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Proving HP 3PAR Tier-1 with a 99.9999% high availability guarantee

Wow!  What a whirlwind HP Discover has been.  I'm sitting at the Las Vegas airport writing my last post from HP Discover - and it's an important one that I've only briefly mentioned.  The HP 3PAR StoreServ news was very exciting but I didn't want you to miss what I think is a very important announcement.  My time is short with my flight boarding in just a couple of minutes so for this news, I'll let the ChalkTalk I've done do all the talking.


Making backup easier with HP StoreOnce

I'm falling behind keeping you updated on things at Discover so I'll keep this short.  The week before HP Discover, an article appeared in the Register where an EMC Data Domain executive was asked "Why has EMC never provided global deduplication across Data Domain boxes".  The answer to me was startling: "To date, we've not seen a need". 


Not seen a need?  The answer tells me that EMC wants their customers to buy into siloed pools of backup, scale-up systems with no high availability, fragmented deduplication architectures, and it all adds up to complex management. 


WIth the announcement of Federated Catalyst, HP StoreOnce 6500 - our multi-node scaleout backup system - now has multi-node system wide deduplication.  You now can have a single pool of storage across the multi-node system with system wide deduplication.  The ChalkTalk I have tells the story as well as other StoreOnce news related to backup ISVs so check it out. 

HP 3PAR StoreServ All Flash gets dedupe

I'm going to have to pace myself this week!  HP Discover hasn't formerly started and I'm beyond excited.  We held our press conference yesterday where David Scott shared our storage news with the press and bloggers in attendance.  My previous blog post and ChalkTalk gave you the high level snapshot of the news and in this post, I want to give you a bit more detail on the HP 3PAR news. 


I think the starting point is the ChalkTalk on our HP 3PAR news: deduplication for our all-flash 7450. 

Blockbuster storage news from HP Discover

It's time to kickoff another HP Discover with some blockbuster storage news.  I have been looking forward to the news we have today for a while!  I think storage industry watchers come to expect innovation from the storage startups - expectations for legacy vendors like HP are low.  WIth the news I have to share, I'm glad to show you that innovation is alive and well in HP Storage! So let me jump right into it.


I have a bit more details on the blog and I'll have a lot more during the week at Discover so be sure to check it out 

Making the move from EMC to HP 3PAR StoreServ easy

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post titled "Replacing EMC with HP 3PAR StoreServ".  That post had a lot of really good reasons why HP 3PAR is having great success based on market accolades. If you didn't see it, check it out. 


One of the big issues with moving to a new array is the cost of data migration.  In fact, published some research on the cost of storage array migration and stated that the total cost of migration is 54% of the cost of a typical $300,000 array.  I would venture a guess that with lower cost midrange arrays, the cost of data migration is higher than 54%. 


My colleague Ivan Iannaccone talked about this new Online Import software in a blog post yesterday - today, I want to share with you a ChalkTalk I have that shows you the software. 



72 Hours of Yes in the Land of No


72hoursofyes_lockup_horizontal.jpgIf you’re attending EMC World in Las Vegas, you’ll be living in the land of no. As in no Tier-1 capabilities at a mid-range price. No 8X faster provisioning. And no guarantees like HP Storage. So if you happen to find yourself there, instead of taking no for an answer, look to HP for some yes.


Throughout the conference, HP will counter EMC’s no with 72 Hours of Yes. Our HP Yes Team will encourage EMC World attendees to ask for something they’d really like to do while they’re in Vegas. They’ll tweet us their requests to #72HoursOfYes, asking for anything from VIP restaurant access to a high-speed NASCAR ride-along. From the sublime to the extreme, all requests will be considered, as long as they are legal.


As the tweets come in, the Yes Team will go into action, fulfilling as many requests as possible in 72 hours. All the fun and excitement will be captured and shared, so follow us @72HoursOfYes.


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