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Combining snapshots and backups for best practice data protection

By Simon Watkins, WW Product Marketing Manager, Backup, Recovery & Archive (BURA), HP Storage


When it comes to best practice data protection for your business-critical applications, no single snapshot or backup technology can provide the complete solution. Snapshots and backups have different yet complementary roles to play for availability, backup and disaster recovery.When you’re looking for a comprehensive, tiered and converged data protection architecture that balances availability and protection, it should not be a question of either-or but more a case of where and how to best use snapshots and backup.  


So what is the value of combining snapshots and backups for availability and backup in your organization?


Looking ahead: changes to the data protection landscape

By Patrick Osborne, Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing,
 HP Storage Division



HP_imageJ.jpgRecently, I’ve read a number of blogs and point-of-view pieces stating “backup software is dead” or “traditional backup approaches are futile.” While I don’t ascribe to these statements in totality, I certainly think the data protection landscape is changing rapidly. Customers find data protection techniques cumbersome, difficult to manage at scale and often don’t have the dedicated expertise to manage a backup environment that has become a 24x7x365 mission-critical service. In an effort to help our customers navigate this data protection sea change, these are predictions I envision as we progress through 2015.

Webinar: HP and CommVault collaborate for better data protection and information management

By Srikanth Venkataseshu, Senior Marketing Manager, Backup, Recovery and Archive Solutions, HP Storage


It’s no wonder data management, protection and compliance appear on almost every CIO’s top agenda year after year. HP and CommVault have been collaborating on data management and protection solutions to solve some of the complex problems every organization is facing. The joint solutions have been engineered to integrate primary storage, secondary and archive tiers to rethink how data is managed and protected.



Join us March 4 for a HP and CommVault solutions-focused webinar

I would like to invite you to register for a webinar at 1:00 pm EST on March 4, 2015, to learn more about the business and technical benefits of our joint solutions. Today, I’m setting the stage for our webinar discussion.

10 reasons HP RDX is perfect for data backup in imperfect environments

By Paula Dallabetta, HP RDX product manager



In today’s world, information and data is gathered anywhere and everywhere, often in environments that are not ideally suited to the entry-level backup devices that dominate the industry today. Drops and accidents happen. Critical business data can be lost.


The big question is: how can you protect critical business data in imperfect environments? Here are 10 reasons HP RDX has the data backup answers you’ve been looking for.

Breaking through backup complexity

One of the most innovative solutions that addresses a relevant customer pain point is HP StoreOnce backup. Sometimes backup and data protection just doesn't get the attention it should even though it usually is one of the top IT challenges that customers face.


Breaking through backup complexity

I have a new ChalkTalk that IMHO is one of my best that talks about the complexity of backup and data protection. This is pretty short so well worth two-and-a-half minutes. There's a lot of detail behind the points that I make in the ChalkTalk. For the last several months, we've been able to get some of our StoreOnce experts blogging on ATSB and I'd recommend you look back on the BURA Sunday posts they've been doing. They have been going into useful details that help you better understand how you can reduce complexity with backup. Check out the ChalkTalk!


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