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Innovations Keep Coming: the New 3PAR StoreServ 8000

lightbulb_3PAR_ATSB_39616434_25August_sized.jpgBack at HP Discover, we announced the new high-end member of the HP 3PAR StoreServ family - the 20000 series.  If you were paying attention and had your scorecard out, you probably noticed it included the next generation 3PAR ASIC.  I really expected someone on ATSB to ask, "When will you have a mid-range replacement for the 7000 series?"  That question didn't get asked but I can answer it today!


Say Hello to the HP 3PAR StoreServ 8000

The follow-on to the 20000 series is the 8000 family. There are several models in the family:

  • 8200 is the 2-node replacing the 7200
  • 8400 is (you guessed) the 4-node (you can order two and expand later) replacing the 7400
  • 8440 is the converged flash - giving you all-flash performance in a hybrid solution and is replacing the 7440
  • The 8450 is the all-flash array replacing the 7450
  • We've also announced the 20450.  This is an all-flash 4-node version of the 20850. 

Chalking it up to hyper-convergence

By Kate Davis, WW Marketing Manager, HP Software-Defined Storage   @KateAtHP


In my discussions with customers over the last year, I’ve found that they want, and ultimately need, a more efficient, virtualized environment. For more on what hyper-convergence can do for you, I've put together a new ChalkTalk – The benefits of a hyper-converged infrastructure.



Breaking through backup complexity

One of the most innovative solutions that addresses a relevant customer pain point is HP StoreOnce backup. Sometimes backup and data protection just doesn't get the attention it should even though it usually is one of the top IT challenges that customers face.


Breaking through backup complexity

I have a new ChalkTalk that IMHO is one of my best that talks about the complexity of backup and data protection. This is pretty short so well worth two-and-a-half minutes. There's a lot of detail behind the points that I make in the ChalkTalk. For the last several months, we've been able to get some of our StoreOnce experts blogging on ATSB and I'd recommend you look back on the BURA Sunday posts they've been doing. They have been going into useful details that help you better understand how you can reduce complexity with backup. Check out the ChalkTalk!


No All-flash orphans with HP 3PAR StoreServ

One of the storage sites I regularly read is The Register. Over the years, I have really come to enjoy and respect the work Chris Mellor does over at the Reg. Sometimes he's edgy but he's been a storage reporter for along time and really gets it. 


Over the break, I missed an article Chris had published. Actually, I was in Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl (which hopefully by now you know my Boise State Broncos won) so I have a good excuse.  The article is titled "Bringing AFA SAN orphans in house". In my opinion, what Chris described in his article is essentially something we call Polymorphic Simplicity - which I've talked about more than a few times on the blog and in videos. A recent post I did that is a good article on this is HP 3PAR Polymorphic Simplicity made easy.


Before I jump into what Chris had to say, I also want to share a brand new ChalkTalk that I just finished today and is a good starting point with an overview of flash storage and HP 3PAR. 

The time is right for 16Gb with StoreFabric and 3PAR all-flash

Merry Christmas everyone!  It's still Thursday in Boise and so I'm not too late for a 3PARthursday blog post.  I had told the team that normally does our Thursday 3PAR posts that I'd give them Christmas off and do the post. However, I kind of forgot to get it done until now, late on Christmas night. I'll keep the post short and let the ChalkTalk I have for you do the talking!


One of the news bits you may have missed in the flurry of news at HP Discover at the beginning of the month was that HP 3PAR StoreServ now has native support for 16Gb Fibre Channel.  I think 16Gb FC is most interesting for all-flash. And with our HP StoreFabric Gen 5 B-series of storage networking, I think the time to consider upgrading legacy SANs to 16Gb. 


I said I'd keep this short and I will so here's the ChalkTalk I have talkig about StoreFabric B-series Gen 5 for all-flash. 

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