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It's time for data protection designed with flash storage in mind

By Simon Watkins, WW Product Marketing Manager, Backup, Recovery & Archive (BURA), HP Storage


Now sign_ATSB_Stock_000005304585_Large_28August_sized.jpgFlash is taking the world by storm, as more customers embrace flash arrays to accelerate more applications across their data centers. The speed and affordability benefits of flash optimized arrays such as 3PAR StoreServ are clear.


But what does flash going mainstream mean for application availability and data protection? Let’s take a closer look at how the industry’s only flash-integrated data protection solution is helping you rethink data protection in the world of flash.

Do you have the right keys to data security?

By Mark Fleischhauer, HP StoreEver Tape Storage Solutions Engineering Manager


Securing your data with open standards—and where tape belongs in the mix


Trophy.jpegComing in first is a great feeling. I’m sure each of us can remember a time when we came in first and what it feltlike, whether it was for winning the championship baseball game, winning a race, or being the last one standing in the school spelling bee. Recently, the HP StoreEver MSL6480 Tape Library became the first tape library to achieve the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) verification of conformance to the KMIP standard (v1.0, 1.1 and 1.2). This means that if you’re an MSL6480 customer, you can implement encryption in the MSL6480 knowing that you have the flexibility to work with a wide variety of KMIP-verified key management solutions. Let’s take a closer look at KMIP and— what this means to you and your data.

Small video cameras are everywhere. So are big storage cost and data protection challenges.

By Andrew Dodd, WW Marketing Communications Manager, HP Storage Media


Body Camera.jpgAs video cameras become smaller and more robust, they are starting to show up almost everywhere in daily life: for leisure, business and emergency service use. The footage captured by “dash cams” during police activities has proven to be a valuable asset, so much so that many police officers are starting to wear body cams for the same reasons. All these cameras create a substantial amount of data that forces the need to manage, maintain and protect as this data may be recalled as evidence. It needs to be “tamper proof” to protect the integrity of the content. With the new tape-as-NAS solution combined with LTO WORM, we now have a solution that can provide economical storage and integrity protection.

Data protection, apples, gravity and a slight concussion

By Neil Fleming, HP StoreOnce Product Manager


Newton.jpegWe’ve discussed a couple of times on our BURA Sunday posts that selling data protection is often like selling an insurance policy for your primary storage, or more accurately, your data. But what compels you to change insurance policy? What drives transformation within a data protection environment from the status quo to a next generation, flexible solution?


Often times, data protection is thought of as backup and backup that’s a collection of dusty tapes stored in a cupboard. What elevates data protection to your boardroom to be discussed in a value-add, ROI type conversation? With these sort of questions I am reminded of Newton’s Laws of Motion and propose Fleming’s Laws of Data Protection. Get ready.

Tiered data protection: together we stand

We welcome Luca Dell’Oca, EMEA Evangelist and Service Provider Go-to-Guy with Veeam, to Around the Storage Block. Luca is also the VMUG Co-Founder and a vExpert. Connect with him on Twitter: @dellock6


Soccer_Image.jpegIn Italy, the most popular sport is soccer. Everyone follows the championships. Even if you’re not that interested, it’s impossible to avoid the activity that surrounds them—and this includes the Monday coach. This is when you go to any office water cooler or other gathering spot on a Monday during soccer season and everybody there seems to think that they can do a better job than any of the real coaches. (If you are a U.S. football fan, you might recognize this common phenomenon as the Monday morning quarterback!)


Data availability reminds me of these endless discussions. Everyone thinks they have the perfect plan to solve any availability problem, and they refuse to even look at other ideas. When it comes to protecting data, however, the problem is that everyone is correct AND wrong at the same time! Let me explain...

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