m excited about VMworld this week, especially given the way software-defined storage is changing the way organizations implement storage technology. Since we are so close to VMworld, let me focus specifically on data protection—and give you a bit more information on some of the things you can expect to see and hear from us at the big VMware event this week in San Francisco. 


The exponential growth of data has forced your organization to look for cost-effective data protection solutions for your virtualized environments whether in the data center or in small and remote offices. Most vendors provide data deduplication solution that requires dedicated storage hardware. This isn’t always a cost-effective solution for remote/virtualized environments. To address this issue while providing greater flexibility, HP has extended the StoreOnce family to provide a software-defined backup solution: HP StoreOnce VSA. Here’s what the means to your organization.

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