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StoreOnce B6200 gets a big visitor

Last week at HP Discover in Vienna we announced the HP StoreOnce B6200 Backup System.  I have a podcast I did with Jay Livens that I also turned into a video. You can watch that in this blog post as well as a new video showing the B6200 in the booth at HP Discover.  I also talk about our CEO Meg Whitman stopping by the booth to check out the B6200.  Here's a picture of that:


B6200 at Discover.jpg


Go to the blog article to watch the videos and get the details.

Going deeper on HP StoreOnce deduplication news

Today, I talk to Jay Livens, an expert on the topic of backup and data protection, about the latest news around HP StoreOnce deduplication software.  As always, there's more content on the blog post so I recommend you click on the title of this article or the "read more..." link below.  Here are the two power podcasts with Jay.




HP StoreOnce - the basics of HP deduplication software pt 2

Today I conclude my two part video talking about HP StoreOnce.  This is particularly interesting because some of the innovative technology from HP Labs is discussed.  Here's the video but I suggest you click on the blog article to read the other details I have in the article.


HP Labs in Bristol, UK and StoreOnce

After a week in rainy southern California, I have a video from our HP Labs team in Bristol, England talking about HP StoreOnce deduplication software. 

HP StoreOnce and the Converged Infrastructure

Brad Parks, a Converged Infrastructure Strategist, talks about HP StoreOnce deduplication software and the HP Converged Infrastructure.
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